Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 607

Chapter 607: Cheating

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The earth suddenly exploded, and a huge shadow came out of the ground, holding a **** big knife in his hand and struck Zhao Yuande fiercely.


When Zhao Yuande was struck by lightning, his body crashed down on the ground, his blood spattering wildly, and his face looked like gold paper.

How terrifying the power of this knife is, only Zhao Yuande knows that if he hadnt been alert to hack the eternal tower combat clothing on his body, his terror would be turned into a powder directly under this knife. I am afraid that even the soul of the **** will Direct annihilation!

What is shocking is that the other party turned out to be a Demon Realm of the Divine Emperor Realm. The powerful existence of a Divine Emperor Realm attacked him deliberately. He wasnt blamed when he was injured, and it was not easy to save his life.

Even so, Zhao Yuande's body was almost shattered by the force of terrifying shock at this time, and a force of time was still raging in his body at this time, preventing his undead body from functioning.

"Haha! You have Zhao Yuande today! Under the sword of the years, you can't live!" A voice came into his ears, and he couldn't help but be surprised. This demon turned out to be an enemy, the purpose is to kill It is no wonder that the goal is so clear.

"Who the **** are you?" Zhao Yuandeqiang yelled at the severe pain in his body.

"Hey, guess what!" There was teasing in that voice.

"I... pooh!"

Zhao Yuande just wanted to speak, and his mouth spouted a blood arrow again. The blood was mixed with bones and minced meat, which made everyone shocked.

"Brother Zhao, how are you!" Long Qingtian lifted him up, his face became very solemn.

"Poof! You run away, he is my enemy's illusion!" Zhao Yuande sent a voice to Long Qingtian, let them escape quickly, otherwise it would be easy for this person to kill them madly.

In particular, the sword of years mentioned in the other party's mouth made him tremendously afraid. The power of time wreaked havoc in his body, otherwise he would have recovered.

"Huh? Someone is here, boy, I can only watch you die in the dark!" Mo Ying suddenly burrowed into the ground and disappeared into everyone's perception.

"What happened?" An elder rushed over, and he had just sensed that a powerful enemy appeared here.

"One of the demons attacked us, and one was injured." Dantai Yimeng said quickly, pointing to the place where the magic shadow disappeared.

"Okay, take good care of the wounded, and don't fall into the enemies' enemies. This raid is about to end!" The elder commanded a pass and turned into Changhong to rush towards the other battlefield.

"Who is that? Brother Zhao, your injury?" Long Qingtian had never seen Zhao Yuande hurt like this.

"That's my enemy, a strong man in the Divine Emperor Realm!" Zhao Yuande struggled to move his body, showing pain on his face.


Everyone took a breath of air, and a strong man of God Emperor Realm came to attack Zhao Yuande, and he was not dead yet. Who would believe it?

"I think he is Shangguanxiong!" He Yanxin whispered suddenly, "I saw his eyes!"

"Shangguanxiong...this old thief!" Long Qingtian roared, "He, a powerful in the Divine Emperor Realm, can actually do such a thing, this is a sin that should die! I must report this to Zhang. Senior! By the way, Senior Zhang is not going to accept you as a disciple? He will definitely be able to help you recover!"

"No, I have some secrets in my body that I don't want him to know. Let's continue fighting! I think of a way myself!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to let Zhang Ling intervene. There were too many secrets in his body.

"Okay, I'll take you. Give me your merit jade card, this time it should be the last time!"

"it is good"

Zhao Yuande was taken by everyone in the battlefield, he was very relieved of Long Qingtian, and soon began to solve the problems in front of him.

There is a powerful force of time raging in the body at this time. This force of time has somewhat exceeded Zhao Yuande's understanding, as if it is a terrible magical power that can only be exhibited after understanding the way of time.

If it werent for Zhao Yuandes undead body running wildly, the blood in the blood was surging and thick, he might be dead now.

How should the power of these times be dispelled? Zhao Yuande's head hurts. He feels that it is basically impossible to complete with his current strength.


He vomited blood again, and the power of those times became more and more violent, and just a few major meridians were destroyed at once.

Zhao Yuande frowned, and if he continued this way, there would be only one way.

That is to split the body directly and completely reorganize.

But now, in the ever-changing battlefield, if oneself reorganizes, within a period of time, that cultivation will inevitably be minimized, and the ability to protect oneself will be lost.

The battle is getting more and more fierce. Dantai recalled that the five of them cooperated very well in the battlefield, beating their opponents again and again, and all the merits of these demon races were recorded on Zhao Yuande and the three people.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was also constantly fighting with the power of time in his body. He even started to transform his physique and let the undead tree grow wildly. A huge life force was rippling in his body, and the whole body was stirred up. Field of life,

But at this time, his soul was rushing into the bleeding sea, and he made a fist of madness in the blood sea, which was based on the blood sea, and took the huge power of life as the source, and collided with the power of time. Fight.

"Huh! Effective!" Zhao Yuande was pleasantly surprised to find that those forces of time were slowly being disintegrated by the fist of forging.

Although the speed is surprising, Zhao Yuande is still overjoyed.

In the body, the boxing fist is performed, and the combination of the seven kinds of fist in Jinmu, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder seems to have blown a terrible storm in the body, colliding with the power of time again and again, at this time, even with his dragon Qingtian feels In a panic, he did not know what happened in Zhao Yuande's body, but he could clearly feel that the terrible power therein was enough to destroy the mountains and dry the lake.

"Brother Zhao, how are you?" Long Qingtian couldn't help asking.

"No problem, it should be solved in one hour! You must be careful not to be too far away from the elders of Divine Emperor Realm, otherwise that guy will probably appear again!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this problem, the other party did not watch him die I will never give up, just pretend to be dead, "I will pretend to be dead for a while, you must not show anything."

"Okay!" Long Qingtian didn't think of any better way.

The battle was very fierce, the demons were losing ground, the cultivators showed their happy faces one by one, watching the large group of demons being annihilated, they also saw the light of victory.

But at this time, Long Qingtian suddenly exclaimed: "Brother Zhao, Brother Zhao..."

"What's the matter?" Everyone gathered around with a worried look on his face.

"Brother Zhao, he seems to have lost his vitality!" Long Qingtian looked sad and angry. He was looking for Zhao Yuande in his arms. His body was suddenly broken, and blood was gushing. He pointed his finger in Zhao Yuande's brow. The fluctuations have disappeared!"