Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Reincarnation

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"These are! Earth Fire Golden Lotus! There is such a big piece!" Zhao Yuande was the first to wake up from the shock. He thought of Green Lotus Fire. If he wants to get Green Lotus Fire, he must have Earth Fire Golden Lotus.

His body turned into a residual image, the first one rushed into the sea of fire, but only took a ground fire lotus, and then looked at the huge lotus with the bud unreleased.

"'Earth Fire Golden Lotus', Xuan-level high-level elixir, refining can be immune to low-level flames... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe'Qinglian Zaohua Tang', there is a small chance of getting Qinglian fire, ingredients list... "

He felt a strange power from the lotus, as if there was a terrible demon growing in it, plundering the power of the golden lotus.

After him, many people rushed in. There are quite a lot of golden lotus here. The crowd did not fight for it. Everyone got enough golden lotus.

Zhao Yuande suddenly jumped his eyelids, he saw that the golden lotus in the middle was about to bloom at this time~!

"No! There is something coming out!"

He turned away and left without a trace of nostalgia.

Others are not as calm as him, still looking for treasure in the flames.

When Zhao Yuande flew out of the sea of fire, the golden lotus in the middle exploded, and a black creature like an octopus rushed out of the golden lotus.

Its body suddenly swelled at the moment of its appearance...

Waving huge tentacles, blocking everyone's retreat.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that the cliff closed slowly, and then heard a cry of screaming and unwilling roar.

"Fortunately, I'm not greedy, otherwise I'm one of them too!" Zhao Yuande was particularly palpitated.

However, he didn't get really hot, he would never go back, he could only move on.

He flew out again for dozens of miles, and a large piece of land appeared in front of it. There was nothing on the land.

The state of the spirit floating is also very soul consuming. He carefully observed the surroundings and found no danger, which fell to the land.

This land is very large, but only marginally can be seen, but there is no vitality on it.

He walked aimlessly for a while while landing, and did not find any treasures, only to sit cross-legged helplessly to recover the consumed soul power.


He suddenly felt that the ground beneath him began to shake violently.

"What's the matter? Did an earthquake happen?" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and only saw a huge black shadow coming towards him.

He took a closer look, and suddenly his body shrank, and his calves turned.

This turned out to be a huge head, with a curved unicorn at the top of the head full of dozens of people, and clusters of flames burning on the unicorn turned out to be the real fire that Zhao Yuande dreamed of.

The neck under the head is dozens of miles long, protruding into the magma lake, is it a giant snake with a horn?

But what happened next to make Zhao Yuande crazy, the head opened his mouth and spit out words.

"Little guy! Your courage is really not small, dare to rest on my back, believe it or not, I can eat you in one bite!"

"On... your back!" Zhao Yuande felt a little stuttering at the moment. Is this a flame mysterious turtle?

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt like he was dreaming. The Flame Profound Turtle was a terrible existence equivalent to Divine Emperor Realm. He did not expect to have such a powerful existence in the underground of Huoyunzong. He felt as if he lived in a moment. On the group of explosive packs, a little carelessness will explode.

"Yes! On my back!" The head moved closer and looked at Zhao Yuande with great interest, and suddenly sighed, "Hey, there is a strange brand in your soul, this brand is... it is Zhou! "

Speaking of the last word, the head suddenly shivered.

"You turned out to be the reincarnation of Zhou! This... is incredible!"

"Zhou's reincarnation?" When Zhao Yuande heard this term, he suddenly seemed to understand something. He asked involuntarily, "What is the reincarnation of Zhou?"

"Don't you know?" The huge head looked at Zhao Yuande suspiciously, then shook his head like a rattle, "No, can't say!"

With his shaking, almost the entire world was shaking violently. The Huoyun Mountain above was even a violent earthquake. Some peaks collapsed and countless innocent disciples were pressed down the mountain.

"Why can't you say? Does Juzhou really exist?" Although Zhao Yuande was a divine emperor in his previous life, he was a solo traveler, and he could not touch the core secret of this universe.

"It can't be said! It can't be said!" The huge head just shook his head. After shaking his head, he suddenly thought of something, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes shining brightly. "However, since I met you, it is also a chance for me. If you promise I have a condition that I can help you do one thing!"

"What conditions?" Zhao Yuande felt a little vague, and the other party seemed to have a plan, but with his current strength, he could not give the other party anything at all, and it must be related to the reincarnation of Zhou.

"I haven't thought of it yet!" Expected in the eyes of the huge head, said, "Say what you want to do! Even if you overturn the earth and kill him, I will help you to do it!"

Zhao Yuande's heart moved, should we kill Brother Yu Chi Feng Yu Lei? Now he only has this obsession.

Do not! I must do this by myself. What I need most now is my own strength improvement!

He remembered the real purpose of being here today, one is to get the true heart of the earth, and the other is to detect the golden lotus!

"I want the fire to be really hot!" Zhao Yuande made his request.

"It's that simple?" The huge head doesn't seem to believe, "You don't want me to help you kill more people? Don't I help you to find the hidden treasure, but you know that there are hidden treasures left by the ancients in the underground fire veins, don't you mind? "

"I want to improve my strength and truly strengthen myself. So many things outside of me are not only a blessing, but a disaster!" Zhao Yuande figured out many problems at this moment, which instantly raised his state of mind to A higher level.

"Okay! Ok! Surely it's a figure fought by Zhou!" The huge head shook, and a cluster of flames fell in front of Zhao Yuande, which could have burned the hot flames of the powerful yin and yang together. This moment seemed to be tamed. Sheep, obediently waiting for Zhao Yuande's call.

"The ground fire is really hot, the accompanying flame of the innate fire essence, the horror temperature can melt everything in the world... low-level ingredients, matching recipe 1'Shenxue soup', opening up the blood sea, list of ingredients... matching recipe 2, ground quenching Soul wine, refining the soul of the gods, and raising the awareness of the fire way..."

Zhao Yuande was very happy in his heart, and put the flame into the soul, arched the huge head: "Thank you, as long as you find me in the future, your conditions are not too excessive, I will definitely complete!"

"Rest assured! It must not be too much for you!" The huge head seemed to be cheap and grinned busy. "Do you want to move on or return to the body, I can give you a ride!" "

"I'm going back!" Since Zhao Yuande got the terrestrial fire, he can boil the Shenxue soup, and then he can expand the endless blood sea and successfully set foot in the field of blood sea gods.

"It's simple!" The huge head opened the **** hole and gently breathed out.

Zhao Yuande felt a terrible force enveloping himself, and left the underground magma lake in an instant, and has returned to his own body in the next moment.


He opened his eyes and often exhaled a breath. Although this journey was short, he was in danger. He also got the news that there was some connection between him and Zhou. He was exhausted in a short time.

"All the materials have been gathered. Now start cooking the blood soup!"

He calmed down a little bit and began to take out all the ingredients of Shenxue Tang and distribute them in proportion.