Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Three Palms

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The white flame gradually disappeared, and the mountain under him had been burned into a flat island by the terrible flame. From then on, there was no mountain in the sea, and it was replaced by a burnt black island.

I don't know when the huge waves set off in the sea, and a huge, untruthful figure slowly emerged from the depths of the sea!

"What is this? Is it a kun?" Zhao Yuande looked at the growing back and felt the horror power contained in the other person's body. He could not help but frown slightly. "This time the beast robbery came from Is it a native beast?"

"I don't know! I can't feel when it appeared on the seabed, but I can be sure that it doesn't belong to this big world!" Wanshan Spirit replied.

"Its size is too big, it seems to be a moving continent. Look at this part of the surface that is already thousands of feet!" Zhao Yuandefei looked down in the air.

"This may be an Taikoo Whale! You see a broken building on its spine, it seems that humans have once lived on it."

"...Sure enough! Do you think I have a chance to defeat it?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"No!" The spirit of Wanshan replied very cheerfully, "Even if I am not necessarily able to kill it!"

"Then... what should I do? Is my Heavenly Tribulation just over?"

"Fight to the end!"

Zhao Yuande nodded silently and rushed towards the Taikoo Whale without looking back.

"Stop!" Zhao Yuande had not flew to the Taikoo Whale, and suddenly a figure emerged from the Taikoo Whale's body.

Seeing this figure, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but move quickly and stopped quickly.

"Little guy, my mission is disaster, but it is not desperate with you. You only need to accept my three palms to die, and your disaster will be considered to have passed." This figure is an old man with a slender figure, but in the body But there is the power of terror, even Lei Zun is slightly worse!

But this remark let Zhao Yuande breathe a sigh of relief. It's not difficult to keep three palms undead. The key is to have an undead body. Even if you blow someone up, you can quickly recover.

"I don't know if there is a pause in these three palms?" Zhao Yuande was most concerned about this issue.

"For the sake of you being sensible, I will give you three rest periods after every palm! Now it is the first palm!"

The old man said Zhao Yuande directly with a palm.

The speed of this palm seems to be slow. In fact, the moment is coming, and Zhao Yuande has not responded. He feels that his chest is bombarded with a force that is too irresistible. The whole person is torn apart, and the blood instantly stains the whole ground. .

"Is it so weak? This little guy is not bad! I should keep my hand." The old man looked at the broken corpses in the field innocently, but he shook his head and sighed, "Why, even having an undead body really surprised me!"

The corpses of Zhao Yuande quickly gathered together and regrouped into Zhao Yuande.

The blood in the blood rushed violently and instantly completed Zhao Yuande's body.

This palm down really hit Zhao Yuande. He originally thought that the bones were engraved with lines, making the bones indestructible. Unexpectedly, he broke directly under the palm of the old man.

But this old man's palm is too fast, so he has no chance to defend, otherwise it will not be so miserable.

"Second palm, life and death reincarnation!"

The old Taoist is punctual, with three breaths.

When this palm came out, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt like he was caught in a black and white world. A huge life force and a devastating tearing force were colliding. In this collision, I am a bystander.


Suddenly, a grand voice rang in his ears, and a huge new word appeared slowly in the void, rolling towards Zhao Yuande's rumble.


At the same time, a dead word also appeared in his other direction.

The power of life and death had not yet struck him, and there was a tremendous loud noise. The power of the two large characters had begun to collide violently, as if the two huge gears were constantly rotating, and Zhao Yuande was like It is a tiny existence among these two huge gears, which will be crushed into powder by the force of huge friction and collision in the next moment.

If this is crushed into powder, there is no possibility of recovery. The opponent is a trick used for his undead body.

"There is no way, this palm is too weird! It really is not, I can only do this!" Zhao Yuande sighed, did not expect to use this trick before the end!

"Crush me!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly threw a punch, eight colors turned, a huge black vortex appeared in the void, directly hit the two characters of life and death.

"Oh! The power of the eight rules, the things around you devour the field, so it turns out!" The old man's face was clear.

The black vortex collided with the two big characters of life and death, and a huge explosion suddenly occurred. The explosion blasted this black and white world into a big hole at once. Zhao Yuande rushed out of this big hole, which was considered to be out of the second palm. Envelop the range.

"Okay! Yes, little one, only the last palm is left! But my third palm is not so easy!" The old man did not hurry, standing still, and slowly brewing the third palm.

"The third palm is open to the earth!" The old man suddenly sounded like Hong Zhong, his whole body turned into a huge palm print, and he shot towards Zhao Yuande.

"This kind of power!" Zhao Yuande felt this kind of power, and immediately knew that with his current strength, he couldn't take it at all, and the only thing that would end was that he could only be slapped to death!

But he is not afraid, he still has a palm of his hand!

He quietly put the armor of the Aion into his body. Even if the opponent's attack was ten times more horrible, he could not destroy the Aion. Under the protection of the armor of the Aion, he was smashed up to the moment of the undead body. Can be restored.

"last blow!"

Since Zhao Yuande had the law of immortality, he was naturally fearless, and he played the six-color roulette. He wanted to see how long the six-color roulette would last under the terrifying power of the other party.

But the result obviously disappointed him. The six-color roulette was like a butterfly in a violent wind, which was directly blown and broken, and Zhao Yuande only felt that a terrifying force of terror was hitting his chest, and his body was whistling. All shattered at once.

As Zhao Yuande thought, no matter how powerful this power is, it can't destroy the Eternal Tower. Zhao Yuande's flesh and blood regroup in the battle armor!

"Eh, you kid has such a baby!" The old man's eyes widened, and he looked at Zhao Yuande's armor. "This is... I'm gone, don't give it away!"

The old man suddenly glared and turned his head away, as if he had seen a ghost.