Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Chi Weiwu

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"Zhao Yuande, be careful, don't let me seize the opportunity, otherwise I will kill you without hesitation!" Yu Chi Hongwu thought that he was familiar with Zhao Yuande's strength, so he harassed and made the other party nervous anytime, anywhere.

As time goes on, the other party will be exhausted, and it will be the best time to do it yourself.

"Hey! Boy, you will definitely die here today, and my uncle will understand your life with his own hands!" Naturally, Wei Chi Yunlong was also informed by his uncle, and began to harass Zhao Yuande with words.

"Humph! Two stupid forks!" Zhao Yuande didn't avoid it at all. He turned and rushed towards the two of them. He smiled coldly in the corner of his mouth. "I wanted to focus on the big picture, but I didn't want to have two. A fly was buzzing around him, and he could just shoot it to death!"

Zhao Yuande is enough, Huo Yunzong is no longer Huo Yunzong, the master is dead, Luo Jingtian also got rid of Huo Yunzong and became a member of the alliance.

He continues to stay in the Huoyunzong now, and the only thing waiting for him is the endless calculations of the Yuchi family. It is better to kill the two noisy guys now and go away.

Anyway, in this chaotic war, no one has the energy to manage the lives of others.

Seeing Zhao Yuande coming in his own direction, Wei Chiyun was suddenly shocked. Although his realm has grown to the late stage of the blood-sea gods these days, he still can't forget the scene where he was killed by the opponent with a punch.

"Hey! This thing that doesn't know life and death, dare to come and provoke me! Does he think he is invincible?" Wei Chi Hongwu was not nervous, but was faintly excited.

The other party's cultivation is fast, and the body is very powerful. It must be as extraordinary as his own situation. Maybe there will be a baby in his body.

Kill the opponent to get the treasure on the opponent, and his success rate of stepping into the yin and yang unity has increased by another 10%.

Just step into the union of Yin and Yang...

Wei Chi Hongwu had a smug smile on his face, and his heart was filled with longing.

Zhao Yuande's speed is very fast, although the fierce beasts in front of him are all third-order fourth-order, but they can't stand his casual punches.

He violently took out the acquired Lingbao euphorbia. Although the euphorbia was damaged in the battle, the spirit died out, but its own imprisonment level was a real Lingbao.

"That's a spiritual treasure!" Wei Chi Hongwu looked at the euphorbia in Zhao Yuande's hands and his eyes lit up.

Even a strong man in a yin and yang unity might not be able to get a handy spirit treasure, and his own weapon is a spear. If he can get this euphorbia, his combat power can increase at least 50%!

"I'm still dreaming at this time! Come on my life!" Zhao Yuande waved his halberd violently, and a sharp halberd crossed the bodies of several fourth-order beasts and cut towards Wei Chihongwu.

"Danger!" Wei Chi Hongwu only felt a strong sense of crisis coming. He excitedly fought a cold war, and his body quickly retreated.

"Ah!" A wailing wailing pierced the eardrums of the people. Wei Chi Yunlong didn't expect his uncle to escape without regard to his own life and death. He was cut in half by the endless halberd.

However, his death did not attract anyone's attention, because in this level of melee, there are people who will die at any time, and the direction of the disciples will not be noticed at all.

"Yunlong!" Wei Chi Hongwu's complexion turned red. His instinctive action directly caused the nephew's tragic death, which made him explain to his uncle!

He had bloodshot eyes and looked at Zhao Yuande frantically.

"You! You actually attacked the same door, do you want to get out of the Huoyunzong?"

"It's really naive!" Zhao Yuande licked his lips, sneering disdainfully, "You treat me like this, are I still stupid waiting for you to be killed in the Huoyunzong? Don't talk nonsense, you are dead today! "

Zhao Yuande's halberd waved and had already killed Yu Chihongwu.

It must be said that Wei Chi Hongwu is indeed very powerful. The lance in his hand collided with Zhao Yuande purgatory several times. Although he retreated again and again, he did not show his defeat.

"Boy! Grandpa Bear helps you!" Black Bear's sneer sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear.

When the euphorbia collided with the spear again, a huge black bear claw suddenly came out of Zhao Yuande's cuff and slapped Yu Chihongwu's chest fiercely.

"You..." Yu Chihongwu's chest was sunken by this slap, and his mouth spouted blood with visceral fragments.

Zhao Yuande seized this opportunity long ago, and the halberd took away the head of Yu Chi Hongwu, and then took away his storage ring.

At this time, Wei Chifeng was fiercely fighting a big bird. His combat strength was good. It was not very difficult to deal with a big bird. This was just the time to take a look at Wei Chi Hongwu, but he found that Zhao Yuande's halberd had cut off his Head scene.

"The thief is dying!" Wei Chifeng fell into the ice cellar, regretting in his heart, why he came here with Zhao Yuande.

His eyes suddenly turned red, and his own nephew and brother-in-law were killed by Zhao Yuande in a short period of time. His inner pain is difficult to describe. Now he only wants to swallow Zhao Yuande alive, so that he can get rid of his hatred!

Zhao Yuande naturally saw Wei Chifeng, although he was not afraid of the other party, but in this chaotic situation, there were always many uncontrollable situations, and he dared not easily fight the other party.

He glanced in one direction and fled with his legs.

Since the whole plain was occupied by tide-like beasts, no one would stop Zhao Yuande in that direction.

The purpose of the alliance is to let all the disciples grow up as soon as possible through this large group of beasts. Naturally, deaths and injuries are inevitable and are included in the calculation.

Zhao Yuande chose the northwest direction. He practiced in the Huoyunzong for more than a year. The purpose is naturally the quota of the **** market. Now that the quota is hopeless, he has to go to Wanyao City in advance to try his luck, so his goal It is the Wanyao City in the northwest of Zhongyu.

Wanyaocheng City is the closest city to Shenxu, and there are tens of thousands of miles away from the front line of the battle. At this speed, the Golden Eye Demon Clan could not attack there in ten years.

Although Zhao Yuande's speed was fast, Wei Chifeng was able to fly. Although he was stared at by a big bird, he would not be able to get out of it for a while, but he did not delay him in tracking Zhao Yuande.

Wherever Zhao Yuande had passed, all the beasts were slashed in an instant, and finally the beasts saw him constantly backing away, giving him a way.

Zhao Yuande is naturally reluctant to have more trouble, but he has already appeared in the northwest of the battlefield.

Looking at the figure still biting him in the sky behind him, he put away his halberd and flew towards Wan Yao City.

"Little beast! When I catch up with you, I will let you know what is pain!" Wei Chifeng twisted his face and said hoarsely, "I will cut you into pieces, and let you scream and die!"

At that moment, the big bird, as if receiving an order, gave up Wei Chifeng, who had left the battle group, and killed him again.

Wei Chifeng's speed accelerated, chasing towards Zhao Yuande's back.