Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 628

Chapter 628: Start

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Finally, ten days later, he felt that his spirit had reached its peak.

He began to look for places to cross the robbery.

This place must first have mountains, and secondly, it must be quiet and not too close to the place where humans live.

He felt that the power of this catastrophe was so great that it could destroy the world, and even tens of thousands of miles would fall into a ruin. He didnt want to be an executioner.

His soul had reached the threshold of the Divine Emperor at this time, radiating an area of hundreds of thousands of miles in an instant.

Suddenly found that here is really a huge island, surrounded by vast ocean.

In the middle of the island, there is a huge peak. When Zhao Yuande's spirit swept across here, he felt a strong breath on the mountain peak, and the spirit was stronger than him.

He suddenly knew that the other party was a real God Emperor, but the God Emperor seemed very cautious and did not attack Zhao Yuande's soul, but sent a friendly message.

The other party does not provoke himself, and he will not be free to find trouble, and he sees a huge sect on the mountain peak, which is the Saint Sect that he has heard of.

He scanned the whole island and found that the population was really dense, and he frowned slightly.

"Do you want to go back to Zhongyu to cross the robbery?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but worry.

"Or looking for an island and robbing in the sea? That's a good idea, but I'll ask the spirit of Wanshan first!"

Zhao Yuande started to contact the spirit of Wanshan. He has not been promoted for half a year. If there is no spirit of Wanshan to go through the robbery with him this time, he really can only change the system and survive the ordinary one. Many benefits It will not be available.

Unexpectedly, the spirit of Wanshan soon responded.

"You made me wait too long!" The first sentence of Wanshan Spirit was full of complaints.

"Relax, this unprecedented catastrophe is unprecedented, guaranteed to be worth the ordinary ten catastrophes! I think after this catastrophe, you can directly get rid of the constraints of this space, at least you can become a world-class congenital demon ."

Zhao Yuande's words revitalized the spirit of Wanshan's spirit.

"Are you ready, this time you want to cross the field?" The voice of Wanshan Spirit trembles obviously, which is excited.

"Yes, I'm ready! Now I just have to choose the location, I don't know if I can go on the island?"

"Island is actually a mountain peak in the sea, naturally there is no problem, do you need me to help you choose?" Wanshan Spirit Road said, "I know you want to reduce the killing, so I will choose the best place for you."

"In this case, it is up to you to decide!" Zhao Yuande is also happy, and the spirit of Wanshan chooses him most at ease.

I closed my eyes and practiced for a while, and suddenly felt a magnificent force carrying myself for a thousand miles, and I opened my eyes and appeared in a sea of vast seas. A male mountain in the sea stood towering. He was sitting in this sea now. Above the male mountain.

"It's good here. There are no terrestrial people in hundreds of thousands of miles. You should have no problem using it to cross the robbery!" The voice of Wanshan Spirit was a little excited, waiting for the endless years to complete the wish, who Can't be excited!

"I want to remind you that this big disaster is not the same as a small one. You and I may even die in this big disaster. You have to prepare early." Zhao Yuande calmly said, "I once saw my ending in a fantasy. , There is you..."

"What kind of ending?" The voice of Wanshan Spirit shook obviously.

"You and I died in battle, the world of the Eastern Emperor collapsed!"

"This... you and I are likely to die in battle, but the Eastern World will never collapse, and no one can destroy the Eastern World, even if the gods and gods are together, let alone this kind of The catastrophe manipulated by the gods and demons is in trouble!" The spirit of Wanshan Spirit was full of confidence. He continued, "You don't know where the Eastern World is, what it represents, how many powerful terrorists are hidden here !"

"Can Zhulong also be counted among them?" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Zhu Long, who was far more powerful than all the strong men he had seen.

"Candle Dragon... Hey!" Spirit of Wanshan smiled softly, "Candle Dragon is just a chess piece... Okay, I can't say more, otherwise Heaven Tribulation will not kill us, we will be killed alive!"

"Okay! Now that I'm relieved, should I start now?"

"let's start!"

Zhao Yuande vigorously urged the powerful forces in the body and began to impact the realm!

The impact domain is simple and simple, and accountability is also complex. You only need to condense your own domain to be promoted directly.

However, there are tens of millions in this field, and they are divided into three, six, and nine.

The simplest is to form a field with a single attribute. You can form a single field as long as you understand any rule, but this field is the lowest level, and the lowest level field after the formation of the field, that is, the ninth level.

And if you can receive special rules, such as wind, thunder, yin and yang, time, and void, if you use these rules to form a realm, you are in sixth class.

If you can comprehend multiple rules and combine these rules to form a multi-attribute field, this is the third class.

Of course, the more fusion attributes, the higher the natural order. The third class is still the third class, the fifth class is the second class, the seven class is the first class. If it is possible to merge more than seven kinds, it is rare in ancient times. Super field.

People who can own this kind of super realm are rare from ancient times. When looking at ancient and modern times, super realm does not exceed the skill of ten fingers.

And now Zhao Yuandes goal is eight kinds, he has realized eight kinds of rules, the time of gold, wood, fire, earth, thunder, and thunder, and his forging fist has perfectly combined the seven rules together to form a seven-color rainbow, and the attack power can be directly Crushing the emperor strong, even God Emperor Realm can also fight.

The first-level field that he wants to form seven attributes is not a problem, but the super field that wants to form eight attributes is very difficult. He has tried many times to want to combine the eight attributes into a magic weapon, but all of them Failed!

He now wants to seduce Heavenly Tribulation, and wants to promote the realm of the realm, he must first display the eight attributes of chemical boxing, and then use the experience of chemical boxing to form a super field.

On this majestic mountain in the sea, he practiced fist training again and again, from the simplest single attribute to multi-attributes. He even practiced on the top of the mountain for ten days in a row, but it seemed that after all, there were fewer things. He was still one. The second failure was the fusion of eight attributes.

"Did my talent reach the limit? Is it so difficult to integrate the eight attributes?" Zhao Yuande whispered softly. He felt a little unwilling. He clearly had the opportunity to form a super realm, but why has he been unable to succeed?