Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 610

Chapter 610: Decide

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"Great!" The scar eyes narrowed, and the scars on his face were glowing red when he heard drinking.

"Since General Feng is dead, can I..." Jian Kuan looked at Zhao Yuande with a fanatical light in his eyes.

"Yes! But you still have to be low-key, otherwise someone will recognize this as the killing fairy sword, you may not live tonight!" Zhao Yuande threw the killing sword to the sword freak.

"Thank you, Brother Zhao! If you find it useful in the future, please ask Brother Zhao not to be polite!" Dantai Yimeng is really grateful to Zhao Yuande. Now that General Feng is dead, the sword mad will not have to leave his hometown. This is Zhao Yuande. Gift.

"Go! Today we are not drunk!" Zhao Yuande waved carelessly.

The restaurant was full of people's voices, and many strong men came here to celebrate today's victory.

They found a corner and began to drink and listen to the people around them.

But soon a person's conversation attracted Zhao Yuande's attention.

"Have you ever heard of Shijie?" A middle-aged man drank a glass of wine, a little bit boring.

"Isn't that where the most mysterious gods originated? There was a battle between them and the Desolate Field a few days ago, isn't it a truce now? Is there anything fun happening again?" Curious to ask.

"I heard that this beginning is the starting point of the heavens and the world. It was extremely glorious in the ancient times, and there have been countless big figures." A girl in pink clothes seems to know very much about the beginning.

"Hey! I went to Shenhuang Island yesterday to get back to life. I heard a message that it was a decisive battle between the younger generation and the realm, which decided the ownership of a major event. , And the initial battle was defeated, and nine powerful young men were killed in a row." The middle-aged Han Han swiftly said, "It is said that the young strong man in the desolate area is powerfully outrageous. The people of Zhao Yuande came out to fight!"

"Zhao Yuande? I really wanted to hear the name." The pink-clothed girl thought for a while, "It seems that there is a person named Zhao Yuande in the ranks of the testers, but his cultivation is the combination of yin and yang. It should be It's a duplicate name."

"The number of cultivators in the heavens and the realms is not countable, and it's too common to have the same name!" The elegant youth nodded. "It's just that the young strong man in the desolate realm is really inspiring. Nine strong men of the same rank, I am going to the scene to see the truth."

"Okay, don't dream, even if it's a teleport from here to the beginning, it has to be sent tens of thousands of times in a row. No one can't reach it in seven or eight days. I'm afraid that the battle will be over by then!" Dahan shook his head and sighed.

"It's a pity! If there is a master like Senior Zhang Ling, tear the endless plane directly, I am afraid that I can reach the beginning in a moment. When can I practice to that extent!" .

"It turned out to be like this... Am I going to lose?" Long Qingtian on the side clenched his fists and hated, "Unfortunately the time is too late, otherwise I must go back and teach that guy!"

"Right, He Xianzi, isn't your Wantong Chamber of Commerce claiming that the intelligence network is all over the world? Hurry up and ask me what's going on now?" Zhao Yuande looked at He Yanxin, and the girl always gave him unexpected surprises.

"Information can only be returned in at least three days. I'm afraid it will be too late in three days!" He Yanxin shook his head.

"Do you really want to end this trial in advance?" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, but he promised Lei Zun to go back to meet the younger generation in the Desolate Realm.

"Brother Zhao, if you make a decision, then take me with you!" Long Qingtian patted Zhao Yuande on the shoulder and smiled, "My purpose has been achieved this time, and I will go back to my family ancestor. Now!

He fairy, what about you? "

"Without you, there is no way I can go forward, and I will go back together!" He Yanxin smiled slightly, as if blooming flowers, so that everyone could not help but see.

"Okay! Now that you've decided, let's get ready now!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at Dantai Yimeng people and clenched their fists. "Thank you for your care for so many days, we decided to return to the beginning, Because there is our real battlefield!"

"Brother Zhao really wants to go?" Dantai Yimeng saw Zhao Yuande's determination, but asked.

"Go! I must go. For a promise, I must go!" Zhao Yuande took the glass from the table and drank it in front of everyone. "If you want me in the future, you can go to Shijie Donghuang Great World Me, where is my home!"

"Brother Zhao, goodbye!" The men also got up and picked up their wine glasses. "I wish Brother Zhao the victory and hope that one day we will meet again!"

"Don't worry! In the future these worlds will be our battlefield, and you will definitely meet again!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands, then turned and strode away.

"You take care!" Long Qingtian and He Yanxin also nodded gently to everyone and followed behind Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao is really extraordinary, and soon his name will spread throughout the world!" Dantai Yimeng whispered softly.

"I will remember him, this amazing man, a man who will surprise me at any time!" Dantai Yishui's eyes were filled with reverence.

"For the sake of a promise, to abandon the contest of the disciples of Bajing Palace, he is the only person in the world who will do so!" The scars on his face were full of smiles, and at the moment those scars did not look so grim.

"Brother Long and He He are also the most affectionate people and worthy of my study!" Zhu Geming saw the other side.

"Sword, sword! I live for you, mad for you, die for you! But it is not as good as Brother Zhao's promise to turn back hundreds of millions of galaxy and give up the most powerful inheritance of the heavens and the world! Where should I go... how to choose? "The sword madly touched the killing sword, all eyes were full of light of enlightenment."

"You said you want to give up this opportunity and want to be my disciple? Why?" Even calmly like Zhang Ling couldn't help but be shocked by Zhao Yuande's words, but he knew that Zhao Yuande's true strength should be able to become Bajing Palace Official disciple.

"Because of a promise!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "I once promised a senior to fight in the battle between the younger generation of the starter and the Desolate Realm. Now that the battle has begun, I have to go back!"

"Oh! It was so!" Zhang Ling looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes, all at this time appreciative, "Who are you promising? Is it because of this commitment, you are willing to give up the identity of the disciples of Bajing Palace? You need to know, This opportunity is so rare!"

"This has nothing to do with the person who promised. I am the most important promise in my life. As long as I promise, I must do it unless I die!" Zhao Yuan was decisive.

"In that case, then I will fulfill you!" Zhang Ling nodded, a satisfied smile appeared on his face, and said, "It just happens that Zhang Ling is also a person who promises me. Since I promised to accept you as a disciple. I wont go back on my word. Now, we are the relationship between master and apprentice! Apprentice wants to return to the world of the East Emperor, I naturally have to be satisfied!"