Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 615

Chapter 615: He Is Strong

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"Okay! This claw has my momentum. Even if the other party can stop it, it is definitely not good." The face of the dragon master showed an excited smile. This eighteen prince's talent is definitely the first among many princes. One, and he still has a domineering self when he debuted, so he is very fond of the eighteen sons and intends to cultivate him secretly as his successor.

Even in this battle between the young generation of the Desolate Realm and the starter, he brought the eighteen prince to come to learn.

"Yes, there is indeed a little style of Brother Dragon! But my Zhener seems to be very pessimistic about this battle. Don't expect Dragon Brother to be too high." Baxue saw his daughter's expression and suddenly felt this matter It's not a big deal for this year, Yi Zhener's combat power actually saw fear on the face of this guy named Zhao Yuande. Did they ever come into contact or fight?

"Okay! Eighteen brother, shoot him directly!" The third prince of magic dragon saw his younger brother, God Wei Shi, suddenly stood up excitedly and cried.

"Brother Long, don't keep your hands! Give Shijie a lesson that you can't forget!"

"Break the majesty of the beginning..."


"Brother Long, you said that Zhao Yuande will not lose?" On the side of Shijie, someone whispered to Long Qingtian.

"Defeat?" Long Qingtian almost laughed out loud, "Just because of that little magic dragon cub? You will know by looking down!"

"Brother Dragon, wouldn't you be bragging! Or do you have prejudices against the Demon Dragon Clan and don't want to see them win?" Some people from Sijie seemed to be dissatisfied with the Dragon Clan and took the opportunity to sneer at Long Qingtian.

"Too lazy to care about you!" Long Qingtian glanced at this person, not even caring about each other's words.

"Long Qingtian, don't be arrogant. If Zhao Yuande dies later, I can see what you can say." This man is a bald young man. Although his facial features are handsome, his ears are as big as a fan. Double strokes and big ears make people think of an animal.

"Pig incompetence, are you the one from the beginning or the desolate field?" The man in the golden armor turned sharply and gave this bald young man a hard look.

"I... I'm of course from the beginning, I'm just..." The bald young man named Zhu Wuneng was terrified by this glance, and almost fell off the seat directly.

At this time, the huge dragon claw of the eighteenth prince had already been photographed on top of Zhao Yuande's head. Except for a few people, everyone felt that Zhao Yuande was under this claw, even if he did not die, he would be hit hard.

However, everyone suddenly saw Zhao Yuande's body stretched gently, and then lightly stroked a punch to meet the dragon claw of the eighteenth prince.


The two collided together in an instant, making a loud and loud noise.

At the next moment, the huge dragon among the people flew out like cannonballs. Zhao Yuande's voice was like a shadow, and he directly caught up with the eighteenth prince who flew out, and he was directly on the back of the eighteenth prince. on.


Everyone only heard the sound of a tooth-bearing bone fracture. The huge dragon body was cut off directly from the middle by this foot. If it was not connected by flesh, I am afraid it has now become two.

"Ah!" The eighteenth prince screamed. At this moment, he was almost mad. He felt that he had fallen from heaven to **** at once, and his body was suddenly stomped off. This is just right. His biggest insult.

"Eighteen, hurry up!" The Lord of the Dragon Palace suddenly stood on the suspended seat and shouted at the eighteenth prince below.

Unfortunately, at this time, the eighteenth prince had fallen into madness. He screamed desperately and opened Longkou towards Zhao Yuande, who stepped on his back.

"Bug, your mouth is too stinky!" Zhao Yuande sneered and punched **** the faucet.

The eighteenth prince felt that his head was hit by an unmatched force, the skull instantly shattered into scum, and the sea of knowledge was shattered by the powerful force.


A dragon-shaped spirit rushed out of the sea of knowledge and wanted to escape.

How could Zhao Yuande let him escape, his eyebrows opened, and a thick yin and yang thunder shot out, directly annihilating the dragon-shaped spirit.

"Eighteen!" The Lord of the Dragon Palace roared with rage, and the power of terror instantly penetrated the enchantment of the arena and blasted towards Zhao Yuande.

"Master Dragon Palace, you're over!" Lei Zun's voice sounded, and a big Thunder hand directly blocked the terrifying power.

"Lei Zun, he killed my beloved son, I want him to die!" Demon Dragon Palace growled, turned into a tens of thousands of terrifying dragons, and rushed towards the arena desperately.

"Master Dragon Palace, your son died, you are like this, we even died nine young geniuses, aren't we sad? If you are so rude, Hugh will blame me for reporting this matter, this duel is determined by the above Next, if you dont follow the rules, it is a kind of contempt for the above. You can do it yourself!" Lei Zun's terrorist power broke out, blocking the Lord of the Dragon Palace and warning him coldly.


The Lord of the Dragon Palace roared upward in the sky, then disappeared into a black light at the end of the world.

"Zhao Yuande, don't let me catch you, otherwise I will crush your bones bit by bit!" The voice of the Lord of the Dragon Palace echoed in the arena.

"Huh! A black dragon in the realm of a **** really dares to threaten me. If you have the ability, you can come here!" Zhao Yuande unabashedly disregarded the Lord of the Dragon Palace.

After this battle, he will start chasing the territorial disaster. As long as he can survive the territorial disaster, his behavior and strength will advance by leaps and bounds. At that time, although he dare not say that he can defeat the other party, he has the confidence to escape. There are still.

So he is not afraid of the other party at all, and he does not care about the other party's threat.

It was at this time that the pots of the Desolate Field had exploded, some people looked at Zhao Yuande with some fright, and some people were worried.

"Miss Dongmen, how powerful is he!" Someone heard Dongmen Zhen just said that she should know who Zhao Yuande is.

"He...he... is very strong, I should not be his opponent!" Since seeing Zhao Yuande's appearance, Dongmen Zhen has lost the style of Miss Dongmen in the past. From time to time she thinks about her being captured, this As if a huge shadow enveloped her, lingering.


Everyone looked at Dongmen Zhen. They saw an incredible picture. Dongmen Zhen, a powerful and overbearing clan, even said that he was not as good as others, which is simply incomprehensible.

At this time, in the stands on the other side of the border, everyone was excited and surrounded Long Aotian and asked long and short, they were very interested in Zhao Yuande.