Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 616

Chapter 616: Hu Tiancheng

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"You guys, how do you think about this?" Lei Zun lightly glanced at many powerful men, and finally set his sights on the whirling God Emperor. "If you listened to you, who can make us start to raise their eyebrows."

"Lei Zun, don't just look at the immediate benefit. This kid's ability to provoke misfortune is stronger than his fighting power. The Lord of the Dragon Palace has just been angered by him, and I don't know what terrible things can be done!" The tone of the emperor was cold, and he did not praise Zhao Yuande for slashing the opponent's second opponent. Instead, he said such a cold word.

"Huh! Whirlpool, you are too much!" Emperor Yongchang looked at Whirlpool Emperor, and also got angry, "Do you still have to keep your hands on the enemies in the Desolate Realm? Really absurd!"

"Poo, I found that you seem to have some anomalies recently. You wouldn't be possessed by some evil spirits!" The Dragon Emperor looked up and down at the Poo Emperor, and seemed to re-examine her.

"You... you don't want to talk nonsense!" The pupil of the whirling **** emperor shrank slightly, but his face was angrily said, "Man Dragon, you are talking nonsense, believe it or not. Shake it out for you!"

"Okay, okay! I'm talking nonsense, but recently you have been too abnormal in dealing with Zhao Yuande, and the abnormal one has to be suspicious!" Emperor Barbarian heard this from the other side and suddenly dared not go on. By the way, I really have some small handles in this old lady's hand.

"Okay, don't make trouble, are you still like a high emperor?" Lei Zun was slightly angry.

Zhao Yuande even slashed two geniuses in the Desolate Realm, and then he felt a little relieved.

"You guys in the Desolate Realm, it's time for you to build meritorious service. As long as you defeat me, you can get the friendship of the Master of the Dragon Palace. Come on! Come on! Come down and fight!" Although Zhao Yuande's words are ironic, but The geniuses in the Desolate Realm have learned well, they look at me, I look at you, but no one is fighting.

Zhao Yuande looked at the many desolate geniuses in the stands, and he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

"Isn't this Moskong of the Demon Wings? Your brother was just killed by me. Or would you come up and avenge your brother?" Zhao Yuande beckoned to Moskong.

"I'm not your opponent! I don't fight!" Moscon felt that his life was more important than face, so he refused directly.

"Morro! Brother Moro, it's been a long time since I missed it. Why don't you come down and learn from each other?" Zhao Yuande looked at the young man with a shiny metallic luster, and made a gesture of invitation to him.

"I'm not your opponent, forget it!" Moro shuddered, joking! I didn't go to die.

"This handsome elf guy, I remember your name is Russell, why don't you come and exchange with us?" Zhao Yuande looked at a handsome guy with long ears and winked at him.

"Don't go!" Russell was disgusted and turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Xuanyue, the young master of the Wangyue clan, I remember you... ten sacred medicines!"

"Dongmen Zhenzhen...thank you very much!"

"Blue Shark... Thank you!"


Zhao Yuande greeted his acquaintances and thanked them for their enthusiastic sponsorship. The challenge soon became a thank-you conference.

Many young people in the Desolate Realm were terrified of Zhao Yuande's teeth like a scorpion, but their roots were tickled, but when he saw Zhao Yuande, he turned around in a hurry and pretended not to see him.

"This... how is this going to happen?" Many young people here at Shijie are puzzled, what ten holy medicines, what is this guy grateful for?

"Brother Long, do you understand at this time?" The young Jinjia looked at Long Qingtian.

"I don't know! I'm also curious." Long Qingtian didn't understand it. When Zhao Yuande plundered the Quartet, they didn't know it yet.

"At this moment I have heard something!" a young man said mysteriously, "I and Lei Zhen of the Lei Hei family are close friends. I heard him say this guy, a young master who specializes in looting the magic wasteland, and then let Their family exchanged the holy medicine, otherwise they would tear the ticket!"

"Did these people have been looted by him?" Everyone looked at the younger generation in the Desolate Realm, and suddenly found that many people had strange faces on their faces. It was a look of hate and fear.

"Doesn't even Dong Menzhen..." Someone swallowed with a slur, feeling that the matter was simply incredible.

"Yes! And I changed ten magic medicines!" The man nodded affirmatively.

"What... he's so bold, he dares to move the people of the **** family! Isn't he afraid that the ancestors of the **** family will slap him to death?" Even the young man in the gold armor grew his mouth, one Unbelievable face.

If it were replaced with him, he would never dare to think about it. The ancestor of the obedient blood family said that it scared the dead, beyond the realm of the Divine Emperor, and has now entered the Pantheon.

Where is the Pantheon, and the upper level that is flush with Immortal Realm, its strength has even exceeded that of Immortal Realm!

"Where can he exchange the magic medicine and holy medicine from the forces of these desolate areas? Isn't he afraid that the other party will give him something to kill him directly?" Some people have bright eyes and think this idea is very good. If they can repeat the engraving, they will be one. A good way to get rich, but this is the hardest part.

"People have a relationship with the Lei Yu family. I heard that the last time Senior Lei Zun personally went, did the other party dare to do it?"

"It turns out so!" As soon as this matter came out, everyone suddenly gave up the little abacus in their minds, and they all had powerful forces behind them, but they were still far from the Thunder Prison family and could not do such a thing at all.

"Why don't you let me destroy him!" Emperor Xuanyuan was very hostile to Zhao Yuande. His former fiancee Dongmen Zhen was tied up, and finally the marriage contract was cancelled because the two had collapsed at this time.

"No... Brother Xuanyuan, you are our hole card, you must not shoot first. Your opponent should be Xia Fantian on the opposite side!" Stride towards the arena.

"Alright! You can rest assured if you go!" Emperor Xuanyuan saw the person's shot, and his heart suddenly settled.

This man is a hidden force on the side of the Desolate Realm. He is not well-known in the Desolate Realm, but his combat power is very powerful.

Once the two had a discussion, the result was hundreds of moves in the battle, and in the end, they lost to their unparalleled physique.

"It's up to me, Hu Tiancheng, to teach this great trick!" The young tiger head jumped off the arena, with extraordinary confidence on his face.

"Oh! Finally, there is a strong man!" Zhao Yuande felt the strong momentum and the extraordinary self-confidence manifested from the other party, and he was a little more careful in his heart.

"Boy, take the initiative to admit defeat! Otherwise I will kill you!" The young tiger head looked at Zhao Yuande lightly and showed an absolute confidence.

"Okay! Then you will kill me!" Zhao Yuande's muscles began to wriggle. He was adjusting his state. Facing this level of master, he felt he had to go all out.


Hu Tiancheng roared and rushed towards Zhao Yuande directly.

"Do you fight in flesh? Just what I want!" Zhao Yuande flushed with excitement, which was his favorite way of fighting.