Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 608

Chapter 608: General's Decision

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"What... Brother Zhao..." Dantai Yimeng's face showed grief. Zhao Yuande had rescued them. They hadn't repaid this kindness. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yuande died in such a place.

"The Mozu may have been Brother Zhao's enemy Shangguanxiong just now. If you go back, you must report the matter to the murderer so that you can't go unpunished!" He Yanxin didn't know, and his eyes were red.

"Let's **** Brother Zhao back to his own hands and give it to Senior Zhang!" Long Qingtian's face was more mournful.


At this time, the horn of victory blew up from the horizon. Everyone heard the sound of the horn, and there was a relieved expression on their faces. They knew that they had won the battle. They wiped out the Devils reinforcements. This is thousands. For the first time in years!

A magic shadow lurking beneath the earth, his eyes penetrated the earth, and a cold light appeared in his eyes.

"Zhao Yuande, I know it! Although you are the Chaos Eucharist, although you are valued by Zhang Ling, but you can't resist the power of time, I can have an explanation when you die!" Mo Ying quietly went deep underground, blinking The trail disappeared.

Everyone mournfully took Zhao Yuande's body and flew towards Moyun City. Zhao Yuande suddenly opened his eyes.

"It's okay! That guy is gone!" Zhao Yuande's voice came, startling everyone.

"You... are you okay?" Dantai Yimeng's eyes flashed with excited tears.

"How can I die? Just now I was just to deceive the strong man who attacked myself. If I didn't cheat, I'm afraid he would follow us and look for opportunities." Zhao Yuande looked at everyone with regret, "It's really not Sorry, I just worried everyone for me!"

"It's okay! It's okay!" Sword Mania took a long breath. "Otherwise killing the Immortal Sword, it's really embarrassing to take it!"

"How is it, how many merits are there? Is it enough for us to enter the top fifty?" Zhao Yuande is concerned about this issue.

"Enough, enough! Sister Dantai they just grieved for strength, and broke out a stronger force than usual, killing the Demon Cry and crying, but now we cant say that we are in the top ten, the top fifty guarantee No problem." The original lonely and silent Long Qingtian and Zhao Yuande mixed for so many days, and the words became more, and there was more laughter and scolding, which was regarded as broken by Zhao Yuande.

"What's the matter? What's the matter? Why are we getting slower..." I don't know why, everyone suddenly felt that their speed was slowing down, and it was getting slower and slower. They watched as many powerful people flew After getting to Moyun City, he couldn't keep up.

"Broken, we were calculated and caught in a void trap." Zhao Yuande felt the fluctuations in the surrounding space and couldn't help frowning. "This person's power has exceeded the Divine Emperor's Realm, definitely not the person just now."

"What should I do now? Do we have a way to escape?" Long Qingtian and Zhao Yuande together, already unconsciously began to rely on him, and regarded him as the master.

"I can't run away, I can only wait. We won't go. Someone who will start will appear sooner or later." Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged and covered his surroundings with all his strength.

Everyone saw Zhao Yuande like this, and he had an inexplicable trust in him.

"Haha! Sure enough, it was Zhang Ling who valued him! This kind of composure and calmness was already far behind Zhang Ling." A figure walked slowly from the void and turned out to be a general.

"General Feng, what do you mean? Why should we besiege us here?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a puzzled expression on his face.

"I just want to ask you a question, where is my child's style?" General Feng looked at the crowd with a sneer on his face. "Someone has seen Wuxie with you, but you said you didn't see it. What secret must be hidden in this, or you have imprisoned him?"

"Why don't you say we killed him?" Zhao Yuande knew that the other party must have discovered something, but he didn't expect someone to see it.

"I stayed in Wuqian with a ray of soul, and I could feel that ray of soul was still there, so Wuxie did not die. The only possibility was that he was imprisoned." General Feng is very confident, he has absolute confidence in his guess Self-confidence, "I know Wuxian is a little arrogant, maybe it has done something wrong. Now you only have to hand him over, I will not blame the past, and I don't want to conflict with Brother Zhang Ling's future disciples."

"This is not true, we really haven't seen Feng Wuxu, that person might be wrong!" Zhao Yuande bit his head, but refused to admit it.

God knows what will happen after he surrenders the wind, and maybe the other party will wipe out a group of them in anger.

"Really don't pay?" General Feng's face turned cold, "Don't think that with Zhang Ling's back, I won't dare to kill you, and I will not know if I kill you, even Zhang Ling can't figure it out!"

"Really? Did you show your face?" Zhao Yuande sneered. "Even if I really catch the wind, I won't let him go. He still has a deterrent effect in my hands. How can I be so stupid!"

"Do you have only one son if you have Feng Wuxu?" General Feng looked at everyone coldly and sneered. "Humph! Zhao Yuande, I will give you ten breathing hours. If you don't surrender nothing after ten breaths, I will kill all the people around you!"

Everyone's face changed a lot, all of them focused on Zhao Yuande, now it's about life and death.

"We have no doubts! General Feng, you are the commander of Moyun City, but don't forget that there is a city master above you. Do you dare to slaughter soldiers against the Devil so unscrupulously?" Dantai Yimeng sweeped A glance at the people behind him made them restless, but he slowly spoke.

"Chasing the Devil Group is also an elite of my Devil Cloud City, but even if I am squeezing you to death, no one dares to say anything. Do you think that the city master will turn my face for a few small people and me?" General Feng disdains A few people tucked the Dantai Yimeng glance, and began to count, "One, two, three..."

"General Wind, don't you think you'll eat us?" Zhao Yuande was not nervous, and chuckled lightly, "Is Zhao Yuande so easily threatened? Believe it or not, I can tear your void realm instantly, as long as I shouted, my brother or master will appear in front of you immediately."

"Huh! Boy, don't be alarmist!" General Feng's face changed a little at first, but he instantly thought that the other party was just a little monk in a state of yin and yang, and he was a transcendence of God's Realm and served in the Pantheon. The true and false powerhouse!

"I'm the reincarnation of Zhou, are you sure that I don't have two brushes, can I be fancyd by the existence of Zhou? Can you guarantee that I can't tear the void realm?" Zhao Yuande is also fearless, as long as the other party dare to be true To start with yourself, it's a big deal to let Su Qin'er shoot, and to tear Su Qin's strength with his strength should be a breeze.

However, dont expose Su Qin'er, otherwise it may attract the attention of many people and bring you endless troubles.

"You..." General Feng is stagnant. As the other party said, the reincarnation of the universe can never be calculated by common sense, maybe he will really have any means for you to go against the sky, but if you let these people go, he will definitely Will not be reconciled, the other party must know the whereabouts of his son, it seems that they can only use the best strategy to kill them to search their souls.

"In this case, you die!" General Feng shouted, and the void around them rumbling towards them.

Zhao Yuande felt as if he was a mosquito squeezed in the corner of a mosquito net, and could not escape but had to wait for death.