Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 629

Chapter 629: Crossover

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"Little guy, your heart is very big!" At this time, the voice of the spirit of Wanshan came, "Although I am not optimistic that you can form a super realm, but I want to see if a miracle can be in front of me Occurred. This is my understanding of these attributes.

Zhao Yuande felt a vast sea of information rushed into his own sea of knowledge. These information were all comprehended by the spirit of Wanshan with infinite years, which was extremely precious.

If Zhao Yuande won the treasure, he thanked him again and again, and then he devoted himself to understanding.

Another ten days later, Zhao Yuande's face suddenly showed joy, and his body stretched and punched hard into the sky.


This punch seemed to suddenly open the door of a mysterious dimension, a huge black vortex appeared in the air, and there was endless terror suction in the vortex.

The grass and trees on the mountain peak were all torn by the terrifying power from the black vortex at this moment, and they rushed into the black vortex involuntarily.

Even in the sea, monstrous waves were generated, and the terrifying suction force even pulled the seawater into the air, forming a long water dragon flying in the air.

"Successful?" Zhao Yuande looked at his fist in disbelief. "This is too great! These seawaters are all sucked into the black vortex. Where does the black vortex go?"

"Hoo! Boy, your talent is really a bit against the sky, no wonder that Zhou can value you!" Wanshan Spirit sighed, "Since I was born, I have seen countless powerful geniuses, and even even seen them. The parent and child of an ancient **** are not as talented as you!"

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande was a little embarrassed, "Okay, I still have to thank my predecessors for your guidance. If you don't have these insights, I won't necessarily succeed even if I practice for another ten years!"

"This is also true! Now you can try to condense into the octopole field!"

"Okay, I will try it!"

Zhao Yuande swallowed the next magic pill and began to recover the huge energy he just consumed.

The punch he just took up almost a third of his energy. If he is now used against the enemy, he feels that he can only cast one time at most, otherwise he will not be able to guarantee lasting fighting power and adaptability.

Of course, if it is promoted to the realm, it will be a lot simpler, and it should be possible for him to show his full play.

When the state recovered again, he began to try to form the octopole realm, which is the super realm.

I don't know how long after that, the sky suddenly began to be covered with clouds, and the sound of thunder came.

"Are you going to start?" The spirit of Wanshan turned into a ghost image of an old man, slowly appearing beside Zhao Yuande. He looked up at the increasingly dark sky, and there was an inexplicable excitement on his face. .

"What is that?" The spirit of Wanshan suddenly saw a golden light flashing in the extremely high black clouds. "It's not like Thunder, it seems to be a figure? This... Could it be... Shouldn't it! Does God really want to kill him?"

"No... no, this should just be a phantom!" The spirit of Wanshan shook his head. "Otherwise, even I will..."

"Eight poles open!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly shouted, and a terrible power suddenly burst out around his body. Eight rays of light rose into the sky, forming eight brilliant light wheels in mid-air, rotating around him non-stop, the next moment a huge black The vortex appeared around his body. The vortex seemed to be a big belly man who could never eat enough, constantly sucking everything around him.

"This is the realm of eight poles, it's almost the devouring realm!" Wan Shanzhi's face twitched a little, and he unconsciously raised his eyes and looked at the high clouds. He couldn't help thinking, was that really just a ghost image? ?


The thunderclouds in the sky separated, and a golden battle platform appeared in the void. A blurry golden figure on the battle platform was pounding this huge drumstick.

"Thunder God platform! This kind of thing appeared at the beginning, it seems that this battle is going to fight for the old!" The old man transformed by the spirit of Wanshan gradually disappeared, replaced by a khaki giant who was as tall as the mountain.

This giant's breath is very powerful. In Zhao Yuande's feeling, it seems to be a little stronger than the Fire Spirit.


Thunder came from the drumstick that got the golden figure, as if it was a huge sword with a handle, and it came to cover the mountain where Zhao Yuande was.

Zhao Yuande felt a little bit. The strength of these thunder swords was suddenly penetrated by a sword, and blood spewed out.

"I rely on! No! It's so strong!" Zhao Yuande whipped his teeth and felt a powerful thunder enter the body and began to wreak havoc and destroy his body.

"Suck me dry!" Zhao Yuande urged the thunder god's eye between his eyebrows, frantically absorbing the power of the thunder in the body.

"Undead, recover! Devour the realm to devour me!" Zhao Yuande no longer dare to carelessly, madly urge the devouring realm to absorb countless horrifying thunder swords.

"Leave me a little!" The spirit of Wanshan made a rumbling voice, and the big hand directly covered Zhao Yuande under his palm, and suddenly countless thunder swords pierced the back of his hand.

"It really hurts! But all of them became the nourishment of my body!" The Spirit of Wanshan shouted, and his palm turned into a huge vortex, and began to absorb the power of these thunders.

The Thunder Sword lasted for dozens of breaths. Although it was terrifying, it did not cause much damage to Zhao Yuande. Only a few times it was pierced. Fortunately, his undead body recovered his terror, Thunder Gods Eyes. It also surprised him a bit, and he could gradually become stronger by absorbing the power of the Thunder.

"It was so terrifying for the first time. I can't imagine what will happen in the future." Wan Shanzhi's eyes showed dignity.

"It's nothing. The soldiers came to cover up the water and the soil. We are not in a hurry." Although Zhao Yuande said this in his mouth, he had no bottom in his heart.


Suddenly the sound of horns sounded on the huge golden battle platform in the sky. A group of soldiers wearing gold armor did not know where they came from and appeared on the golden battle platform uniformly.

"The kid is your only show time this time, go up and fight with these guys!" Wanshan Spirit looked at the golden battle platform, he did not dare to go up, otherwise he might be directly killed.

Only the robbers can ascend this battle platform, everyone else will die!

"Zhao Yuande! Let's fight!"

There was a voice on the golden battle platform.

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande took the euphorbia transformed from the Eternal Tower, flew up, and walked towards the golden battle platform.