Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Mo Feng

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Zhao Yuande got the elixir and didn't go home. He found a hotel directly and opened a room.

Then began to use one of these elixir appraisal techniques.

"Purple root, refreshing, refreshing, slightly poisonous, grown on... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe Purple Phoenix Plum Soup, a small amount of cultivator's blood, ingredients list, phoenix flower, purple root..."

"The black silkworm contains a small amount of wood power..."

"Mist Flower..."

Zhao Yuande has continuously identified more than a dozen samples, all of which are low-level ingredients, and most of them have recipes to match, but unfortunately there is no one recipe that he needs now.

Gradually he also grasped a little bit of law, what kind of elixir spirit material matches what kind of recipe.

After looking at the remaining seven or eight elixirs and spirit materials on the scene, he set his sights on a kind of elixir called brute force vine, full of hopeful tweaking tips.

"Brute force vines, strong muscles and bones, grown in wild desert cliffs... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe "brute force king soup", a small increase in cultivator power, there is a small chance to upgrade a small realm, ingredients list, barbaric Liteng, Earth King Root, Wild Elephant Tail..."

"That's it! Last time the wolf meat increased slightly, but this time it increased a small amount, I don't know how much it can rise?" Zhao Yuande's eyes were somewhat expecting. As for raising a small realm, he didn't even think about it at all, the chance is too much Small is not worth expecting.

The last time he took "Sanyuan Braised Wolf Meat", the effect was more effective than the lower-order Lingdan, and alchemy did not succeed every time, even if it was successful, there were also lower, middle, upper, and extreme points. Even if it has become the ultimate spirit pill, there is inevitably erysipelas.

However, these problems do not exist in eating recipes. It is easy to learn, safe and reliable.

In the last life, he barely reached the realm of the Holy Pill Master. The refined medicine can't satisfy the realm of his **** emperor. This life has been inherited by the Daoist. I am afraid that he really has to sing all the way and push the world!

However, the inheritance of Taoism is too far-fetched, and now I am still too weak. Don't be targeted by some strong people. Alchemy can be a cover for myself.

Zhao Yuande carefully analyzed the pros and cons and gradually smiled.

"The first priority now is to buy those kinds of medicinal materials, and then have a full meal!" Zhao Yuande walked out of the inn looking forward.

Zhao Yuande twisted his chin and wandered in the bustling trading area, specifically avoiding mentioning the Wantong Chamber of Commerce.

Not far away, I saw a majestic treasure building not far away.

"Zhenyang Baolou! This is Zhenyangzong's industry, mainly selling spirits. I'll go to other places to see it!" Zhao Yuande saw the Baolou's name and just wanted to turn around and leave, but not far away A few people came around.

The first person is an old man in Tsing Yi with a sword on his back, and a long beard flutters in the wind with his forehead. It seems to have a bit of fairy wind bones, but there is no trace of the strong breath that a cultivator should have, just like an ordinary person!

Behind Lao Dao is a slim, yellow girl in slender skin. The girl looks beautiful and her eyes are clear. When you are still far away, a strange fragrance wafts over and you can't help but clear your mind.

A strange fragrance! This girl's physique is absolutely extraordinary.

The girl in yellow is also followed by a strong man in black with seven or eight breaths. These men in black have a solemn expression and do not squint, carefully guarding the body of the girl in yellow.

The eyes of the people on the whole street were projected, and they looked at the girl in yellow with incredible eyes.

Zhao Yuande looked at the girl a little stunned at this moment. He remembered some things about this woman in his previous life and whispered in his mouth: "It's her! How could she come here?"

He subconsciously squeezed his fingers and pointed towards the girl in yellow.

"Jiang Tianyue, Jiang family genius, blood sea **** mid-born, Tianxiang body...Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe'Tianxiang Guose', can help people realize, list of ingredients Jiang Tianyue blood, imperial peony, Hai Shengzhu... almost difficult to capture impossible!"

"It can help others to realize Taoism! No wonder that man took the girl that year!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a surprise, and then an inexplicable smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, whispered, "If this recipe spreads, I'm afraid Jiang Tianyue will soon It will become the sweet and sour in the eyes of some old monsters!"

"However, this old man beside her doesn't know who it really is, and his status is still above that of Jiang Tianyue." He looked at the old man of the Xianfeng Road with curiosity, he could not see the heels, so he had to pinch his fingers. a little.

