Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Chaos Eucharist

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"Full-heartedly stimulate the blood in the body, and the blood-colored beads obtained from the ancestors!" Su Qin'er directly submerged into the underground, that is, into the sea of the blood-colored giant's knowledge, "Remember not to give up, otherwise you will die!"

Zhao Yuande felt that the surrounding space was solidified by this random slap. His soul could not leave his consciousness at all. His body was like a nail with his back nailed to the ground, and even a small toe could not move. It was impossible for Zhao Yuande to hide in the Eternal Tower.

Seeing the big hands patting down, Zhao Yuande was going to be photographed directly into a pool of blood mud. As soon as he clenched his teeth, he vigorously urged the body's blood, so that the blood in the blood sea began to boil, and the blood-colored beads seemed to be surging. Blood activates in general, releasing extremely horrible energy.

A monstrous prestige was released from his sea of blood, even merging with the scary power of the Scarlet Giant.

Zhao Yuande instantly felt that there was a huge and endless body under his body. The golden blood in the body was surging, and a wave of energy that was more violent than the sea was passed through the blood vessels, making this terrible The Scarlet Giant possesses terrifying energy that can destroy the world.

Especially between the sea of blood and the sea of knowledge of this huge body, there are five bright stars forming a pentacle array. The pentacle array connects the two most important sources of strength for practitioners.

Each moment of these five big stars shines like a scorching sun, which can contain more powerful and terrible than the sun. It can be said that the five super suns, if they release the energy, if they are combined, they can steam the galaxy and make a star field. All melted instantly!

"Oh! It's actually a five-star Eucharist, it's not bad!" Su Qin'er's voice echoed in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, it seemed to be dialing him, "You observe the arrangement of these five big stars, this is your future Way!"

"The danger is lifted?" Zhao Yuande asked subconsciously.

"No, your two chaotic bodies have resonated. I took advantage of this opportunity to invade his sea of knowledge and discovered the mysterious existence. He...that is this possible!" Su Qin'er Talking and screaming suddenly, as if something happened to make her feel incredible.

"What's the matter? What happened?" Zhao Yuande felt that Su Qin'er's emotions were extremely abnormal.

"This is... this is... my child! The only heir I left back then, Qin Lan..." Su Qin'er wept sadly and said the fact that made Zhao Yuande stunned.

"He... what's wrong with him?" Zhao Yuande's voice was very soft, fearing to stimulate the other party.

"He... died! It was made into a puppet!" Su Qin'er lost his soul, but the voice became excited immediately. "I can feel the breath of his soul, which shows that his spirit has not been completely wiped out. Kid , You must help me, to help me rescue my child, you must..."

"You can rest assured, I will..." Zhao Yuande felt a sense of grief pouring out of his heart.

It was so miserable that the chaotic Eucharist like himself was only made into a puppet, and a mother watched her child become like this, how sad in his heart, he secretly vowed to help Su Qin'er, help her save her child.

"Come on, I can't suppress that consciousness anymore! You quickly record all the cycles in his body, the direction of the aura, and the operation of the five big stars!" Su Qin'er's voice suddenly changed Be anxious.

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande's soul is comparable to the Divine Emperor. Although the body of the Scarlet Giant has its own space, he has recorded all the parts of the world in his body in just a dozen breaths.

"I'm fine!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Su Qin'er.

"Remember my words below, dont delay any time, otherwise we will only have a dead end. I will seal his time to know the sea for a moment. During this moment, you have to calm down the blood in your body and transform it into Another physique..." Su Qin'er said very carefully. In case of any mistakes, even she would be directly killed, because the puppet master has noticed here!

Zhao Yuande instantly withdrew the soul from the body of the Scarlet Giant. He suddenly felt that the breath of the Scarlet Giant disappeared. At the same time, Su Qin'ers spirit returned to his sea of knowledge. He no longer hesitated to directly activate the undead in the body. Tree, system transformation, he rushed towards the dark lake below for the first time.

"Roar! I see, heir to the Chaos Eucharist, your death is here!"

A rumbling sound like thunder suddenly came from inside the Scarlet Giant. The Scarlet Giant regained his freedom at this moment, and a big hand grabbed Zhao Yuande, who was falling down, at an incredible speed.

"Huh! Not a Chaos Eucharist?" Zhao Yuande couldn't escape that big hand any more, and was pinched in a straight hand, "Since it's not for your use, die!"

The big hand squeezed at random, directly squeezing Zhao Yuande into a ball of meat.

"Chaotic Eucharist, you can't escape it!" An extremely terrifying **** soul erupted in the Scarlet Giant, and the soul soul radiated from all directions, rushing out of this big world in an instant, covering the entire star field.

Countless powerful men trembling in the magic cloud city, they felt the direction of this terrifying god's soul, and their faces were all shocked and suddenly.

"What is this strong man? Why dare to scan the entire star field so unscrupulously? Don't he know that this is the front line of the heavens and the world to fight against the demons?" Zhang Ling was the only one who didn't feel the horror, he looked at General Feng around asked a little puzzled.

"Brother Zhang Ling, this... this is the legend I told you just now, the horror of that big lake exists, but he didn't expect him to actually appear today." General Feng clenched his teeth and insisted, watching Zhang Ling calm down Calmly, there was a little awe in my heart.

"A strong man who can destroy hundreds of gods in a flash..." Zhang Ling nodded silently.

At this time, in the other direction, in the Demon's camp, a demon strong man with a long and tall body and color scales in his body was silently looking into the distance. He could clearly see that the Scarlet Giant was standing. Between heaven and earth.

"Chaotic Eucharist, when you destroyed hundreds of strong people of my family, I must meet you today!"

This whole-body, purple-ridden demon strong stepped out in one step, turned into a giant of thousands, and strode toward the blood-colored giant.


Also crumbling together with Zhao Yuande was the death order.

Zhao Yuande's body turned into meat mud and suddenly fell into the black lake water. The meat mud was reorganized at the next moment, and Zhao Yuande went crazy to the bottom of the lake.