Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 637

Chapter 637: Take Me Away

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He turned his head to look and suddenly his face twitched. Why did this guy Zhengde appear here? What does he want to do?

"You... who are you?" Zhao Yuande pretended to be shocked. "This is the back garden of Ji's house. How did you come in by an outsider? If you don't say anything, I'm going to call someone!"

"Who are you?" Suddenly, the little girl felt something was not right. Why did the monk, who looked so kind in front of her eyes, be full of hate in her eyes?

"Hey! Ji's boy, this is Zhao Yuande, your brother-in-law!" The middle-aged Taoist twisted his body and turned into Zhao Yuande.

When Zhao Yuande looked at it, he knew what idea this guy played, but he didn't expect to be hit by himself.

People can't do bad things, they will get caught if they do bad things!

"You... are you Zhao Yuande?" Zhao Yuande pretended to be shocked. "Why are you here, why not go to the lobby?"

"I'm lost!" Zhengde shrugged helplessly, still quite like Zhao Yuande.

"Are you a brother-in-law?" The little girl looked at Zhengde up and down, some disagreement, "How did I think you were an old Taoist just now?"

"My name is too big. If I really walk outside, it would be inconvenient." Zhengde replied.

"Not bad, but! The term "brother-in-law" is best not to be used casually. My sister is no longer in the past. When she comes out of the Pantheon, she will become the future king of my family. Can't you just marry anyone!" Little girl seemed Reminder.

"This is my natural way, who am I Zhao Yuande, and a Ji family hasn't put it in my eyes yet." Zhengde's face was proud.

"Also! Everyone is arrogant, not to mention you Zhao Yuande, I have heard a lot of your legends, and it is also a personal thing!" The little girl looked like she was working, "But I still advise you not to be delusional. This is no longer the thing for our Ji family in the Eastern Emperor Great World. The entire Ji family in the Jijie is here. I dont know how many geniuses are stronger than you, they are all like my sister, you think you still have Chance?"

"Oh!" Even Zhengde is speechless at this moment, this little girl is really...

"Don't be wordy, I'm going to wait for your sister to return from the Pantheon, then you will know where I am in your sister's heart!" Zhengde couldn't help but squeeze the little girl's face, but it was Very cool. I came here this time to disturb the good things of Zhao Yuande. This little girl's words made him very useful.

"Humph! Don't die until the Yellow River! Come with me if you're not afraid!" The little girl slapped Zhengde's hand away with a slap and turned her head to look at Zhao Yuande. "Brother, we will talk about our affairs later."

Saying that the little girl also blinked Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a bit cold, what is the unspeakable secret between this little girl and this Ji Feng?


Suddenly there was a shattering sound in the distant mountains of Ji's family, as if an egg had been broken, but the sound was amplified and I don't know how many times.

"The Pantheon is on!"

I dont know who screamed. All the people in Jis family flew up into the sky, and countless people flew in the sky, like a large piece of locusts crossing the world.

At this time, Zhengde no longer needed anyone to take it, flew up, and flew in that direction.

Zhao Yuande couldn't let him act alone, and his body also followed.

"Wait for me! You... Ji Feng, when did you cultivate the yin and yang unity? You... you are a counterfeit! Come here, catch the rape..." Before the girl said anything, she was taken by Zhao Yuande. Covered his mouth and took it to the sky.

"Shut up, don't talk, otherwise I'm welcome to you!" Zhao Yuande threatened fiercely.

"You want to hijack me?" The little girl seemed a little unbelievable.

"Yes! Hijack you! Don't talk much, otherwise I will tear the ticket!" Zhao Yuande pretended to frighten her.

"Wow! It's too exciting, I like it! I haven't been hijacked by anyone!" The little girl's eyes showed excitement, as if she didn't know what it means to be dangerous, but just thought it was fun.

Zhao Yuande held his forehead, this guy... he was speechless!

"Okay! I like the abused little girl, I know it!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to take her to fly in that direction.

Among the Jijia Mountains, a glorious sky rose. When they came near, they discovered that the Pantheon was under a towering high cliff, and there was a large open space under the high cliff.

At the bottom of the high cliff, a luminous gate is slowly being pushed away from the inside. People can see the mountains and rivers in the gate through the gap, and the golden brilliance in space shines everywhere, as if there is a golden sun above the head. combustion.

A huge spiritual force poured out of the gap, as if a viscous liquid was flowing!

"Wow! So envious of my sister!" Ji Yumeng, the weird elf, looked at the scene in the crack of the door with envy. "Hey, hold on tight. Are you afraid that I will run?"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande felt that the other party had pulled his hand and pressed it on her neck. He couldn't help feeling a headache. How could there be such a little aunt?

"Please, you should be more fierce, but you are a robber!" The little girl felt that the other party's acting was too unprofessional.

"Wang Wang!"

Zhao Yuande twitched her teeth, and I will bite you if you are not honest.

"Haha! Yes, that's it!" The little girl nodded in satisfaction and whispered in his ear, "When you meet my grandpa, you must hold my neck hard, and I will be happy for the rest of my life. Here you are!"

"What do you want to do?" Zhao Yuande subconsciously stepped back, not knowing what the little guy was doing.

"I...hey! I want you to take me away!" The little girl suddenly hugged Zhao Yuande, "You don't want to run away, otherwise I will yell!"

"Damn it!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but slurred, this little aunt was lawless and wanted to escape from Ji's house.

"Right! That's enough for men, just to swear! Bursting!" The little girl couldn't get down on Zhao Yuande, her eyes showing excitement.

"Who did you learn from?" Zhao Yuande raised his finger and flicked her smooth forehead gently.

"Oh! Don't flick someone's head, it hurts!" The little girl rubbed the bounced place and wrinkled her little nose.

"Do you know the pain? Do you dare to play with the pain? I think you will be taken away sooner or later." Zhao Yuande was speechless to her.

"Grandpa! Someone bullied... woo!" the little girl shouted suddenly.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly covered her mouth, only to find that the other party was smiling like a little fox. He looked around, all of them were people, and there were traces of Ji Hongtian.

"Dare you lie to me, believe it or not..." Zhao Yuande found that he was powerless to say this, and the other party was looking at himself with anticipation at this time, as if waiting to punish her!

No way! I must talk to Yu Ling about this little guy's story.