Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Fight A Great Battle

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As soon as Zhao Yuande rushed to the high platform, he was surrounded by the Golden Armor soldiers.

This group of Golden Armored Soldiers, each of which is extremely powerful, is comparable to the powerful existence of the emperor's peak. Zhao Yuande held the halberd and instantly fought with them.

The euphorbia is in the air, Zhao Yuande fights these mysterious soldiers, his body is strong, his bones are strengthened by the mysterious formation, and his strength has reached a terrifying situation. Every blow he can knock these soldiers back, but the other party The cooperation between them was perfect, and he could not kill him no matter how hard he tried.

Zhao Yuande was more shocked during the Vietnam War and felt more pressure during the Vietnam War. The cooperation, weapons, and even exercises of these soldiers were perfect, making him unable to start.

"Boy, don't worry. In my opinion, this is a battle to test your endurance. As long as you persist for a certain period of time, these soldiers will disappear!"

The voice of the spirit of Wanshan made Zhao Yuande calm down in his heart.

The perfect cooperation of these soldiers, even if a **** emperor comes, may not be able to kill them, and even more impossible for himself.

Unless it is to kill yourself and directly detonate the field of engulfment outside the body, otherwise no drama.

Sure enough, as the spirit of Wanshan said, after three full hours of fighting, the group of golden armor soldiers disappeared and disappeared, and he was blown off the golden battle platform by a powerful and unpredictable force.

"What will the third robbery be?" Zhao Yuande looked at the sky in confusion.


The thunder sounded again, and huge giant thunder dragons continued to shuttle through the clouds, and in the deepest part of the clouds, a huge ghost appeared, step by step toward the golden battle platform.

"this is"

Zhao Yuande was shocked to find that the huge phantom was so similar to the figure in the illusion, a terrifying force of destruction was uploaded from this phantom, the whole space was trembling, and the sweet piece of heaven and earth seemed to All shivered at this moment.

"This... this kind of power may have surpassed the realm of Divine Emperor. How can I fight him!" Zhao Yuande's halberd's fingers are all pale, although he can now fight against Divine Emperor Realm, but the other party has already Is a **** emperor, can he really cross so many realms and its wars?

"This is only the third robbery, are you afraid?" The voice of the spirit of Wanshan came, "This is just a phantom, not even the one-millionth power of his body. If you cant beat it, dont think about your future practice!"


Zhao Yuande waved the euphorbia in his hand, he went forward, and I was invincible!

But just when he wanted to rush into the sky and fight the phantom ghost, dozens of thick thunders suddenly fell in the sky at the same time, instantly covering him in the thunder.

"Boy! That phantom is not your current opponent!" There was some surprise in Wanshan's spirit's voice, and even he was a bit desperate just now.

"Haha! I remembered!" Zhao Yuande recalled the battle in the illusion, and suddenly showed a strong fighting intention in his heart. If he experienced a big disaster all the way, he would constantly be in the sky. Ascending, maybe in the end you can really fight the powerful ghost.

"Be careful, don't get too excited! These are all Zixiao Shenlei!" The spirit of Wanshan still reminds him.

You have to know that this kind of purple sky **** thunder will only appear in the world of ordinary cultivators. The thunder can drop an ordinary world power and every dozen of them can be killed. Enough to destroy a second-rate sect gate.

However, although these Thunders are powerful, under the eyes of Zhao Yuande's Thunder God, they have all become nutrients, so that the Thunder Eyes have some tendency to evolve.

Suddenly, a terrible beam of light came out of the endless thundercloud. This was not the power of thunder. This beam of light was so destructive. The surrounding voids were like a glass mirror under the shooting of these beams. .

"Mirror sword!"

Zhao Yuande didn't know the depth, but he didn't dare to make a hard connection with his body, and urged the mirror sword to become the size of the door, blocking him in front of him.

The Mirror Sword was originally a mirror. These beams of light hit the mirror surface and were all refracted.

Some shot into the sky and plowed the void into a **** ditch, some rushed into the water, and the sea was stirred by the stormy waves. The dead bodies of countless beasts in the sea surfaced with a white belly.


A huge roar of cattle remembered in the sky.

Zhao Yuande looked up and wondered when a dark cloud appeared in the sky.

But when he looked closely, he was shocked to find that the shadows turned out to be black giant cows with thousands of feet in length.

The speed of the black giant cow was incredible, and it appeared on the top of his head in a blink of an eye. The terror hurricane carried by them rushed across the world in an instant, and a huge wave was set off in the sea of hundreds of thousands of miles.

Far away I dont know how many miles from the Wanghai Pier, suddenly the huge waves set off, countless huge cargo ships were smashed by the huge waves, the entire Wanghai Pier was instantly submerged by the huge waves, countless people lost their homes at this moment, crying and crying made the whole snow Yun Guo was caught in a mess.

"What the **** happened?" On the highest peak of the Saint Sect, an old woman with white hair slowly opened her eyes and looked in the direction of Zhao Yuande's robbery. "This is... the power of a terrifying thunder. Is it someone who is going to rob overseas? What kind of disaster will it spread to so widely? No, I'm going to see it!"

The white-haired old lady disappeared in an instant, and she had appeared at Wanghai Pier next moment.

Looking at the Wanghai Pier below which was destroyed by huge waves, the old white-haired woman sighed softly and flew towards the sea where terror waves erupted.

It took hundreds of thousands of miles to fly, and the old woman with white hair only saw that a huge golden battle platform stood proudly in the sky, and a horrible figure stood quietly on the battle platform.

"This... is this the emperor's catastrophe?" The white-haired old lady only felt that her body was trembling. She had just been promoted to the emperor. The thunderstorm she had experienced was not so terrifying.

"I still have to go quickly! It is so far away that it can spread to the Wanghai Pier. If there is a fight after a while, I am afraid that I am also extremely dangerous here!" The white-haired old lady turned around and left. Those civilians died, and they could not Those civilians took their lives.

"Come on! Fight hard!"

Zhao Yuande rose into the sky, turned into a giant of thousands of feet, raised his fists and collided with the countless black giant bulls.

Although the black giant bulls were powerful, how could they be Zhao Yuande's opponents? His fists bombarded these black giant bulls again and again, shattering their bodies directly.

There was a blood rain suddenly in the sky!

The sea underneath was stained with the blood of giant cows, and the entire male mountain turned into a blood-red hell. Countless horror creatures originally living on the seabed were lying on the deepest part of the seabed and buried their heads in the seabed. In the sand, they are really frightened by a terrible scene.