Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 624

Chapter 624: Three Princesses With Big Breasts

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"What the **** is going on? Wu Qing, don't you know me anymore? At the Zhao'an conference last year, we also talked." The third princess looked at the young man, her face puzzled.

"Okay, don't be naive, this frost group has been bought by your mother's opponent. They are here to kill you and kill you!" Zhao Yuande heard here naturally understand what is going on.

He came over and smiled at the third princess: "Do you need me to help you solve these people?"

"Where did you come from? Dare to take care of our frost mission?" Wu Qing looked up and down at Zhao Yuande, and his mouth could not help revealing a wicked smile. "You are the pursuer of this chick! Tell you, today You're dead!"

He originally felt that Zhao Yuande's breath seemed to be a little powerful, and he was a little afraid of the other party, but now he can't see the yin and yang together, which is just a dish for himself.

The other party might be the son of a royal prince, and this time it was a great achievement to take him down.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande looked at Wu Qing and walked towards him step by step.

"Wu Qing, are there any people we are looking for?" Several other figures flew from the giant ship on the opposite side, and when they saw the people on the ship, they were very happy.

"Hey! The third princess with **** is obviously here. Is your kid wanting to eat solitary food?" A middle-aged, obscene middle-aged man looked at the third princess, whose eyes stared directly at the puffed place on the third princess's chest. .

"Okay, now the most important thing is to make them disappear, as far as there is no woman!" An obscene middle-aged man by an old man, but now focused his attention on Zhao Yuande, "This person has a problem, we have to be careful point."

"Okay! Old stuff, don't disturb my interest!" The obscene middle-aged person waved his hands impatiently, and turned his gaze to the little red next to the third princess. "Well! This little girl is also good, although it is a bit green , But the pair...hehe!"

"Dare you dare... dare... to covet your grandma's beauty, come over and teach your how to be a man!" Xiao Hong is a little pepper, and even with Zhao Yuande in front, she doesn't even know how to be afraid How to write the words, pinched the waist and pointed at the obscene middle-aged man and started scolding.

"Hi, you little chili! Lao Tzu, I must greet you well!" The obscene middle-aged man was irritated by Xiao Hong.

"Come on! Granny, I'm not afraid of you!" Xiaohong tickled her little finger at the obscene middle-aged man, with a look of disdain.

"Wow wow! I'm so mad, I must..." The middle-aged person is almost jumping on the feet, so he will rush to catch Xiaohong and teach her well.

Who knows, the obscene middle-aged man has not rushed out two steps, and suddenly felt a flash of light and shadow, he suddenly flew out.

"Poof!" The obscene middle-aged man fell heavily on the deck, opening his mouth to highlight dozens of white teeth.

"Kill me! Kill him!" The obscene middle-aged man growled hysterically at the old man. "Old stuff, I ordered you to kill him!"

The old man looked at the obscene middle-aged man in disgust, but he couldn't help it. Who would call someone the head brother's brother?

The old man with a serious face walked towards Zhao Yuande, "Boy, who are you? Why should I help the three princesses to deal with us."

"It doesn't matter who I am, it's important that you all become dead!" Zhao Yuande sneered and gave a big hand to shoot towards the three people.

This big hand is getting bigger and bigger, more and more terrifying, so that the three people on the opposite side immediately feel like they have pressed down a big mountain, and they can no longer hold the three people down. Stopped trembling.

"Spare life! Spare life! As long as you spare me, I will give you whatever you want!"

Just now his face was full of anger, and he wished he could swallow the obscene middle-aged man Zhao Yuandesheng on the ground and begged for mercy.

"Humph! What can you have? You are only interested in your life!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande pressed his hand, he heard a click, and the powerhouses in the early stages of the three realms were so lively pressed into a pool of meat.

"Ah!" Even this little red pepper like Xiaohong couldn't help but scream.

Not to mention the kind-hearted third princess, she just felt fainted and was stunned.

Several other bodyguards also looked as if they were on earth. They thought they were rude to Zhao Yuande on the island. Now they want to come.

On the contrary, the sailors looked at the three dead people but did not change color. They lived on the sea all the year round. They took their lives out of their lives. Life and death may be a reincarnation for them.

"Not yet quickly get your three princesses into the cabin." Zhao Yuande waved to the bodyguard. He felt that these people were a bit overwhelming. They probably didn't actually go to the battlefield.

"Yes!" Several guards hurriedly carried the third princess into the cabin.

"It seems that I want to be a good person to do the end!" Zhao Yuande looked up at the giant ship opposite and found that there was someone on the giant ship staring at him.

Zhao Yuande stepped out in one step and appeared directly on the giant ship opposite.

A big man with a bearded face on the giant ship looked at Zhao Yuande dignifiedly.

"Brother, who are you?" The bearded man Xiu Xiu is very tall, but he is a strong man in the world, but he seems to attach great importance to Zhao Yuande.

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is what you are here for?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

Behind this big man, there are many powerful practitioners, most of them are in the realm of the realm. Everyone's face shows a cautious color. They just saw Zhao Yuande slapping three people, but they couldn't understand the strength of Zhao Yuande. guess.

"We collected the Lingyu of the Seven Emperors and wanted to kill the third princess!" Dahan is very real, directly explaining his purpose, even he can't detect Zhao Yuande's realm, how to think that the other refers to a yin and yang unity A small person in the realm, but even that palm can't even make him, so he thinks that Zhao Yuande must have hidden the cultivation base, and the cultivation base is still above him.

"Brother, if you want to intervene in this matter, then we will not do this single business!" Dahan is very sad, even if his own brother died in the hands of the other party, he will not be stupid enough to take revenge, like them. This kind of pirate doesn't pay much attention to this kind of affection at all. On weekdays, it is said that brothers and brothers are all done to their subordinates.

"Tell me everything you know." Zhao Yuande looked at the other person lightly, "If it pleases me, today's things should not happen, if you cover up..."

Zhao Yuande grabbed the void in the sea, and the waves in the sea suddenly rose to a height of hundreds of feet. The terrible pressure caused the whole ship to tremble violently, and even continued to make a clicking sound.

"We know what we say, and we are endless! Please brothers raise your hands high!" Dahan was so scared that his face was pale. What kind of terrible power is this, even a powerful emperor he had ever seen was not so terrible. Majesty, is this young man in front of him turned out to be a powerful god?

The Dahan had already decided to move all the way. When he saw Zhao Yuande's terrible power, he moved even more thoroughly, and said everything he knew.

It turned out that the aunt of the seven emperors coveted the queen's position and contacted powerful overseas forces to poison the queen.

After taking away the third princess, she ordered someone to pretend to be the third princess, and wait for the queen to die and she will be in full control of the kingdom.

Aunt Qihuang was afraid of the return of the third princess, and things were exposed, so she found the frost group to intercept and kill the third princess.

This is almost the same as what Zhao Yuande thought. The internal fighting in the dynasty was too much, and the brothers and sisters killed each other. There was no half of the family's affection, which made him a little annoying.