Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 609

Chapter 609: Ruthless

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"Su Qin'er, come out to save your life!" Zhao Yuande didn't expect that instead of frightening the other party, he angered the other party and made the other party determined to kill himself and others. There was no way to be the last resort.

"Hey! It's my life!" Su Qin'er sighed quietly, a slender jade palm protruded from Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, and stroked gently towards the void squeezed from all around. , As if it were rags.

The terror pressure disappeared, and Zhao Yuande and others suddenly felt relaxed.

General Feng and others only felt that they were supported by an irresistible force, and they immediately appeared outside the Moyun City.

"Boy, work hard in the future, don't always point at me, otherwise you will have a sense of dependence! I can only save you this time, not as an example!" Su Qin'er's voice gradually disappeared in the sea of Zhao Yuande's knowledge and silence.

"Just a moment ago, what happened?" Long Qingtian hadn't relieved himself from the danger just now, how could he appear outside of Moyun City in a blink of an eye?

"There is no time to explain to you!" Zhao Yuande suddenly opened his voice, shouting at the place where a big hole was broken, "Master, brother, you will come out to make the decision for me!"

Zhao Yuande exercised the strength of his body and drank it with the six-character mantra of Buddhism. This drink was directed at Moyun City and almost collapsed the entire Moyun City.

Several tall buildings in the city directly turned into a pile of powder, I don't know how many practitioners passed out by the earthquake.

"Well? Who dares to hurt me Zhang Ling..." Zhang Ling has appeared in front of everyone at the next moment. He really doesn't know what to call Zhao Yuande now, so he can only say something ambiguous.

General Feng was so scared that his face was pale, and his body was trembling, and he almost collapsed to the ground.

Behind Zhang Ling, Hula La rushed out of a group of strong men, and they were all alarmed by Zhao Yuande's voice.

Among these strong men, there is a long-bearded middle-aged man, who looks majestic and has a righteous attitude. Standing in the crowd suddenly has a feeling of standing out from the crowd, even Zhang Lings aura is not enough. .

He is the master of Moyun City, one of the three commanders of the world against the Demon Race, Wu Yunhai!

"Brother Zhang Ling, misunderstanding! Everything is a misunderstanding!" General Feng's face was pale and his teeth were trembling. But he had seen Zhang Ling's terrifying power, which was able to counter the existence of the Scarlet Giant, and he was just in front of the other party. A joke, if the other party is willing to kill themselves in an instant.

"What the **** is going on?" Zhang Ling did not go to see General Feng but asked Zhao Yuande.

He was not a fool, and at a glance, General Feng's void realm trapped Zhao Yuande's eight people in it. If they were not thrown away from the middle, Zhao Yuande's eight people might have been crushed into powder.

"Senior Brother and Master, you have seen that General Feng will kill us." Zhao Yuande shrugged.

"Why?" Zhang Ling asked again.

"His son is gone. I suspect that I have taken it, so I want to kill me and draw memories from my soul." Zhao Yuande chuckled lightly. "Fortunately, I still have some small means to prevent him Succeed."

"Brother Feng, is that true?" Zhang Ling turned his head to look at General Feng, and there was a hint of coldness in Ruya's face.

"Yes!" General Feng knew that it would be useless to deny it, and nodded gently.

"Brother Wu, what do you think should be done with this matter?" Zhang Ling never looked at General Feng, but turned his eyes to Wu Yunhai. "He is your subordinate and dare to murder my disciple of Bajing Palace. This matter You have to give me an explanation!"

"As for you, did you catch his son?" Zhang Ling no longer called Brother Feng, but just replaced it with a word of his, which is enough to show his dissatisfaction with this General Feng.

"No! I haven't seen his son!" Zhao Yuande still denied, joking, he wouldn't admit it, he would hand it in if he admits it, he didn't want to let him go like this.

"Now that is the case, let's go!" Zhang Ling waved his hand and shattered the void realm, releasing the eight people from Zhao Yuande.

As soon as Zhang Ling was gone, General Feng recovered his strength, and looked at Wu Yunhai, his eyes showing a pleading look.

"The Lord of Witch City, I really lost my sense of reason because of the missing. I also ask you to give me some good words!"

"Humph! What are you useless, you dare to start with Bajing Palace. If there is evidence, it is better to say, now you dare to kill me without evidence. I can't help you, you know it! I will help you reincarnate reincarnation, It's worthy of you!" Wu Yunhai snorted coldly and said something that made General Feng chill.

"Wu Yunhai, what right do you have to let me die, I am a disciple of the Pantheon!" General Feng felt that he had to remind the other party that his true identity, but he was sent by the Pantheon, although he was in Fengying Zong is only the lowest force in the Pantheon, but it still represents the Pantheon and cannot be blasphemy.

"Huh! No matter how strong the Pantheon is, it is only equal to the Bajing Palace, and there is still a very important cooperation between the two forces. Do you think the Pantheon will turn over for you and the Bajing Palace?" Wu Yunhai sneered, "If you don't If you know whats going on, dont blame me for doing it yourself!"

"Don't force me!" General Feng would commit suicide willingly, and his body kept receding.

He cut through the void, turned to step into the void, and wanted to escape.

"Humph! I originally wanted to keep your soul reincarnated, it seems unnecessary!" Wu Yunhai leaned out with a big hand, directly into the void, and pinched General Feng in his hand, then pinched mercilessly, General Feng Suddenly burst in the void!

When everyone saw this scene around, they all took a breath. They knew a little bit about the power of Bajing Palace in their hearts.

A terrorist force that was able to fight against the Pantheon had never been invisible.

Until today they did not know that in addition to the Immortal World and the Pantheon, there is a force called Bajing Palace that can deter the heavens and the world!

The heavens and the worlds we are talking about here refer to many star fields and many big worlds to the lower realms.

And the heavens are, Immortal Realm, Demon Realm, Pantheon, and now the Eight View Palace!

Of course, I still don't know how many terrorist forces are hidden from the ancients. The waters of the heavens and the world are too deep.

Some people were originally worried about the invasion of the Demon Race, and worried that the heavens and the world could not resist, now it seems that they are simply unfounded!

"Brother Zhao, to be honest, who was the strong man just now? I feel her strength is not under Zhang Ling!" Long Qingtian asked quietly in Zhao Yuande's ear.

"This is a secret, not to be said, not to be said!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously, but said nothing.

Zhang Ling did not ask Zhao Yuande for a separate inquiry. In his high identity, he did not care about the life and death of General Feng.

Previously, he was so polite to General Feng, or because the two had met here before, and it was considered to have a side relationship, plus he was easy-going and had no shelf, so this performance.

"Let's go! You are working hard today, I invite everyone to have a drink!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the crowd. He was very satisfied with the performance of these people just now. They did not betray themselves because of the threat of General Feng. He felt that these Nice people and can be friends.