Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Sneak Attack

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"You said you took advantage of the anger of the Scarlet Giant and jumped into the water of Heitong Lake. This is not to lie to me!" Zhang Ling looked at Zhao Yuande and seemed a little suspicious. "I heard that as long as he enters Heitong Lake, No one can survive, what do you see below?"

"Behind the bones, I have seen a corpse with a snake tail. His bones flash white, as if they are carved with some very strange runes. I have also seen bones that are thousands of feet long. The dive in the crack dimmed for a full hour or two. Finally, I saw a light door. I stepped in and reached Qitian Palace. I was almost robbed of Qi Tiangong's concubine!"

"Human snake tail, strange runes on the bones?" Zhang Ling seemed to remember something, exclaimed slightly, "I know who it is... it must be him, yes he is, did not expect him to fall into that battle Now!"

"Brother Zhang, who is it?" General Feng asked curiously when he saw Zhang Ling's expression.

"It's Teng Snake!" Zhang Ling sighed softly, but did not expect him to really fall into that battle!

"Teng Snake!" Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. He didn't expect that the corpse was such a big man. No wonder the runes on his bones were so unnatural!

"Okay, let's go to rest first!" Zhang Ling waved his hand. He heard Zhao Yuande talking about the situation under the black pupil lake. He suddenly knew that he did not lie. He also entered the black pupil lake, but the space in it It is too big, and I have never seen the body of the snake.

Zhao Yuande and they experienced a tense and fierce battle. They never let go of a heart. Now they are finally liberated, so they find a restaurant and drink it.

The next day, the energetic people were called together again.

Zhao Yuande roughly counted. There were only one hundred and forty hundred trialers left. The trap last time took away about fifty trialers, and the soldiers did not even know that they died. How much.

You should know that these soldiers are at least powerful in the realm of the realm, and some even the peerless characters of the emperor realm, but such a batch of deaths in the battlefield, the battle with the devil is really fierce.

"The Mozu has reintroduced countless reinforcements. We are going to raid this time, and this time they must be too late to arrange traps. This raid is of great significance, which is related to the morale of our army and the success of the testers. Promoted to..." General Feng said something unrelated to it, so many elders took a large number of soldiers out of the city to fight against the demons.

"Hey, I always feel that this wind general is looking at us a little wrong. He seems to know something." Long Qingtian sent a voice to Zhao Yuande, somewhat worried.

"I can see that Zhang Ling is definitely not afraid of this guy. If he is out of the city, he will be unscrupulous, and he must guard at this time!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

He also narrated the matter to Tantai Yimeng several people, let them be careful not to show their words and manners, this guy is a strong man who has reached the level of innate gods and demons.

The original Demon Camp has now turned into a huge lake. The huge palm print within a day, I dont know where it was filled with water from where it poured out.

The Demon built a new camp beside the Great Lake. A group of powerful Demon came out of the void, and a large black ship landed from the void. The big ship opened the door and walked down the various groups. Kind of demons.

At this time, a horn sounded suddenly in the distance.

The large group of demons that had just arrived heard the sound of the horn, and swarmed toward the place where the horn sounded, and there seemed to be a terrifying battle.

It was at this time that Zhao Yuande and their tens of thousands of powerful men were transported to the place where the demon warship landed by an elder who was proficient in the art of space.

Zhao Yuande and they soon started the battle, which was a complete raid. They surrounded the many ships that the Devil came to from all directions. Their task was to destroy these ships.

At this time, a large group of demons are still on the demon warship, but most of the demons are ordinary demons who maintain the large warship. The combat effectiveness is not too strong, and they are soon wiped out by Zhao Yuande.

Looking at the destruction of the ships, the faces of many soldiers showed excitement, which is a big contribution!

"Not good! Another big ship landed, we attacked!" An elder looked at the void and suddenly changed his face.


The void was suddenly broken by the power of terror, and three larger warships appeared above everyone's head.

"I feel the breath of a lot of powerful people in Divine Emperor Realm. Be careful!" Zhao Yuande reminded everyone that he felt a slight crisis approaching, as if something bad was going to happen.

Zhao Yuande and they were surrounded by a small circle at this time, offensive and defensive self-contained, in the battlefield can also be regarded as a very powerful team.

"Kill them down!" An elder first launched an attack on a demon warship of yours, and a big sky-hand hit the battleship fiercely, shaking the battleship violently.

At the same time, countless attacks of various colors, flying swords, divine swords, bells, tripods... all fell on the demon warships, and the demon warships that were hit suddenly shook and even broke through the big holes.


More than a dozen figures rushed out of the battleship, screaming and rushing towards the cultivators below. They were all dignified and powerful!

They were thousands of feet away at this time, but the huge and terrifying coercion had already put down many soldiers under their heads.

"They are all powerful in the Divine Emperor Realm. We went up to meet, and the other soldiers continued to attack the ship!"

Many elders rose to the sky and greeted the demons of the Divine Emperor Realm.


The first large ship finally could not bear the joint attack, and suddenly disintegrated from the middle.

"What's that? Everyone's leaving..." An elder suddenly opened his eyes wide.

He saw a group of black demons rushing out of the disintegrated ship. These demons seemed to be giant jellyfish wielding their tentacles, a powerful and confusing wave that lingered from these jellyfish. Of proliferation.

"It's the magic blue jellyfish family, everyone retreat, don't be entangled by these jellyfish!" The elder in the hands of an elder sword constantly chopped off the bright gods, slashing the magic blue jellyfish with a head, Dark green blood spilled from the sky like a downpour.


Some soldiers were sprinkled with these blood on their bodies, and they immediately made earth-shattering screams. Their bodies melted slowly.

"It's awful!" Dantai Yimeng glanced at the battlefield with a worried look on her face, but she was a battle-hardened person, and quickly took everyone to a relatively safe position, and shouted out, "all Hold on the Aura shield and dont get contaminated by the blood. Lets chase down the demon who escaped there."

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a subtle breath under the earth at this time, approaching slowly towards himself, and a sense of crisis came instantly.