Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 602

Chapter 602: The Lines On The Bones

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"Goed there? Where did you go?" The voice growled wildly, "It slipped under my eyelids! I was just clear...not right, the boy who was pinned to death by me just now..."

"Chaotic Eucharist, my demon **** Protian came to slash you!" The purple power outside the body of the Demon Racer lingered, and a huge sword in his hand chopped down toward the **** giant.

"Little bug, get out of me!" The Scarlet Giant punched the Protoss demon, Protian, even with a punch, with a punch.

"Kill!" Protea, the great demon, roared and rushed back again. His body glowed with horror purple light, as if a round of purple sun had fallen.

"Go away!" The Scarlet Giant is now eagerly looking for Zhao Yuande's traces. Then he has time to fight this Demon Race, and he will blow the big demon God Protian in one blow.

"Demon God Yongzhao, Datian Demon King possessed, cut me!" Datian God Protene looked grimacing, and once again climbed up from the ground and waved a terrifying blow at the Scarlet Giant.

"In a small projectile place, it seems great to have an eternal ancestor god, and dare to come to my heavens and the world to die and die!"

The Scarlet Giant finally became furious. He covered the hundreds of millions of miles of land with a big hand, and took a fierce shot at the Protoss Protos.

At this time, Protoss, the great demon god, felt like a little bug. The big hand falling in the sky contained a power of terror that he could not even estimate. He opened his mouth and yelled wildly, he was unyielding and unacceptable!

Unfortunately, there is only one final outcome, and that is death!

In a few shots of this big hand, the great demon **** Protian, the demon camp that wrapped his rule, instantly turned into powder, and a terrifying giant pit that was hundreds of feet deep was photographed on the earth with hundreds of millions of miles. The world is trembling under this palm, countless huge cracks appear on the ground, it seems that the whole world is about to collapse!

The power is so horrible! This is still the Chaos Eucharist without Dacheng. If Dacheng is strong, to what extent?

At this time, a golden light spewed from the magic cloud city, which stabilized the world that was about to fall apart from the west, saved the world from collapse, and saved the lives of countless practitioners.

"This guy is too brazen!" Zhang Ling slowly withdrew his palms, and a golden light slowly gathered from his palms.

"Thank you Brother Zhang Ling for his life-saving grace!" General Feng and countless powerful players in the Magic Cloud City saluted him. If Zhang Ling wasn't afraid, all of them would be killed by the explosion of the big world. Zhang Ling's Xiuwei had a new understanding.

This cultivation base has reached a terrifying state of terror, I am afraid that it has surpassed the world-class congenital demon.

General Feng's heart is really mixed. You knew Zhang Ling tens of thousands of years ago. At that time, Zhang Ling was just a disciple who took part in the trial here. Unexpectedly, he grew into a one-handed destruction in tens of thousands of years. Peerless powerhouse of the world.

"Okay, it's all within my responsibility, everyone need not be more polite!" Zhang Ling waved lightly, but there was a hint of worry on his face at this time, "I don't know how many people can survive this time?" Isnt it less than fifty?"

Zhao Yuande didn't know what happened afterwards. He plunged into the black lake and suddenly felt as if he had come to another world and entered other spaces. Everything outside could not be sensed.

A force of terror suppressed all his cultivation, so that he could only continue to dive in the lake with the power of his body.

The **** lake was deep, and he dived a dozen breaths before seeing a gleam of white light below.

"Those are...bone bones!" Zhao Yuande saw the white light, and he was shocked. The bones all shone like jade.

What is this corpse left by the strong? Are they really the big names in the legend?

Zhao Yuande did not feel the danger, so he continued to dive.

He came to a corpse, which was about ten feet long, although it was a humanoid figure with a long snake tail.

Lightly tapping the arm of this corpse with a hand, I suddenly saw a white light on the arm bone, and there seemed to be a mysterious rune flashing.

He felt a burst of anti-shock force from his fingers and directly shook his fingers away. A huge pain came from his fingers, and his phalanx was cracked.

"What is this person's corpse? It's so powerful, if I can temper the bones to that extent!" He began to observe the corpse, just now she clearly saw mysterious runes flashing .

"This seems to be a small formation from the ancient times... The small formation is carved on his bones, this idea is really novel..." Zhao Yuande looked at him, he felt like he got a huge Treasure, a door is slowly opening to itself.

"I want to record this small array, and if I have time, I must test it on my bones. If it is feasible... No... I will test it now!" His face was full of hope.

He dived into the Black Lake, which was less than half an hour in the past. He didn't feel the danger. He also dropped his heart.

His soul controlled the eternal tower into a tiny carving knife, first copying on his arm bones according to the mysterious small formation seen, every step is meticulous, every time a carved rune will have a strange Energy blends into his bones.

I don't know how long it took, and finally portrayed a right arm completely. Zhao Yuande only felt that the soul was exhausted and drowsy.

But when the last stroke was completed, the hazy white halo emanated from the arm, just like the halo on the bone.

He gently manipulated the carving knife of the Forever Tower and cut it towards the right arm.


The carving knife transformed by the Eternal Tower was bounced high, and a force of shock was transferred to his soul with the carving knife. When his soul hurt, he almost lost control.

"There is such a wonderful effect!" Zhao Yuande was very excited. He wanted to sculpt all the bones in his body with this pattern, but it was too time-consuming. His plan was to continue and he wanted to get it. The inheritance of the Qi Qi coming from the east can never be delayed here.

He picked up his excitement and began to move on. He wanted to dive to the bottom of the lake, and then walked through the ground with the horns of the blue beetle to escape this terrible area.

But the further down he was, the more terrified he was. The eyes were all covered with bones, and some of the bones were as long as a thousand feet. Only one bone was so long. How big was this creature during his lifetime?

"How many strong men have died here?" He shuttled between the piles of white bones. After a long time of shuttle, he didn't find the bottom of the lake.

He made a rough estimate. He dived for at least hundreds of miles. How deep is the big lake? What kind of existence do these bone-bearing masters really exist? It was really written in front of the palace in hell. Those names?