Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 618

Chapter 618: Tough Battle

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As long as he stood in the field, the younger generation in the Desolate Realm remained silent for a long time. Although many of them wanted to go up to fight with Zhao Yuande, they were secretly blocked because they had their own opponents in the beginning. If you shoot early, it will disrupt the situation.

There is really nothing to let Zhao Yuande win the first game. They used a three-game two-win system. When Zhao Yuande won no one dared to come out to the end, it represented the first victory of Shijie!

Next, if the Desolate Realm can win two games in a row, it is considered a victory.

"My rest time is still half an hour. Everyone early to discuss whether to continue to send people to fight, or to admit defeat directly, and see after half an hour!" Zhao Yuande simply sat down cross-legged and began to realize the magical effects of chemical boxing.

"Forget it, we admit defeat in the first game!" After half an hour, there was a sigh from the Devil's Land. They also chose out of frustration. They didn't expect Zhao Yuande to appear suddenly.

"It's boring!" Zhao Yuande stretched his body and walked out of the arena slowly. Before leaving, he didn't forget to wave to the guys who had been captured by himself. Of course, I did not forget to compare Lei Zun's thumb in the high sky!

"The second game begins, because the winner of the first game is the beginning, so the second game is to send people to meet the enemy first!" Soon someone announced the beginning of the second game.

But all this has nothing to do with Zhao Yuande. After nodding his head slightly at Long Qingtian and He Yanxin, he found a quiet room by himself and began to hurry up to practice.

Since his rebirth, he has been growing up in constant battles, but he rarely has the opportunity to calm down and practice.

This time he returned, he fulfilled his promise to Lei Zun, and he could finally practice with confidence for a while.

After he planned to go through this practice, he began to try to contact the spirit of Wanshan to prepare him to cross the robbery with himself!

This guy can play a very important role in this field disaster, and should be able to help himself to resist half of the sky disaster, so that his grasp will be greater!

As soon as he entered the quiet room, Zhao Yuande began to figure out, which aspect of his own strength should he improve now?

Physically, he has basically reached the limit, even if he continues to enjoy the food, the improvement is not obvious.

In terms of spiritual power, he has infinite blood within his body, and the spiritual power contained in it is already comparable to that of Divine Emperor Realm, which is a manifestation of his solid foundation.

Needless to say, in terms of the spirit, the powerful spirit of the Divine Emperor Realm is enough for him to deal with any crisis situation.

Is the Boxing Skill? He has just realized a lot of essence just now, and if he continues, there will be a sense of rush.

The only thing left is the Qigong. He has just got the Ziqi Donglai Qigong, and he has the opportunity to enlighten himself in the future. During the battle, the Heaven Tribulation is naturally less dangerous.

correct! There is also a mysterious pattern. If I engrave this mysterious pattern on the bones of my body, I dont know what kind of wonderful changes will happen? Will you reach the kind of legendary state, just like the dead strong, the flesh is rotten and the bones are not rotten!

If the bone is strong to a certain degree, it is more useful than the flesh god. The bone is the support of the whole body. Without the bone, a person is a flesh and blood, so the bone is more important than the flesh.

That's it! Next, I will try my best to engrave those lines on the bones, and strive to raise the bones to a new level!

But what makes Zhao Yuande even more excited is that in the continuous painting, his soul is gradually improving with this fine painting...

At this time, the war outside has just begun!

It was the Xia Brahma who played in the beginning of the realm. This man is one of the strongest three in the beginning. Although the cultivation base is only sixfold in the realm, he already has the means to kill the emperor's strongman. He used to be in the alien battlefield. Beheaded a powerful emperor, two or two powerfuls were shocked.

Of course, his identity is also very different. The young master of the Xia family, the most mysterious and oldest family in the beginning, was sent by the family to various dangerous and terrifying planets for trial. Countless times of death and death have made him an undefeated. God of War.

The Devil's Land was shot by Xuanyuan Huang, both of whom are ancient family families, and their fighting power is all shocking!

The two were evenly matched, and even fought for seven days and nights in a row!

Both of them fought frantically, flying wildly, and their bodies were covered with cracks, which made people feel terrified when they saw it.

"Stop! This game ends with a tie!" The two strong players do not want the two to have an accident, so they have to draw a tie.

This is also a situation of great joy for everyone. It is important to know that these two people can basically represent the highest level of the two circles, and the tie between the two people can also explain the problem.

However, the following battle is therefore greatly detrimental to the Desolate Realm. If they lose the next game, they will fail directly, and they will not be able to complete the things explained by the upper bound.

Even if it is the next victory, it is only a draw, and the next battle will be held!


The war begins!

This time, Shijie sent a little-known bald-headed boy, but once he said his name, everyone couldn't help but feel upset.

This man turned out to be the first in the realm list, Emperor Brahma!

It is said that this young man is a parent-child born to a congenital demon for 10,000 years. His bloodline is very pure, and he is evaluated as the most powerful fairy in the beginning realm!

As soon as such an existence appeared, it immediately attracted many eyes.

But the other party sent out is also a strong man with the same legendary life, and is also the supreme young man ranked first in the young generation of the desolate field.

It is rumored that this young man played invincible hands all over the world as soon as he appeared. As long as he had never lost a match, he was rumored to be a reincarnation of a supreme congenital demon, even if he was lying in his home and practicing. It will rise like a rocket.

When the two collided, the battle was about to happen, and the fighting power between the two was still comparable.

This battle was longer and it took ten days and ten nights to fight. The power of terror broke the seal and the powerful fluctuations evened the entire arena.

However, the battle between the two was not over yet. Emperor Brahma summoned a Buddha. This Buddha suppressed the heavens and made the whole town tremble. The **** emperor felt a terrible feeling. Pressure rippling in space.

This shows that the power of this Buddha can already threaten the lives of these powerful emperors.

Just as everyone in the beginning realm cheered and determined that victory would inevitably happen, the reincarnated young man of the Desolate Realm of the Desolate Realm even summoned his previous life.

Although this previous life masked the face, many powerful people even had the illusion of wanting top worship.

The collision between the Buddha and the previous life finally triggered the earth-shattering horror war.

If it were not for the two realm emperors to join the town at this time to seal the town's Tianguan, I am afraid that all the younger generation of cultivators will die in the collision of two powerful beings.

This earth-shattering horror battle lasted for a short time, because the two's cultivation was limited, and even the summoning of the Buddha and the previous life could not last. In the end, the two invincible existences were simultaneously destroyed in the void in a collision.

When everyone thought that the battle was to be ended with a tie, the young boy who reincarnated in the demon wasteland suddenly burst into a bright light. At this time, he ignored the danger and burned a part of the soul. , In exchange for great power.

Emperor Brahma shook his head helplessly. He didn't want to squander his life so much. But he had great dreams and he must not waste his life here.

He immediately announced his failure!

In this respect, no one thought that he could defeat the opponent, so in the end, the Desolate Realm finally pulled back.