Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 625

Chapter 625: Little Red

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"Since you are so cooperative, I will spare you your life!" Zhao Yuande turned to leave the giant ship of the Frost Regiment, but at this time he heard waves of whimpers from the cabin.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande frowned, and the soul passed through the cabin. He suddenly saw hundreds of children locked in a room in the bottom cabin, and their mouths were covered with cloth. At this time, a rag dropped from the mouth of a child before making a sound.

Zhao Yuande suddenly knew that these children must have been arrested by pirates. Although he did not know what this group of pirates wanted to do, he knew that these pirates would not kindly take them to lead a happy life. These children are not To be sold to the great forces is to use it to cultivate evil exercises.

"It's not easy to tell you!" Zhao Yuande sighed and turned around to look back at the big man. "You are so sinful, I will destroy the people today!"

"You... you don't count!" Dahan's face was fierce. "Then don't blame us for breaking the dead net. The brothers gave me to kill him and we will have a way to live!"

The big man yelled at you, and the huge bone hammer in his hand hit the head towards Zhao Yuande.

Many pirates are accustomed to life and death, and the power that erupts under the knowledge of mortality cannot be underestimated.

However, what kind of cultivation is Zhao Yuande doing? He was among these pirates just like a tiger into a flock of sheep. However, in just ten breaths, the pirates above dozens of domains on the deck were killed by him with bare hands. .

Although Zhao Yuande rescued hundreds of children, he couldn't help but frown because he didn't know how to place them.

"Forget it, let the three princesses do these things!"

Zhao Yuande didnt want to waste this energy. He returned to the giant ship and found the three princesses to explain the situation. The three males were filled with anger and soon entered the role of his princess. it is good.

Zhao Yuande didn't care about them and let them solve it by themselves, but he looked towards the distant mainland.

"When can we go ashore?" Zhao Yuande asked a sailor beside him.

"Son, you will be back in Snowland in three days." The sailor replied respectfully.

"Well! Three days, okay, you go busy!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and was lost in contemplation alone.

Zhao Yuandes previous life hadnt really arrived outside the East China Sea. I didnt know that there were many countries here. He also learned that these countries were all ruled by a sect called the Saint Sect, and this Saint Sect was a feminist Zongmen respects women among men, and men only become supporting or fertility tools.

Because of the strategy of the saints, many countries under her rule can only respect the female and the queen is in power.

And the third princess is the future queen of this country.

Zhao Yuande always felt awkward for the feminist sect, so he secretly made a decision to help the three princesses and then left immediately, causing unnecessary trouble for the province.

During these three days, he spent time in cultivation, and he could not feel the passage of time at all.

Their giant ship was moored in a huge port called Wanghai Pier, but they were surrounded by a large group of soldiers as soon as they landed.

These soldiers will catch them up whenever they come up.

In the end, Princess Three is a princess. The heir to this kingdom has been treated like this many times. Even she is angry.

"I am the third princess of the Snowland Kingdom, the heir to the throne, who gave you the courage to take me!"

"True three princesses are waiting for the queen in the palace, you are fake, don't be afraid of the big guy, take him down to the palace, there will be a reward!" A voice shouted behind the soldiers.

"Sneaky, come out for me!" Zhao Yuande took a deep look and grabbed a young man in white directly from behind many soldiers.

He threw the young man in white fiercely in front of the third princess.

"You... Ruotang's cousin! How could you do such a thing?" The third princess saw the white man with an incredible light in her eyes.

"Three princesses, he is the son of the seven emperors, what are you talking about?" Xiaohong said quietly next to you, "That is the third princess, you have a big heart, and all of them want to take you from the throne. Pull it down!"

"Impossible, I don't believe it!" The third princess covered her ears, tears in her eyes.

"Three princesses!" Xiaohong was helpless and could only comfort her with soft words.

"Okay, let me go back, otherwise I will kill this person." Zhao Yuande also felt a little speechless. The three princesses were really naive, and had no choice but to regain the initiative in their hands.

The active soldier naturally knew the identity of this man, but who dare to come, all retreated to the distance.

"Let's go! Let's quickly enter the Wangcheng." Zhao Yuande urged them. He was very helpless about this matter, and he was really overwhelmed with love.

"Well!" The persuaded Third Princess nodded gently and led the crowd towards the king city.

But they are not destined to be too calm along the way.

Only a few hundred meters away, a big hand descended from the sky and slapped towards the three princesses.

Zhao Yuande snorted and patted it.


The big hand was smashed by Zhao Yuande, and a strong man in black fell from the sky and crashed to the ground.

"It's General Liu!" Seeing the strong man in black, the third princess couldn't help showing a miserable color on her face, and her body seemed to be unable to bear such a blow.

"Follow me, **** it!" Xiaohong's face was angry, and he went up to cut off Liu's head with a sword.

Even Zhao Yuande noticed this little red, something extraordinary, how could a maid make such a decision, did she hide her identity?

You can already see the tall city wall not far away, where is the king city of the Selangor Kingdom.

Outside the gate of the Wangcheng city, a group of soldiers with shining armour lined up. Dozens of powerful cultivators sat in front of these soldiers, looking at the approaching three princesses. Their faces showed a cruel smile.

"I don't know who the strong man is coming to my country, if you can open it to my country, I will answer it!" Among these powerful cultivators, a middle-aged and elegant man walked out. Zhao Yuande said.

"Don't say more, I'm not the kind of person who sees the benefits and forgets the righteousness." Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "If you still want to live, please quickly make way for me, otherwise..."

"It's really crazy! Who do you think you are? A powerful emperor?" A young cultivator with oily noodles looked at Zhao Yuande contemptuously, with a gruesome expression in the corner of his mouth.

"Are you here to provoke me?" Zhao Yuande said coldly, "Just now General Liu was ten times stronger than you, and was killed by my palm from time to time. Die!"

Zhao Yuande's remarks said in the end, he became sensational, and there was a power to intimidate people.

The oil head noodle noodle cultivator knelt down on the ground and crawled towards Zhao Yuande step by step!

Zhao Yuande's voice contained the power of the six-character mantra of Buddhism. In one sentence, he took away the spirit of this oil-headed noodle practitioner, making him an obedient walking dead.