Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Underground Fire Vein Eruption

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The two guys rushed to the front line.

One month later!

Zhao Yuande was tired and returned to his cave.

Behind him, the black bear is bright with eyes and thieves. His body is as fat as a blown balloon for several laps. The whole bear looks shiny and very delicious.

The Black Bear is really a good taste, cold and unbearable, on the front line really made the half-front demon famed.

However, during this time, Zhao Yuande also obtained a lot of rare materials in the battlefield, and made many delicious dishes, so that the blood of the black bear was supplemented to 10%, and his physical body was greatly improved.

The flesh has basically reached a limit, a huge force of 150,000 catties!

This is a limit of the **** sea environment. Since ancient times, few people have been able to reach this limit, and Zhao Yuande has now reached it, and his realm has not been promoted to the late stage, there is room for improvement.

Wei Chi Lei Wei Chi Feng Brothers, heard that he returned to Zongmen, and all gritted his teeth!

Luo Jingtian was not in the sect door at this time, but went to another front, but he also got the news of Zhao Yuande, and soon sent someone to bring a jade letter.

After Zhao Yuande and Luo Jingtian communicated with each other through the jade letter, their faces gradually became dignified.

Luo Jingtian is now in charge of intelligence work. According to Luo Jingtian, all three major territories have experienced bad events of underground demon clan rushing out of the seal to varying degrees.

Now the South and North Territories are basically a battle of fire. Several big demon clan emperors appear to compete with humans for territory. A third of the Northern Languages have lost their ground and become a paradise for demon clan.

Because of the powerful deterrent from the South China Sea Sword Alliance, the demon clan only occupies a small part of the wasteland.

And Zhongyu now has the Zhongyu Alliance in the front to block the enemy. The golden pupil demon clan has basically stopped, and humans and demon clan are basically in a state of stalemate.

However, according to information, there is a divine emperor among the clan of the demon clan. This divine emperor intends to kill all the powerful people on the ground, so that the demon clan will be unified.

High-ranking human races spend their lives in fear all the time, and they are all looking for the guardian family of the East Emperor Great World in an attempt to make this family suppress the demon clan.

Luo Jingtian asked him to leave the Huoyunzong hurriedly and head to Luoxue Holy City. Only there might be the safest.


Suddenly the earth shook violently.

"What's the matter? What happened?" Zhao Yuande rushed out of the cave house, looked around, and found that a strong black smoke had erupted on a giant mountain not far away. "Could it be that a strong man broke into the Huoyun Mountain?"

"Dont make a fuss, its not an enemy invasion! Its the eruption of the earths veins. This happens once every ten or eight years. The underground fire pulse becomes active, and some underground terrors will wake up. This is a disaster. Its also a great opportunity!" Black Bear sighed. "Unfortunately, this opportunity is not for us, but for those powerful beings who possess the spirit of the god. Only the spirit of the **** can enter the underground fire veins and obtain their treasures!"

"Underground fire veins erupted! Will there be real ground fire?" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up suddenly.

"Yes! And the number will not be less!" The black bear shook his head with some interest. "Hey, I'll go to the meeting first, and call me when it's delicious!"

"Go, go!" Zhao Yuande waved quickly.

After the black bear left, Zhao Yuande rushed out of the cave house and ran towards the cave house of Gu Tiande.

Gutiande's cave house has the best fire veins, and if it enters the underground through that fire vein, it will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

Entering the Dong Mansion and activating the Defensive Array of the Mansion, he calmed his mind and left his soul.

Although his soul was damaged, he was not able to find some natural materials and treasures to restore, but he was still very powerful. He estimated that he might have met the strongman who had entered the realm.

Although his spirit is strong, his knowledge of the sea is small and pitiful, just like a big general can only command a few soldiers to fight, no matter how outstanding his leadership is, he can't beat a team of 100 people.

If not all of his mana was used to temper the flesh, now he will be even stronger!

However, the physical strength is to lay the foundation for higher achievements in the future, and now the mana is left, although the combat power is strong, but some powder is inverted.

Out of the soul, he turned into a three-foot villain, plunged into the fire vein under the Dan furnace, followed the long passage, and entered the fire vein underground.

The underground fire vein seems to be a huge spider web, leading to various peaks. Zhao Yuande searched for a long time before he really entered the main vein.

At this time, the temperature in the fire vein has reached an extremely terrible point, if he enters his current body, he will be burnt into coke in an instant.

Along the main vein, he quickly entered a boiling magma lake. The magma lake was vast and boundless, and there was no end at all.

In the magma lake, there is a black island with a size of tens of meters, and the island is full of blood red flowers, and a strange fragrance that makes people tremble.

"Flame Flower? Such a big piece!" Zhao Yuande almost cheered and wanted to pounce.

But a sense of crisis lingered around him.

"That's... Soul Eater Blood Beast!" Zhao Yuande scared from the whole body, he saw a looming dark shadow in the magma lake beside the island.

But at this time, a three-foot villain also flew out of a branch of fire veins not far away.

The little man saw the flames on the island and rushed up excitedly, but when his body approached the island, a huge head burst out of the magma lake and swallowed the three-foot villain in one bite.

After a terrible wailing, the god's soul was extinguished forever. At this moment in a cave house in Huoyun Mountain, a strong man fell to the ground and lost all his life in an instant.

Zhao Yuande left around the road and drifted carefully over the Magma Lake.

In the distance, a black stone cliff appeared in the distance. Some gods and souls stood still in front of the stone cliff, and seemed to be comprehending something.

He stepped forward and found that there were some ancient writings on the stone cliff.

Even he didn't know a few of these words, and he knew in front of him that it was a record. It seemed that something was born here and it took a long time to wait.

"For a long time?" Zhao Yuande didn't have much time to wait here. What he wanted most to find now was the true heart.

He was about to lift his foot to leave, and suddenly came out with a scream.

"Look! What is that?"

Zhao Yuande followed one of the fingers and saw that the black cliff suddenly shook and shivered.


The cliff split into two at once, and a sea of flame appeared in front of everyone. Strange clouds were engulfed in the sea of flames, and the golden lotus flower blooming slowly at the mouth of the bowl.

The golden lotus in the center is extremely huge, and it seems that a peculiar life is conceived among the unburied flowers.