Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Front

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For three months, he has been consolidating his realm and making it more stable. His combat effectiveness has now increased by more than a half, and the cultivation of the undead has also made a small breakthrough. The point of rebirth.

In fact, this is all attributed to his endless sea of blood. The blood in the sea of blood is not pure enough at this time. As long as he keeps refining, he will one day enter the realm of broken limb rebirth.

In fact, the cultivation of this undead body is a process of purification of sperm and blood, so that the sperm and blood in the blood sea become more and more pure, and finally all turned into tiny human forms.

As long as there is a drop of such blood, Zhao Yuande can be reborn!

"Boy, don't call Grandpa Xiong when you have something good!" The black bear yawned, stretched a long lazy waist, and walked into Zhao Yuande to the cave house.

"It's extremely dangerous to go to the front line this time. Brother Xiong, you're still waiting for me to come back here!" Although the black bear is powerful, it is still not an opponent of the powerful Yin and Yang.

"Cut! What kind of bear do you think of Grandpa Xiong?" The black bear stepped forward, his big paws wrapped around his shoulders, and said, "Our brother, we are blessed with the same difficulties, who dares to find your trouble, Grandpa Bear is the first to bite him!"

Zhao Yuande was a little touched in his heart. Now it seems that many people are not as good as a bear coming from a bear. This bear has truly become his friend.

"That's good! Let's go now!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed fiercely and said coldly, "If anyone dares to count me, I must grab his head and give Brother Xiong a drink!"

"Hey! It's better to be cooked, Grandpa Bear **** is not used to eating!" The black bear grinned, and his big white teeth and bright red tongue made people feel very cold.

Zhao Yuande came to the Huoyunzong square first, and now it is semi-abandoned. Only a huge stone monument stands quietly in the square.

After many years of experience in Fengyu, Huoyunbei experienced no change, Zhao Yuande stepped forward and pressed his hand on the stone tablet!

This time he went down the mountain, it is likely to be a road of no return. Since he came to Huoyunzong, he has not had many opportunities to participate in the Huoyunbei monument, and now he has to leave. He feels a bit sad in his heart.

But when his palm touched the Huoyun monument, the stone suddenly turned into a ray of fire and burst into his eyebrows!

In his knowledge of the sea, a slap-sized stone monument floated up and down.

"This..." Zhao Yuande turned his head to look around and found that no one noticed it. He hurried down the mountain like a thief.

The Huoyun Monument actually penetrated into his body. Is there a spirit in this monument? Feel that he wants to leave so he follows?

A stone tablet that has gone through countless years has been obscured, but he did not expect such a supernatural reaction under his hands. This fact is so amazing that he still feels a little magical now!

With many disciples waiting in front of Huoyun Mountain, Zhao Yuande has now turned into a slap-sized mini bear, hidden in his sleeve.

Wei Chifeng had already discovered Zhao Yuande's figure in this matter. He smiled coldly and compared a beheading gesture to it.

Zhao Yuande didn't care about him at all, but looked behind him.

Behind Wei Chifeng, several young men and women stood proudly, among them the first young man with long flowing hair and handsome and extraordinary, this time has attracted the attention of many female nuns.

Brother Huoyunzong of Sao Bao, brother-in-law's nephew of Wei Chi, Wei Chi Hongwu! At this time, the state has reached the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, and it is known as the young man who is most likely to achieve the union of yin and yang.

"Wei Chi Hongwu, Brother Huoyunzong, in the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy and realm...the body is born with no food ingredients!"

The result of this appraisal made Zhao Yuande a little stunned. This guy is a little special. He can achieve such a situation without any special physique. He is either a perseverant or a special situation. Otherwise, he will not reach this age at all. Kind of cultivation!

Zhao Yuande had a little curiosity about him and began to add him to the target of attention.

There is another person who is more familiar with Zhao Yuande. In front of the Zhenyang Baolou, Wei Chi Yunlong, who was beaten by him, now stands behind Wei Chi Hongwu, staring at Zhao Yuande with hatred.

"Is the three generations of grandchildren playing together?" Zhao Yuande grinned, showing his white teeth. "I will let you Yuchi know what is pain!"

Everyone walked into the huge teleportation one by one, and the figure disappeared in an instant!

This teleportation array was invested by the Alliance on Huoyun Mountain. It was only built a few months ago. The Alliance wanted to build Huoyun Mountain into a solid barrier, trying to block all the attacks of the underground demon clan.

With a flash of light, Zhao Yuande appeared in a huge black fortress.

The Black Fortress is the outpost between the Zhongyu Alliance and the underground demon clan. Zhao Yuande once fought here for a long time.

"The demon clan is committing crimes. All the disciples killed me and killed the beasts!" Zhao Yuande had just stood firm and heard a Hong Zhongdalu-like voice not far away.

A silver-haired old man stood at the top of the fortress and snarled desperately.

Zhao Yuande could not help smiling at the corner of his mouth when he saw this man.

This is a fighting maniac. Under the leadership of the Black Iron Fortress, he has repeatedly built amazing achievements to kill the retired Golden Eyed Demon Clan many times, and has achieved a great reputation.

"Everyone rushed out for Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu must kill him today!" The silver-haired old man leaped from the fortress and rushed out of the gate of the fort first.

Countless practitioners were infected by this old man, and howled to rush out.

Many of the disciples who had just been sent were puzzled, and they set their sights on a few yin and yang strong men leading the team.

Several strong Yin and Yang people looked at each other and nodded one after another.

"We rushed out too!"

The crowd then rushed out of the fortress with a few strong men.

But when this rushed out, they were dumbfounded!

There was an endless plain in front of them, and the beasts of black pressure and tide rushed towards them. Among them, there were occasionally a few golden pupil demon clan, seems to be driving.

"So many fierce beasts! Where did they all come from?" Some disciples came to the front for the first time, and their calves were so frightened.

"Humph! These useless things, these monsters are not strong, they are best used to sharpen themselves, and they will kill me up, we will **** you later!"

At this time, most of Zhao Yuande's attention was on Wei Chifeng and Wei Chi Hongwu. Will they take advantage of this opportunity to attack themselves?

At the beginning of the battle, it was **** and cruel. A large number of disciples lost their lives in the first collision, and even those powerful yin and yang combined powers have no energy to protect these disciples at this time. A few horrible birds found them.

These big birds look strange, with long mouths like an indestructible sword, cutting the void, it has two pairs of wings, one of which can be turned into a sharp sky knife, cutting the four sides, they also have indestructible benefits claw! Horror feathers that can pop up at any time...

A few strong yin and yang people, one pair of these big birds, they were scorched in a blink of an eye, and there was no energy to distract the other.

Zhao Yuande didn't rush to the front, but trailed a little behind. When he collided with the beasts, he only used three-point power to hide most of the forces.

Not far away, Wei Chi Hongwu has also followed Zhao Yuandes every move, seeing that he has a strong combat power and indeed has the ability to kill several of his own brothers, but he has not been strong enough to deal with it. heart.