Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Tianlong Town

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"Click! Click!"

The skull of the candle faucet rocked gently, and the huge eyes under the closed eyelids also turned gently.

"Senior, this bead came from..." Zhao Yuande told how he encountered the powerful existence in the **** ruins, and told the Dragon Dragon what the situation was.

"So it turns out! I got go!"

Zhao Yuande and the three of them only felt like they were flying in the clouds, and their bodies fell involuntarily towards the distance. They only felt that the void trembles, and the terrible power raged around their bodies.

At the next moment, the three of them suddenly felt their feet under their feet. They looked up and looked around and suddenly found themselves on a desolate mountain.

This place is no longer the top of the mountains, but a barren land, and there is a wild air.

At this time the peak of the mountains, the frequency of the head movement of the candle dragon is getting bigger and bigger, and there is a loud rumbling noise. The peaks of the mountains all start to tremble violently.

Zhulong's head finally pointed in one direction and slowly raised his eyelids.

Two dazzling rays of radiant sun emerged from his slightly raised eyelids. The temperature of the top of the mountains rose in an instant. I dont know how many degrees. The snow and ice that has been covered for thousands of years have been directly steamed by the horrible temperature. Dry, black mountains all made a burst of overwhelming clicks.

Throughout the extreme north, the snow-covered ground began to ease the freezing, and towns were submerged in the melting snow and ice.

Countless practitioners flew into the sky and looked in the direction of the tops of the mountains. They only saw two rounds of red sun exposing one or two bright lights from the top of Zhongshan.

At the next moment, the ice and snow on the top of the mountains completely melted, and the terrible torrent swept across the giant mountain.

The huge waves rolled down and merged into the gradually defrosting extreme north, no! It should be called the extreme north sea now, let the water level of the extreme north sea rise and rise again...

At this time, Zhuolongs eyelids only raised less than 1 in 10,000, and only a little eyes were revealed. I dont know if it was fully opened, two rounds of red sun will shine on the Eastern Emperor World, and it will give the Eastern Emperor. What kind of changes does the big world bring?

But this speed is very slow, I am afraid it will take a few months to fully open.

At this time, the entire Eastern Emperor Great World felt that the temperature was turning up, and they also saw two more red suns rising in the extreme north.

Some ancient beings came out of the retreat at this time. They seemed to have received some information and began to appear in the world of the East Emperor.

Many ordinary cultivators have only panic at this time. They do not know what is going to happen, and they have a sense of panic about the future.

"This...we are in the wild!" Zhao Yuande looked at the surrounding environment and couldn't help but wonder. "Why did Senior Candle Dragon send us here?"

"It's strong and fluctuating in that direction, as if someone is fighting." Long Qingtian looked into the distance, and as far as he could see, there seemed to be a magnificent giant city.

"A giant city in the wilderness! Is it the location of the wilderness alliance, the wilderness city?" Zhao Yuande thought of this, and his face suddenly showed joy, "I know, this is the battle between the young generation of the world and the desolate field. local."

"Are you sure?" Long Qingtian also exulted on his face.

"Yes! Because there is a town Tianguan in the barbaric dragon city, as long as you enter it, even if you are a congenital demon, you will be suppressed, so this is the best and fairest place to fight." Zhao Yuande's face expressed excitement .

The three of them flew high into the sky and saw a magnificent giant city in the distance, as if there was a huge sky gate in the middle of the city, from which bright white awns shot out into the sky.

At this time, in the Tianlong Pass of the Manlong Town, several high-end high-end presences on the highest Nineth Heaven are being discussed.

"Lei Zun, if we lose again in this battle, I'm afraid it will severely damage our morale. Next time I will have to send a nephew of a real teacher!" This kind of old-fashioned feeling.

"Hey! We have lost nine games in a row. Where did we find such a peerless genius in the Desolate Realm, aged 17 or eight years old, but just stepped into the realm of the field, even slashing our nine strong men! That kid If it's there, it's fine!" Lei Zun sighed softly. Zhao Yuande's absence made her very depressed. Now the situation of Shijie is too passive.

In fact, it is not that no one can defeat this young man, but these people have their own opponents. If the hasty battle will definitely disrupt the future battle plan, then it must be lost.

"Did you see the movement on the top of the extreme north, the candle dragon has been awakened, and the place will be opened in a month, if we lose...if the kid you said went there? You can also find it Can't you reach him?" The young Taoist looked at the extreme north, and there was a look of worry in his eyes.

"I said earlier that the kid was unreliable, but Lei Zun, you were alone..." The side of the whirling **** emperor's mouth slightly flicked, revealing a hint of sarcasm.

"Are you gloating, are you gloating? At this time, it would be better to think about how we should deal with it!" The Emperor Barbarian's voice rumbled, and he seemed extremely dissatisfied with the Emperor.

"Okay! Don't say anything, and the next game is about to begin. Who are we going to send?" Yongchang Divine Emperor glanced at everyone, his eyes showing dissatisfaction.

"He's back!" Just when everyone was in a different mood, Lei Zun's face suddenly burst into a smile, "He not only came back, but also brought a strong companion, this time I have hope in the realm! Wait a minute, Ill go as soon as I go!"

"Hey! Lei Zun, the other party is called, what should we do?"

"Hold them for a while, and I will come back immediately!" Lei Zun's body disappeared in a flash.

"Man Dragon City is here!" Zhao Yuande and the three of them flew into the city and looked at the towering Zhentianguan. They were worried. "How can Zhentianguan enter?"

"Boy, you are late!" Lei Zun's voice appeared in his ear, and then the three of them were wrapped in a force, and they entered Zhentianguan in the next moment.

"I have seen Senior Lei Zun!" Zhao Yuande looked at the mysterious and powerful woman with a graceful style in front of him, and he had to respectfully salute. Although he had seen countless powerful existences during this time, even Zhang Ling and Zhulong were close I felt their breath, but I still have a deep awe of this woman.

"I have seen Senior Lei Zun!" Long Qingtian and He Yanxin are both people from the beginning. Naturally, I heard the elders talk about this Lei Zun, but they have never seen it before. An incomparably beautiful woman has an inexplicable emotion in her heart.

"Okay! You don't need to be rude, you just happened to come, let me go in now. Zhao Yuande, you will be on the court immediately, and when you're ready, say that, this time the opponent..." Lei Zun explained to them as they walked Fighting opponents.

Lei Zun took them into a magnificent arena, countless powerful presences sat on suspended seats above the arena, and some young people were sitting in the arena of the arena.

At this time in the arena, a young man in red stood proudly, glancing indifferently and arrogantly at many young people on this side of the beginning. Nine corpses lay across him, all around him. These corpses were completely fragmented, as if they had all been cut by a terrible blade.