Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Scarlet Giant

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Each person was issued a jade card before leaving, this jade card has a soul-absorbing array, specifically for the demon soul of the devil, as long as the devil jade card is killed, it will absorb the deity of a demon, After going back, the merit value will be calculated according to the strength of the soul in the jade card.

"No, did you feel anything?" Zhao Yuande frowned suddenly. He felt that the island under him suddenly moved. Although it was very slight, he was still aware of it.

"No!" Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande suspiciously.

"Did you feel anything? Don't be kidding!"

"I also felt it. Just now I thought it was an illusion, but I didn't expect it to be true." He Yanxin frowned. "I also felt a very subtle and powerful atmosphere."

"We forgot the fierce battle just now, is that legend true?" The scars on the scar face were shaking, which was terrified.


While everyone was discussing, they suddenly felt the sound of water waves coming from below, and they were moving!

"What is this?" Zhao Yuande felt a creepy breath coming from under him, and then he felt as if he rushed into the sky at once!

A giant with a height of thousands of feet and a **** whole body standing in the middle of the Great Lake, and Zhao Yuande now stands on top of this giant.

The top of the giant's head is the small island just now. Although it is also a small island with hundreds of square feet, I didn't expect it to be just a giant's head.

The breath of this giant is extremely powerful, even a bit stronger than that of Zhang Ling, which Zhao Yuande has seen before. This is a congenital demon beyond the creation level. No wonder that was able to kill countless powerful demons and human races. it's here.

This Scarlet Giant's cultivation is so powerful, will it be the horrible existence that survived that war? Zhao Yuande guessed, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a familiar breath from the body of the Scarlet Giant.

"This breath, it seems... seems to have a feeling of being connected with my blood..." Zhao Yuande whispered incredulously, "What the **** is going on?"


The giant roared upward in the sky, sending out waves of horror that shook Tianyu.

Everyone only felt a headache, and they could not resist this terrible sound. They all fell to the ground one by one, covering their ears, but blood foam was constantly blowing in the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

"It's true, the legend is true! We're over! The Sky Punishment Giant really exists!" Zhu Geming had fallen into a sluggish state at this time. His voice was intermittent, and he seemed to have lost hope of living.

"What the **** is going on? What is that legend?" Zhao Yuande grabbed Dantai Yimeng and asked eagerly. He didn't want to die in the hands of this giant in an unknown way.

"It is said that there is a punishment giant living in the lake. He devoured the spirits of all living creatures. At that time, the countless demons were swallowed by him, and then the whole army was destroyed here. I did not expect that we are really lucky today. I saw him! Even if I die, I have no regrets!"

"Okay! It's useless to rebel, the **** emperor and the strong have no power to fight back under his men, we just die, it's better to die."

"Give up! There is no hope..."


"Did you make a mistake, you haven't helped us accumulate merit? How can we let you die, don't resist now, I will send you to a safe place!" Detective Zhao Yuande grabbed these people one by one Into the void prison of the Eternal Tower.

"Brother Long, how about you? Join me in resistance, or are they the same?" Zhao Yuande looked at Long Qingtian. At this time, even the East Emperor Bell in Long Qingtian's hands was a little dim, and seemed to be imaged by the Scarlet Giant.

"I... like them!" Long Qingtian's body shook, and he was already standing a little bit unstable.

Zhao Yuande did not hesitate to pull him into the Eternal Tower. At this time, it showed that He Yanxin's cultivation was the lowest. She had passed out and Zhao Yuande also sent her into it.

Everyone entered the Eternal Tower. Zhao Yuande took a sigh of relief. Although he was also trying his best to support it, he ended up being too low, and some could not hold on.

This Scarlet Giant's sound wave is mixed with powerful divine soul power. If it is not the Divine Soul of his Divine Emperor Realm, if it is not the Scarlet Giant who has not targeted him, now his Divine Soul has exploded.

"Su Qin'er, ancestor... Help! You won't come out, your descendants will die!" Zhao Yuande is helpless, but there is really no way, and now only he who can save him is the one who lives in his soul Ancestor Su Qin'er!

In Zhao Yuande's knowledge of the sea, Su Qin'er's soul opened her eyes. Although she was only a residual soul, she seemed to have an entity. Some impatiently said: "What's the matter? People can't sleep well if they want to sleep... Hey, This feeling seems to seems to be... Chaos Eucharist!"

Su Qin'er opened his eyes suddenly, rushed out of Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, and suddenly saw the **** giant under him.

"Yes, it's a Chaos Eucharist! A Chaos Eucharist that hasn't been made!" Su Qin'er's face showed a touch of sentiment, as if remembering a sad past.

"Isn't there a great success yet? How powerful will it be?" Zhao Yuande gaped. He couldn't believe that a horrible existence comparable to the world-class congenital demon was actually just a chaotic body without great success.

"At that time, I could kill him with one finger!" Su Qin'er suddenly smiled and said, "You haven't gone through the territorial disaster, and you haven't turned on the real chaotic holy body. You know it! The Chaos Eucharist is called one of the four major celestial bodies in the heavens and the world, it is not that simple!"

"Okay! Even if what you said is true, but how should I live in this situation?" Zhao Yuande just wants to live now, other things can be said later.

If it is dead now, it will be no use to be more powerful in the future!

"His soul seems to be occupied by an unknown existence, this kind of thing is too powerful, even I can't help it..." Su Qin'er smiled lightly on his face, "However, you can!"

"Me? Can I?" Zhao Yuande felt the endless power hidden in the huge body beneath him, and he couldn't help looking at the other person in disbelief, "I'm afraid even one of his hairs can't resist!"

"You have self-knowledge, if he has hair, one hair is enough to let you die! But... but you are connected to him from the unified vein, the blood veins in your body are connected, as long as you can resonate the blood veins of the two bodies , And with the help of my soul, it should be possible to temporarily seal the unknown existence!" Su Qin'er suddenly sighed, "Hey, this person does not know that it was a person of that era, and there must be something between me and me. This kind of blood relationship is just that my flesh has shattered and I can't sense it at all!"

"What should I do?" Zhao Yuande asked.


At this moment, the Scarlet Giant roared, and it seemed that he found a small spot on the top of his head, and stretched out a big hand to shoot towards the top of his head.