Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 614

Chapter 614: Eighteen Prince

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The first arrow was invisible and invisible. The young man in red didn't care. He didn't dodge it and hit him directly.

He only felt that his body was stiff, his soul had not felt the existence of his body, and he felt that the soul had gradually fallen into stagnation. It seemed that there were no oil-lubricated wheels, and it turned extremely suffocating.


The second arrow flew at the same time, and this space consisted of three colors of red, green and gold. The arrow composed of three colors seemed to be a high-speed rotating drill bit, directly hitting the eyebrows of the young man in red.

Suddenly a blood spatter splattered, and the arrow turned into a big hole directly in the eyebrow of the young man in red.

Immediately after the third arrow flew, this arrow consisted entirely of a terrifying thunder, and the thunder arrow directly rushed into it from the eyebrow hole.

Thunderbolt exploded in the eyebrows of the young man in red, and blasted the other party's sea of knowledge directly. The hidden spirits disappeared with the sea of smashing.

The body of the young man in red crashed to the ground, and the dead could not die anymore.

Everyone's eyes fell on Zhao Yuande's body at the same time. His three arrows, one arrow, and one arrow matched the sky seamlessly. Killing the young man in red was as simple as finding the bag.

Although many strong men didn't pay attention to Zhao Yuande's three arrows at all, the results surprised them. They never thought that the first arrow turned out to be the power of time.

Of course, this is not to say that these powerful people can't even sense the power of time. It's because Zhen Tianguang's arena can isolate all the consciousnesses, even if they are as powerful as the Divine Emperor.

Many young people in this area exploded.

"Okay! Good kill, no one in his eyes!"

"It's really a frog in the well. He took the roost in a small pond and thought he was invincible. What's wrong now? Get up and keep pretending!"

"I start the world and end the city!"


The Desolate Land is indifferent.

"Come and come! Boy, I'm in a realm of yin and yang, and the demon wasteland comes to fight with me in the same realm!" Zhao Yuande shot the young man in red with three arrows, not satisfied, but facing the demon wasteland. Many young people hook their fingers.

"This kid is really hateful, and he is looking for the opponent of Yin and Yang!" A man in the desolate area gritted his teeth. "Otherwise, the uncle went up and slapped him with a slap."

"There are no yin and yang cultivators on our side to participate in the war, how can this be good!" A young man sitting at the stable side of Qiu Beard Han, who had an indescribable noble breath on him, sat There was like an emperor, and all the people around him were only its background.

At this moment even the young man's face showed a bit of sadness.

"How are these good!"

"This kid is really vicious, yin and yang combined, how can he say it!"


"Father, let me kill him!" At this time, on the hanging seat on the side of the Desolate Field, a powerful white dragon stood next to a powerful existence of the dragon horn.

A pair of your slightly bent dragon horns above this boy's head, his body is full of confidence all the time.

"Small eighteen, although you now have the inheritance of my ancestors of the Dragon Palace, but you may not be able to defeat this person, you are still here to watch the battle!" The powerful existence of the first-born Dragon Horn turned out to be the Dragon Palace The master of the palace, and this young man is the eighteenth prince of the magic dragon palace, hidden in the dark, a talented peerless wizard.

"Father, you let me fight! Although I may not be able to win him, but I have absolute control and retreat!" The eighteenth prince looked at his father with a stern gaze, his voice was firm, "Father, you once said that you can only grow in real battles. If you blindly protect me under your wings, when can I soar for nine days?"

"The nephew said very well, it is impossible to grow into a towering tree without going through the wind and rain. Brother Long should let go!" A powerful existence with a **** whole body, nodded gently, and looked at the eighteenth prince's eyes full of Appreciative colors.

"Thank you Uncle Blood!" The eighteenth prince bowed his head slightly towards the **** body.

"Okay! Since Brother Baxue said this, you go!" Demon Dragon Palace waved his hand. "But you have to remember that nothing is important to life, even if you lose, it doesn't matter, as long as life is still unlimited may!"

"Thank you father for teaching, 18 remember!" The eighteenth prince jumped from the suspended seat and fell directly opposite Zhao Yuande. He watched Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly become cold and cold, and there was no more The appearance of a good boy just now showed a violent force in his body. He said slowly in an extremely cold tone, "Aren't you looking for the opponent of the yin and yang unity? Now I'm here!"

Zhao Yuande looked up and down at the young man in white.

"The eighteen princes of the Devil's Dragon Palace, the Devil's Heaven, are in a state of yin and yang.

"Oh! You are the eighteenth prince of the Magic Dragon Palace. It seems that it is just a delicate flower kept in a greenhouse. If you like this to challenge me, you are just looking for death!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, and the eighteen prince was obviously I dont know that the sky is thick and thick. Although his fighting ability has been able to challenge the strong in some fields, but in Zhao Yuandes eyes, the weak is like ants.

"Dare you look down on me!" The eighteenth prince was furious, his body trembling into a fierce black dragon, and he rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

The eighteenth prince is not a fool. He also saw clearly that Zhao Yuande used a bow, and the eighteenth prince was the body of the dragon, and his body was extremely powerful. He felt that he was attacking the enemy with his own long. Short, although I dare not say that I can kill my opponent immediately, at least I can take the advantage.

"Eighteenth Prince, don't..." Dong Menzhen saw this scene, and suddenly felt a feeling of powerlessness. The young man in red just thought that the world was invincible. She could not be blocked and shot by three arrows.

Now the eighteenth prince is even more self-righteous, even if he wants to use his flesh to fight against each other, isn't this the use of eggs to strike stones?

He still clearly remembered that he was restrained by Zhao Yuande a few times. With his bloodline of the overlord, he was unable to resist, how could the body of the dragon in his area resist.

But this time she was not late, but how could the eighteenth prince listen to her.

The body of the eighteenth prince seemed to be blown by a terrible hurricane, and he shot Zhao Yuande with a paw of absolute crushing.

This claw alone has dozens of square feet. This claw almost blocked Zhao Yuande, making him nowhere to hide.