Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 638

Chapter 638: Out Of The Sea Of suffering

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"Click click!"

The gate kept opening, and more aura escaped from the inside, and the whole square almost became a sea of aura.

Some young people hurried to sit cross-legged on the ground and began to practice directly.

"That is, a unicorn! Who is riding on the back of the unicorn?" At this time, someone saw a huge figure appearing in the crack of the door. It turned out to be a huge blue unicorn. Standing inside the gate, seems to be waiting for the gate to open.

Sitting on Qilin's back was a blurry figure.

"It seems to be Ji Yufan! Ji Yufan of the Unicorn World, it is rumored that his mother has the Qilin bloodline, but I did not expect that the Qilin beast was really surrendered by him." Some people seem to be very familiar with this Ji Yufan. The Supreme is this Ji Yufan!"

"Huh! This Ji Yufan is not a good person. He almost squeezed her sister's quota." The little girl could not help but scolded her lips in disgust.

"What happened? Your sister's quota was squeezed out? This is impossible!" Zhao Yuande heard her words, and couldn't help but feel a little angry. The quota was guaranteed by Ji Hongtian, even Ji silently paid attention to it personally. .

"Huh! Ji Yufan relied on the strength of his family and wanted to force my grandfather, but in the end he was insisted on by his ancestors, but he wasted another place for this guy in vain!" The little girl said more and more angry, biting her mouth On the back of Zhao Yuande's hand.

"Isn't the Ji family only one place?" Zhao Yuande grinned in pain, but he didn't dare to use his own body to reverberate.

"What do you know by an outsider! This is the Pantheon of our Ji family in the East Emperor Great World. We naturally have an extra privilege, but we waste it to this shameless man and take away our unicorn beast, hateful "The little girl is grinding her teeth again.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande endured.

"What's that? It seems that a hill is moving!" Suddenly there was a cry of exclamation again from the crowd.

People walked through the gate and saw a huge black figure appearing inside, like a giant tortoise, with their heads raised, and they seemed to disdain the unicorn beast in front.

Qilin Beast saw this giant tortoise as if born with restraint, no matter how Ji Yufan controlled him.

He lowered his head and hummed away aside, not daring to see the giant turtle.

"Haha!" Everyone looked at the bear-like figure of Qilin Beast and couldn't help but smile.

"This little turtle is really cute! Won't it be my sister's mount?" The little girl seemed to have a unique aesthetic, and Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown.

"This is also called cute?" Zhao Yuande was dumbfounded.

Imagine the petite and cute Ji Yuling riding on a **** turtle, it is simply unreliable.

This big turtle has fangs and sensations, and it has black spikes on its body. It doesn't need to be described as unbearable. It's really not at all related to cuteness.

"It's not cute. Do you think there are two little braids on his mouth? Isn't it cute?" The little girl pinched her waist and said with some strong words, "I think it's cute anyway, how!"

"Okay! You won, lovely!" Zhao Yuande didn't have time to argue with her at this time, because he saw a figure on the back of the big turtle, that was really Ji Yuling!

"Haha! That's my sister, how can I say it right! Meng pet with beautiful women, super cute!" The little girl looked proudly at Zhao Yuande.

"A few more people came behind, but we were blocked by the tortoise, and we couldn't see clearly." Someone was anxious, hoping the door opened earlier.

The time gradually passed. After about an hour, the door had been opened for half. At this time, although these fierce beasts could not pass through, it was no problem for people to come out.

But none of the people inside came out in advance, and they all waited quietly inside.

But people from outside came to the front at this time, but they felt an invisible force in front of the door, no matter what you did, you could not get in.

Zhao Yuande suddenly saw Zhengde whispering to an old man not far away.

"What is this guy doing?" Zhao Yuande frowned, his soul spreading past.

"Senior, you can rest assured that no one can hurt Yuling, I assure you!" Zhengde was talking to Ji Hongtian in a serious way.

"Um! Yuande! There are a lot of strong people coming this time, don't you be in trouble, wait for me to report to the ancestors to make a roar between you, you can be married! Become a pro, you will be In my Ji's house, my Ji's house definitely keeps you safe." Ji Hongtian didn't know where the confidence came from, but he dared to say that.

"Good! Senior, I will listen to you everything!" Yuan Demei Zizi replied, but sneered in my heart, Zhao Yuande ah Zhao Yuande, I'd like to see what your expression will look like after your wife gets me started.

Seeing the evil in Yuan De's eyes, Zhao Yuande suddenly knew what idea he wanted to fight, and he couldn't help being angry!

I just robbed you of something, and you will come over to grab my wife. It seems that I will not give you a lesson today. You cannot remember this lesson.

Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth with hatred, and even this time he could shoot this guy to death.

Suddenly he felt that some of his hands were tickling, and Chao Tianyin hadn't photographed Zhengde's head for a long time, which was addictive.

"Hey, you see what teeth my brother-in-law grinds! Are you your sister's suitor?" The little girl didn't know what to put in her head, and the person was quite accurate. She laughed and came up and said in his ear. I dont want to be my brother-in-law. If I think about it, let me see the truth. How do you think I can help you?"

"You help me?" Zhao Yuande suddenly smiled, this idea is good!

"Yes, I help you, as long as you promise me a condition, I promise you to take my sister home." The little girl blinked like a star in the sky.

"What conditions?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Hey, take me with you after success!" The little girl smiled like a little fox.

"This..." Zhao Yuande hesitated.

"You don't promise me, I'm going to call it!" The little girl yelled, "When she saw that Zhao Yuande was not afraid at all, she couldn't help changing a charming expression. That look was really tempting." But a little girl with yellow flowers, left with you, isn't it up to you?"

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande almost choked to death, what is this little aunt's head thinking?

"Can I still talk?" Zhao Yuande froze his face. "Since I know you are a sister's suitor, you dare to say such things, are you afraid that I will tell your sister?"

"Huh! You said she wouldn't believe it, but that's my sister!" The little girl looked up, not at all threatened by Zhao Yuande.

"Good! I promise you, but you must make sure that you can defeat Zhao Yuande." Zhao Yuande finally agreed.

"Long live! I'm finally out of the bitter sea!" The little girl jumped with joy, her big eyes laughing into a crescent moon.

"Okay, did you think of a way?"

"You haven't revealed the truth yet! If I don't look good, those things just worked out!" The little girl was very principled.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande was helpless and changed the face of Deputy Junmei casually. "You can see if you can, or you can change it if you can't!"

"Yes! Absolutely, much stronger than Ji Feng, you will be my brother-in-law!" The little girl looked at Zhao Yuande's face with joy.

"What should we do now?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, not knowing what a good idea this strange elf sister would have.

"Simple, you come with me!" The girl took him a few steps and said to Ji Hongtian and Zhengde.