Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Candle Dragon Recovery

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"Hey! Master, since this is the simple way to pass Zi Qidong to me! I haven't rested the main exercises so far, and the only thing waiting is Ziqi Dong!" Zhao Yuande cheeked and asked for the exercises directly.

"This matter is simple!" Zhang Ling's fingers lightly touched Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, and a vast stream of information suddenly poured into Zhao Yuande's mind.

Zhao Yuande carefully discerned, and suddenly found that it was the Qi Qi coming from the east, but only the first three chapters he could read, all under him was sealed by a powerful force in his sea of knowledge.

"As long as you complete the first three exercises, the following exercises will naturally unlock the seal! But I advise you that the first three are the most important and the foundation of all the exercises in the Bajing Palace. You must take the foundation The fight will be solid, and the next practice will come to fruition..." Zhang Ling helped Zhao Yuande to explain the future development clearly, making Zhao Yuande feel a kind of care, an expectation, an unclear emotion. .

"Thanks to the master's teaching, I don't know when I can see the master again when I go back!" Although Zhao Yuande spent a short time with Zhang Ling, he felt like he was late.

"I came out this time to learn from your ancestors, traveling across the world, maybe one day we will want to see you!" Zhang Ling looked at the deep starry sky, "I want to follow your ancestor's footsteps and explore that Mysterious Eternal Avenue..."

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed lightly, interrupting Zhang Ling's emotions, "Master, you still send me back first to say it!"

"You kid!" Zhang Ling couldn't help shaking his head. "Call your companions! I will open the space-time wormhole for you and let you return to the world of the Eastern Emperor!"

"Thank you Master!"

Zhao Yuande and the three walked out of the space-time wormhole and suddenly felt a bit of chill.

"This... the master actually sent us back to the top of the mountains in the extreme north!" Zhao Yuande saw the white snow in front of him and suddenly knew where he was now. He looked up and looked at the direction of the top of the mountain, the corner of his mouth. He smiled, "This is not far from the top of the mountain. Brother Long wants to see Senior Zhulong?"

Zhao Yuande turned to look at Long Qingtian who was looking around.

"Candelabra ancestors are here?" Long Qingtian's face showed a surprised expression, followed by a face of ecstasy, "Yes, naturally!"

"So let's go now!" Zhao Yuande looked at He Yanxin, "He Xianzi, how about going to see Senior Zhulong's style together?"

"Good!" He Yanxin nodded gently.

The three men are strong, and although they cant fly because of the peculiar positions emanating from the top of the mountains, the speed of flying is incredible.

They rushed all the way, seeking good fortune and avoiding evil, and chose to go where there is no danger. In just half a day, they saw the top of the real mountains.

A dragon head statue with tens of thousands of feet stands on top of the mountains!

The dragon head is connected by an endless stretch of giant mountain. With their eyesight, they can't see the end of this giant mountain, as if they have penetrated into the endless North Sea.

" this the ancestor of the Candle Dragon?" Long Qingtian felt a terrifying energy lurking in this huge dragon head statue.

"This is not a statue, but the deity of the candle dragon. You see that the endless continuous giant mountain is his body!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the distance. "It stretches to the shore of the North Sea, and I don't know how many miles deep into the North Sea!"

"He...he moved! He seemed to move!" He Yanxin suddenly exclaimed, even if she couldn't calm down at the moment.

"Click! Click!"

Thick cracks were cracked on the dragon head statue, and numerous boulders rolled down from the statue, revealing a fiery red color inside.

As the boulders rolled down from the statue, a terror that made them feel trembling like a wave of turbulence came, pushing them back again and again.

"It's all behind me!" The dragon's might in Long Qing Tian's body was surging, and even blocked that terrifying power, Zhao Yuande and them were firmly behind them.

"Who disturbed my sleep and made me wake up from the eternal sleep! Hey, a little guy of the real dragon family, no wonder! No wonder!" A thick and deep voice rang in the ears of the three, leading The huge stone above the statue kept falling off, finally revealing a huge red faucet, but at this time the faucet closed his eyes tightly.

Zhulong gradually calmed his terrible breath, and let the three breath out.

Zhao Yuande was even shocked. The strength of Zhulong is unimaginable. I am afraid that it is even stronger than Zhang Ling. Why did he choose to sleep in the world of Donghuang?

"True Dragon Clan Dragon Qingtian pays homage to his ancestors!" Long Qingtian knelt down on the ground respectfully for three weeks and nine knocks, very pious.

"Okay, you guys and I can meet each other, it's a fate. I'll give you some benefits!" The candle dragon's voice rumbled like a thunder.

This is not what he deliberately did, but it is too powerful, even if it does not converge, it cannot be the same as ordinary people.

A blood bead overflowed from Zhulong's eyebrows and rushed directly into Long Qingtian's body.

Long Qingtian only felt that there was a crystal blood bead in his blood sea. This bead, like the pearl of Dinghai, was constantly emitting terrible power in the blood sea. This power Through the continuous refinement of his flesh through the blood, he is constantly being ascended.

"Thank you for your ancestors' gifts!" Long Qingtian was pleasantly surprised and quickly thanked, "My real dragon family is always looking forward to the return of the ancestors. If the ancestors are..."

"Okay! Little one, I can only give you so much, I have other missions here, you go!" The candle dragon's voice is full of indifference, as if after giving Dragon Qingtian, the real dragon family Has nothing to do with him.

The candle dragon's voice gradually fell deep and seemed to fall into a deep sleep again.

"Senior Zhulong, someone asked me to bring this thing to the senior!" Zhao Yuande saw the place hurriedly came out and took out the black and dark beads from the **** ruins.

"Huh!" Zhulong dragon gave a soft whisper, and suddenly his voice became louder. He was obviously agitated. "My boy, where is he?"

The three only felt a powerful force sweeping towards them, and suddenly their bodies seemed to be hit by a giant mountain and flew out directly.

"It's me who is excited!" Zhulong slowly calmed down the impact, and said softly, "Come back! Little fellow, tell me where this bead came from?"

Zhulong's words are like the purpose of this world, just come back in one sentence! It made the three people feel a sense of unpredictable power, and dragged them back and back to the candle dragon.