Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 635

: 633rd Sheet Of Yourself

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Did he recognize the Tower of Eternity?

Zhao Yuande was puzzled in his heart and always felt a little wrong. Is there any taboo in this eternal tower? Why didn't I find it in my previous life after so many years of use

The old man's hurried departure made Zhao Yuande feel a little puzzled in his heart. The excitement of not going through the robbery soon dispelled this doubt.

"You're good, kid! This baby is called the Eternal Tower!" At this time even the spirit of Wanshan couldn't help narrowing his eyes.

"Why, did you recognize it? Why did the old man seem to have seen a ghost just now?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"It really is!" The spirit of Wanshan took a breath. "The boy is not I don't tell you, but I can't tell you, because this is a taboo, no one dares to mention it!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "Anyway, I have a lot of taboos, and I don't want to suppress people if I have more!"

"Good boy, you have such a good attitude! You can rest assured that this taboo is not harmful to you!" Wan Shanzhi smiled at him slightly.

At this moment, the golden battle platform in the sky finally moved. It fell slowly, and finally moored in the sea like a big ship.

A sigh came from, and the figure slowly stood up from the battle platform and looked at Zhao Yuande!

"Humanity, your power has exceeded the imagination of the deity. Although I really don't want to kill your genius, but the fate of the gods is difficult to defy, I can only kill you with my own shot!" The figure step by step super Zhao Yuande came , A pair of golden eyes glanced at him.

The voice of the figure thundered like thunder, and even the void was rippled.

"Be aware that you are doomed to be cursed when you are born, you really shouldn't exist in this world, but if you can defeat the deity, you have the hope of living! But your future will be bumpy, because a powerful one The presence of will project your eyes on you!" The voice of that figure came from Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

Zhao Yuande was slightly surprised, but the other party was showing his favors, and he nodded gratefully to the other party.

"Can I really overcome this powerful existence?" Zhao Yuande secretly shocked the other party's powerful strength.

He can be sure that this must be the projection of a deity. The so-called deity is what people call the congenital demon. Every congenital demon has the power to destroy a large world, even if their phantoms are quite In the power of a God Emperor Realm.

Zhao Yuande also understood one thing at this time, why few people in the previous Chaos Eucharist could be promoted to the realm of the realm, it turned out that there was such a powerful presence in town!

He couldn't help but admire Su Qin'er, the ancestor, who was able to advance into the realm of the realm. The woman's mental situation and strength are certainly not worse than he is now.

If Zhao Yuande still practiced the Yin-Yang unity at this time, she would certainly not dare to give birth to the idea of confrontation with the other party, and now she has entered the realm of the realm, and already has a powerful devouring realm, which is more than his current one-gasification three Qing has cultivated to the present extreme, and the three avatars he summoned have already reached 80% of his strength, and the duration has reached two hours. Coupled with the terrifying chemical fist, he feels that he still has a slight victory over the opponent. hope.


Zhao Yuande let out a long sigh of relief, his body stretched slowly, and said to the phantom of the gods: "Since that is the case, let's start!"

The eternal tower in his hand turned into an euphorbia, and the spear pointed directly at each other.

"Unexpectedly, your blessing is so deep that you can take the Eternal Tower for your own use!" The phantom of the **** looked at the halberd in Zhao Yuande's hands, and he could not help revealing a dignified color, "But even this treasure is in In your hands, you can't exert its maximum power, and the gap between you and me is not a treasure that can be balanced!"

"Then wait and see!" The two are now three feet apart, and the battle is about to happen!

Zhao Yuande knew that the opponent's strength was stronger than he had imagined. He regretted that all his strength was still pushed back by the opponent, and even the account holding the euphorbia was shaken, and his arm was stained with blood. .

"Have any tricks come out quickly! The duration of my avatar is only two hours, if you can persevere, you will win!" The voice of the ghost ghost echoed in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

Only two hours! Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and he never hesitated again.

"One gasification three clear!"

There were three green spirits in his body, and they turned into three identical Zhao Yuande.

One of them was holding a mirror sword, the other was squeezing the sky mark, and the other was offering six-color roulette. Everyone's combat power was very powerful.

With the joining of these three people, Zhao Yuande immediately stabilized the situation,

"What! You turned out to be a disciple of Bajing Palace!" The ghost ghost was obviously surprised.

"Yes, I am under Zhangling Gate of Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande clearly saw a surprise in his eyes.

"Since everyone is my own, then I have more reason to let you go!" The voice of the phantom ghost echoed in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, "Remember my name, Yuqing!"

Zhao Yuande's four lords fought against each other, obviously feeling the pressure was light, he knew that this was the other party releasing water.

Yuqing! Zhao Yuande remembered the name firmly.

Many of the originally planned moves of jade and jade were not used by Zhao Yuande. Now, although he has a slight advantage, he is not dangerous.

There are two hours of time available, and he simply starts experimenting with what he has learned on the other side.

After experiencing the crises and fights of the previous games, his cultivation practice gradually began to move towards the realm of the field.

Coupled with constant battles, his fighting power is getting stronger and stronger. In the end, the ghost phantom had to use all of his power to stand up to Zhao Yuande.

Spiritual Shadows couldn't help but praise Zhao Yuande repeatedly. As long as he didn't die midway, this little guy's future achievements are absolutely limitless. No wonder that Zhang Ling's kid would accept him as an apprentice.

After two hours, the war ended with the disappearance of the ghost image.

As soon as the battle ended, Zhao Yuande's three avatars dissipated at the same time. He just felt weak and sat on the ground with his buttocks, breathing heavily.

The thunderclouds in the sky gradually disappeared, and a colorful ray of light fell from the high sky, covering Zhao Yuande's body.

Zhao Yuande only felt Shutai around him for a while. The fatigue and all the energy he had just brought by the war just recovered at this moment.

And there is a strange amount that can continuously nourish his body and make his breath stronger.

Zhao Yuande only felt that a huge amount of life energy was poured into his body at once, so that his life yuan continued to increase and increase again!

Finally, a rough calculation, his Shouyuan actually reached 18,000 years!