"?????" A series of question marks appeared in front of him, making him a bit dumbfounded, there are still people who can not be identified?

Just when Zhao Yuande was questioning his face, he suddenly felt a strong breath coming.

He saw that the old-fashioned eye was sweeping towards himself, and a cold murderous intention locked himself.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the whole sky seemed to be black. The endless darkness came into the world. A horrible big hand was suspended above his head, and if there was a slight change, he would directly hit it.

However, other people around seemed to be completely unaware, still looking at the girl in yellow inconceivably.

Zhao Yuande suddenly shouted badly. This old-fashioned cultivation is extremely powerful. At least it has reached the yin and yang union. How can such a person come to the small place of Tianhuo City?

"Boy, are you peeping at this deity? Say, who instructed you in the end?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a flower in front of him, a black shadow suddenly penetrated into Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, a black demon manifested in his knowledge of the sea The magic shadow is as high as a hundred feet, with blue-faced fangs, like a terrifying monster coming out of the area!

Seeing the magic shadow in the sea of knowledge, he couldn't help but feel weird. The old Dao who looked like the bone of the immortal wind turned out to be an evil cultivation who had practiced such evil magic skills.

He sneered secretly in his heart and returned from his own life. His body was weak and his mana was small, but his spirit was unchanged. Although he suffered a lot of damage, it was more than enough to deal with the magic shadow in front of him.

Since you want to hurt me, don't blame me for scaring you!

Zhao Yuande's soul shocked deep in the sea of knowledge, the whole sea of knowledge suddenly shined, the endless Shenxia sky, a huge and unimaginable golden figure slowly emerged from the sea of knowledge.

The golden figure sat cross-legged, eyes closed tightly, supporting the sky with one hand and pressing the ground with the other, as if a **** was enlightening the heaven and earth avenue.

"You, who the **** are you..." Seeing such a scene, the magic shadow suddenly screamed in shock, and his body shrank sharply, turning into a black smoke and trying to escape from the sea of knowledge.

"Bold demon, dare to spy on the sea of my apprentices!" The golden figure opened his mouth, a kind of sound that shook the earth and the earth, and the endless Shenxia in the sea of knowledge suddenly turned into a big hand covering the sky. Smoky!

"Seniors spare their lives, spare their lives!" Black Shadow screamed in excitement, struggling desperately, but Shen Xia's big hands stood still.

At this time in the outside world, the old body of the Xianfeng Road bone suddenly shook, the whole person's face suddenly turned pale, stopped motionless, the bean-sized sweat beads covered the entire face, and a pair of eyes flashed in horror. Light.

"What's wrong with you, Senior? Senior?" Jiang Tianyue, who was walking behind him, saw the expression of the old man suddenly, didn't know what happened, and hurriedly asked.

But no matter how she yelled, the other party seemed not to hear it. At the end, her eyes were protruding, as if she had been squeezed firmly in her neck, and there was a gurgling noise in her throat.

People in black all around looked at each other, what's wrong with this old fairy-like character?

"Huh! Who the **** are you? Why do you want to hurt my disciple?" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, Shen Xia's hands suddenly burst into flames, and the black shadow was burned by the flames, making a scream of sorrow.

"Predecessor Rao Ming! The juniors are Mojia Mofeng. I really don't know that this child is a senior apprentice!" Hei Lian even called Rao Ming. At such a short meeting, his volume was one-third smaller.

"Mo Family! Who is Mo Hongtian from you?" Zhao Yuande thought of a strong Mo family.

In the past life, the name Mo Hongtian made everyone hate him. He colluded with the aliens of the foreign world and plunged the whole world into deep waters, so he didn't have any affection for the Mo family.

"Hongtian Patriarch!" Black Shadow exclaimed Mo Hongtian, and suddenly exclaimed with a trace of relief on his face. "Hongtian Patriarch is a junior ancestor. Since the predecessor knew my ancestor, It was really flooding the Dragon King Temple!"

"Get off!" Zhao Yuande let go of Shenxia's big hand and swept Mo Feng's soul out of his sea of knowledge at will. He really couldn't pretend anymore, otherwise the little soul recovered in these days would be exhausted again!

Thanks to Mo Feng's just entering the Yin-Yang unity, the soul is not powerful, otherwise it can't be suppressed.