Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 599

Chapter 599: Swordman's Choice

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"You... you?" Dantai Yimeng was a little dull. What happened to this group of people? Why didn't they help Zhao Yuande in close proximity, what did they think?

However, at this time his attack had fallen on Feng Wuxie's body. The powerful attacking force struck Feng Wuxie all at once, and Feng Wuxie opened his mouth with a spit of blood, but his eyes showed a beam of excitement.

Because he saw that the sword light of the killing fairy sword had fallen on Zhao Yuande.

"Ding Dong!"

Just as Feng Wuxie smiled on his face, a symphony of gold and iron pierced into his ears, and his eyes widened, looking in the direction of the sound, and the scene he saw almost made him spit blood three liters.

He saw that the kid was standing on the spot as if nothing else, and patted the dust on his body with disgust, and he kept muttering in his mouth: "This is too weak. How can a good strong attack practice my fur?" It didnt hurt, and it made me nervous."

"He..." Dantai Yimeng looked at Zhao Yuande dumbfounded, and she finally understood why Long Qingtian and He Yanxin had walked away. People knew that this guy was playing pigs and eating tigers. .

"Will this person kill or not?" Zhao Yuande looked to Dantai to remember his dream, without any taboo, and he asked in a light manner.

"His father is a general. If we kill, I'm afraid we can't live!" Dantai Yimeng looked at the wind without lack of embarrassment. There was always a fearless face on the other party's face.

"Don't forget, we have formed an enemy with him now. Even if you don't kill him, I'm afraid he won't make you feel better when you go back. You are a woman's benevolence!" Zhao Yuande looked at Feng Wuqin lightly, laughing Said, "The elders ran first, if we kill him, we will push it to the Demon Race!"

"You're bold, if I die, my father will immediately sense that he will revenge for me according to my breath!" Feng Wuxie's face showed a terrible color, and he wanted to fight Zhao Yuande and they would fight.

"You have reminded me that we might as well grab you, cut off your limbs, abandon your cultivation practice, and find you a Maokeng to suppress it. When you die, your father will definitely go to Maokeng to get you back!" Zhao Yuande All smiles are on his face, but it is terrifying in the eyes of the wind.

"" Feng Wuxi pointed at Zhao Yuande, shaking for a long time without saying a word. The other party's idea was too poisonous, even if her father had the ability to pass the sky, he could not find the real murderer.


"No...forgive me...ah!"

Soon he saw Jia Lan, the fat man, and the one-eyed dragon on the spot, and eight people surrounded him.

Especially at the moment Long Qingtian was shaking the East Emperor Bell gently in his hand. Although the East Emperor Bell did not have the power to explode, it was still easy to stop the sword spirit of killing the Immortal Sword.

Under the siege of these eight people, he had absolutely no way to live, and the only glimmer of hope he had just passed away.

" can't kill me, you really can't kill me, I will give you the sword of killing immortals, will you let me go? I swear, I swear in heaven and will never tell today's things to my father!" Feng Begging without fail.

"Really? Don't you say it, write it down and show it to your father? This trick is useless to me, now you die!" Zhao Yuande said to do it, and the red bow in his hand continuously shot several invisible arrows. Ya.

Feng Wuqi felt that the crisis was coming, and he couldn't control so many simply to kill one or the other. He killed the fairy sword in his hand and slashed toward the weakest platform, Yishui. The horrible sword gas cut through the void, and the power of thunder was toward. Dantai Yishui rolled down.

A big bell faintly trembles, Donghuang Zhong becomes several feet in size, completely blocking Dantai Yishui, the horror power of the killing fairy sword is slashed on Donghuang Clock, even if Donghuang Bell does not move at all, it is completely unshakable.

And at this time, Feng Wuqin had been hit by the arrow of time, and he could not move at all on the spot.

Zhao Yuande arrived first, and punched the body of the wind without a blow.


Feng Wuqian's body burst into pieces, leaving only a head tossed high.

Zhao Yuande grabbed the void, grabbed Feng Wuqin's head in his hands, and then threw it directly into the Eternal Tower's void prison.

Regardless of the other party's great means, they can't sense the space in the Eternal Tower. That is to say, as long as Zhao Yuande leaves this place, he can just find a fierce beast's den and let the fierce beast become a murderer.

"You..." Everyone was completely stunned. Zhao Yuande's series of actions were flowing and flowing, without any suffocation, as if he had already practiced thousands of times.

"Did your practice be hidden?"

"Your flesh... so powerful!"

"What the **** are you?"

Zhao Yuande easily managed Feng Wuqian, regardless of everyone's shocked expression, but held the Xianxianjian in his hands and played casually.

"Good sword, really good sword!" Zhao Yuande praised, "Unfortunately I can't use it!"

"Brother Long, do you need a sword?" Zhao Yuande looked at Long Qingtian.

"No, I use this!" Long Qingtian shook the East Emperor Bell in his hand, but his face still showed a grateful expression.

"What about Fairy Ho?" Zhao Yuande looked at He Yanxin and waved the killing sword in his hand to him.

"The sword is too heavy, I can't hold it down!" He Yanxin shook his head. Who wouldn't want this kind of sword, but he couldn't die for a sword.

"Can this sword give me?" The sword frantically looked at the sword of killing the immortal. He was addicted to the sword. If he could own the sword, he could do anything.

"Yes..." Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "Are you sure you want it? You can't continue to stay here if you want this sword, and you need to contribute a little... so many of us kill The wind is perfect, at least you mean something."

"Sword" The relationship between the Scar and Sword Mania is very good. He looked at each other anxiously, obviously he didn't want to let Sword Mania leave.

"I..." Jiankuan glanced at the people around him, but he couldn't resist the madness in his heart. "I want it, you need to say anything! As long as it's not my life, anything can be given to you!" "

"Sword Mad, we support your decision. If you miss us in the future, you can come back and have a look!" Dantai Yimeng knows the sword mad very well, knows that the other person is born for the sword, the sword is more important than life in his heart, With such a sword in front of him, he would never give up the opportunity.

"I want... I want you to help the three of us get this place, as long as our merits can enter the top fifty, this sword is yours!" Zhao Yuande did not directly hand the sword to the other party, but Sent into his own space and smiled, "But the sword is deposited with me first, and now it is handed over to you, I am afraid that you will be discovered by the wind general when you return to the city."

"Okay! I help you!" Sword Maniac heard this from the other side, his face suddenly showing a happy look, this condition is not excessive.

"For the sake of sword madness, we will do our best to help you!" Dantai Yimeng patted the shoulders of some scarless scars around him softly, "Scar scars, you should respect the choice of sword madness."

"Brother, even if I'm gone, we are brothers!" Sword Mania also came over with a smile on his face, but there was a trace of sourness in this smile.

"Now let's discuss how to quickly increase merit..."