Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Frost Ball

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"I don't know if three days of prayer will make my mother heal!" The three princesses looked worried.

"Relax! It's okay, you are so sincere, Princess Three, you will be touched by God, and the kind of blaze on the Queen will soon disappear!" Xiao Hong gently exhorted.

"I hope so!" The three princesses were sad and didn't seem to be optimistic. "Whenever I see my mother burned by that kind of flame, I always want to exchange this pain on me."

"I think the empress must have been murdered. The kind of flame appeared very strangely and quietly took away the lives of hundreds of guards. Even the strong like the empress was tortured relentlessly!" a young man whispered .

"I heard Master said that this kind of flame is very much like the legend, extremely ice cold flame!" Another young man nodded, "This kind of cold flame can only be found in the eyes of the blood ice sea, and control the blood ice sea It is..."

"You must not talk nonsense!" The three princesses suddenly lost their face when they heard the two.

"Yes! We got it wrong!" The two young men hurriedly bowed their heads.

Zhao Yuande heard not only the thoughtful expression on his face.

The extremely cold ice flame, this is a very rare flame, after the last Qinglian fire swallowed and did not rise to the Qinglian fire, it seems that there is still less accumulation, if you swallow this extremely cold ice flame, maybe it is true Can be promoted directly.

His heart moved, and it seemed that he and the three princesses were really lost.

Now he needs to dig the star stone into his hand before the third princess's ship leaves his spirit area.

The star stone is extremely heavy and extremely heavy, even his current strength cannot destroy it.

"It can't be destroyed, just take the whole star stone away!" Zhao Yuande has some scruples in his heart. If he takes the star stone away, can the highly toxic gas leak out instantly, right? What danger do you cause.

"No matter, I'm not willing to take this stone away. I can enter the other side of the world at any time, and I still have great hope not to be hurt."

After making up his mind, he no longer hesitated, turning the Tower of Eternity into a long knife, and started cutting around the stars.

The Eternal Tower is the treasure of chaos. Even if it is not sharp, it surpasses the innate spirit treasure. The blade is cut into the rock, just like cutting tofu.

This star stone is about the size of a house, but it was completely cut off with a dozen breaths.

"Give me in!" Zhao Yuande directly grabbed the star stone and plunged it into the space of the Eternal Tower. He worried that the star stone was contaminated with horrible poison gas and would affect the world on the other side.

After receiving the star stone, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a violent shock from the island. The whole island was like a huge balloon. After losing the star stone, he began to breathe continuously and finally rumbling into the sea.

A pink haze wafted on the sea, just the gas in the island space.

As long as the haze drifted away, countless fish and shrimp corpses appeared on the surface of the sea, and even a huge whale shark appeared on the surface and struggled desperately.

They condensed but did not disperse, and even formed such a restricted area of life, which made Zhao Yuande feel a little sorry for this sea area.

"Look, it's gone! The star island is gone!" The sailors on the giant ship suddenly exclaimed. They had just left the island but only a few tens of miles before turning their heads, the island disappeared out of thin air.

"That's... someone flew over!" Another sailor saw a long rainbow across the sky and had landed on the deck at the next moment.

"Hurry up and invite the three princesses!" A sailor looked at Zhao Yuande on the flying deck, and he couldn't help expressing terror in his eyes.

"Guardian! You..." The third princess hurried out of the cabin and was shocked to find that the person opposite was actually the guardian!

"I have a feeling in my heart. If you want to go out, let's borrow your big ship first!" Zhao Yuande looked dull. "Prepare a clean cabin for me! In addition, don't reveal my identity at will!"

"Yes!" The third princess didn't know why. Seeing the guardian suddenly felt wide-minded, she always felt that her mother's plight was resolved by the person in front of her.

With this idea, she naturally became more enthusiastic about Zhao Yuande's performance.

And the people on the ship knew that Zhao Yuande was on the ship, and there was also a sense of stability and a huge sense of security in nature.

The speed of the giant ship was very fast. In just half a month, Zhao Yuande felt that there was a vast continent in the distant sky.

In the past half a month, he carefully carved the star stone, and finally carved into a lotus platform.

In the early morning, he sat on the lotus platform to absorb the oriental purple qi and practiced the purple qi to come east. At night, he quietly received the power of the stars that fell in the starry sky and continuously tempered his own soul.

In half a month, his purple qi came to practice to the second peak, and although the soul did not have a substantial breakthrough, it was more solid and tough on the original basis!

As he approached the mainland, he stopped practicing Ziqi to come east. Cultivation needs to be done step by step. His current entry has been a little scary, so he needs to slow down a bit.

He was relaxed and walked slowly on the deck, watching the busy sailors around him, feeling the wind blowing in the sea, feeling that this was the real life.

But soon this real life was ruthlessly interrupted.

In the distance, a giant ship approached, and a powerful cultivator came from the large ship opposite to take the wind.

"Here is the site of my frost regiment. My frost regiment was ordered to capture the Kingdom's criminals, and the rebels should not kill!" The cultivator was not very young, twenty-four or fourteen years old. It's arrogant.

"Frost regimen? You are too brave! Even the ship of the third princess dares to rob, don't you want to live!" A young man beside the third princess walked out of the cabin, watching the practitioners on the opposite side can't help but be impressed, But when he saw Zhao Yuande's figure, he suddenly became emboldened.

These young people are the guards of the Three Princesses. Although they are very powerful in the palace on weekdays, they only realized that the world was too big after they came out.

"Three princesses? That three princesses? The three princesses are waiting for the empress in the palace at this time. How dare you pretend to be her."

It is definitely not easy for a member of a pirate group to know what is happening in the palace.

Zhao Yuande suddenly became curious when he heard this from the other party.

"You are Wu Qing of Frost Frost Mission?" The three princesses came out of the cabin at this time and looked at the cultivator. She seemed to know this person.

"It turns out that someone really dared to come to impostor, you can just grab your hand and catch it!" Wu Qing clearly saw everyone's cultivation behavior and suddenly let go of one heart. It seemed that this time it was his own work.