Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 641

Chapter 641: Big Mouth

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The words of Zhengde suddenly caused a stir in the audience, this guy is really crazy!

"Do you think you can cover the sky with one hand?" At this time, several people walked out of the gate again, one of them turned red, and the body glowed with bright golden light.

"This is Ji Yundong, he... he actually got the power of the source!" someone exclaimed suddenly.

"Those golden light is the power of the origin of gold!"

"Every strand of the source power is heavier than the mountains. He can bear it safely. His cultivation is really beyond me!"

"Don't make it, he is the king of the king of this generation!"


"Can't you?" Zhengde strode forward and looked at Ji Yundong up and down. This person's strength is indeed not weak, but he still doesn't see enough in his eyes!

"That won't be known until after the battle!" Ji Yundong took a step forward, and the earth suddenly shook, "Gengjin Shenjian, cut me!"

The golden light on Ji Yundong's body turned into a big sword and slashed down towards Zhengde force.

The big sword is heavier than a mountain. The space around it is torn by this big sword. A terrifying sharp air sweeps the whole space. Almost everyone has a feeling of being held by the sword on the neck.

When this sword came out, almost all young people were discolored. They felt that they could not escape under this sword.

"This sword is good, but it can't defeat this guy Zhengde!" Zhao Yuande shook his head gently, it seems that this Ji Yundong will also fall here.

However, he didn't feel it a pity that this kind of person was very exposed and exposed his original gold energy early. It seemed that he wanted to deter the group of heroes. In fact, he was looking for death!

Those powerful emperors must have been staring at him at this time, even if he survived this battle, he could not escape the pursuit of these powerful emperors.

"Haha! This sword is good, it belongs to me!" Zhengde saw the golden sword, and suddenly radiated a greedy light in his eyes. He knew that this was the original golden energy.

There was a broken copper stove in his hand, and he hit the golden sword with his backhand in the air.


The source of gold gas was in contact with the broken copper furnace, and a huge sound that shattered the eardrum was suddenly issued. Many people spit blood at the scene of the shock.

The source of gold gas was soared by the copper furnace, and a trace of terror killing flashed in Zhengde's eyes. A big hand turned into Qingtian giant palm and shot towards Ji Yundong.


Ji Yundong shouted and struck a golden seal on his backhand, smashing the seal of the giant palm attacked by Zhengde directly. .

Zhengde screamed badly. He just underestimated the enemy just now.

Just when his eyes couldn't be opened, the blown-out gold sword of origin was killed again silently.


Ji Yundong showed a surprised expression on his face. This set of tactics was pondered in the Pantheon. He didn't expect it to have a magic effect!


I don't know when a roar of cows came from the sky. A huge blue cow shadow slowly appeared in the sky. It stepped on all fours and the whole sky gave a violent vibration.

Many **** emperors and powerful people saw this cyan bull shadow, and they suddenly seemed to think of something, and their face changed greatly.

Some people who originally wanted to stop Zhengde also dispelled this thought at this time. They know what this green cow phantom represents, that is the Eight View Palace!

A huge force that can compete with the Pantheon for length, even if their ancestors of the Ji family live to the present, they may not dare to provoke them, and they can only stand by and watch.

The huge green cow phantom walked into the sky, kicked the big sword transformed by the original golden energy with one hoof, and then stepped on Ji Yundong's body with another hoof.


Ji Yundong uttered a scream, and half of his body was crushed and fell to the ground.

"Is this your strength?" Zhengde stepped on Ji Yundong's body with a smug smile on his face.

The cyan giant bull in the sky opened his mouth and sucked away the big sword transformed by the original golden energy.

A big hand appeared in the air, firmly holding the original gold qi firmly, no matter how hard the green cow was, there was no way to move it.

"Leave the original golden energy, this is my Ji's thing!"

A voice thundered in the sky, making a threatening sound.

"I am the son-in-law of the Ji family, and naturally the Ji family. This source of gold is mine!" Yuan De revealed his brilliance in his eyes at this time. He knew that it was the green cow phantom that made these old guys afraid, so he quickly borrowed This name gets enough benefits.

"Wait!" At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't sit still anymore. The original golden energy was not Chinese cabbage. If he could get it, it would lay a foundation for the future soaring fairyland, so he stepped forward and smiled slightly at Yuande. Said, "It's not necessarily whether you are the son-in-law of the Ji family. If I win you, wouldn't I be the son-in-law of the Ji family!"

"You... don't force me!" Zhengde glared at Zhao Yuande. He thought this guy was dangerous, very dangerous.

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to force it, everyone wants to get good things, and I am bound to get the original golden energy!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at Zhengde.

"This guy!" As soon as Ji Yuling saw Zhao Yuande playing, a bright smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"What's the matter? Yu Ling, do you know this person?" Ji Hongtian saw the granddaughter's expression a little weird and asked curiously.

"Grandpa, don't ask, you will know in a moment!" Ji Yuling didn't say, but the smile on her face was getting brighter.

"Is it..." Ji Hongtian looked at his granddaughter and spoke Zhao Yuande's three words with his mouth.

"Well! It's nothing to hide from Grandpa!" Ji Yuling nodded gently.

"What! What are you talking about! Tell me quickly!" Ji Yumeng looked at the two anxiously.

The two did not dare to tell her, but kept smiling and kept silent!

"Brother! Do you know?" Ji Yumeng's anxious pig ear scratched his cheek.

"I don't know!" Ji Yu really shook his head, but there was a strange smile in his eyes.

"Oh! You guys are dead!" The little girl was about to jump.

"Haha! Who told you to have a big mouth, deserve it!" Ji Yu said with a laugh.

"Don't play with you!" The little girl turned her head directly, indicating that I was angry.

"Brother, do you really want to fight with me?" Zhengde's face showed a solemn color. He felt that this person was very powerful, so powerful that he was a little trembling.

"Yes, we must fight!" Zhao Yuande strode toward Zhengde, and every step of falling into the world was a tremor. The earth under his feet even cracked a huge crack.

When Zhengde's face changed, he felt the pressure on his body increased every time the opponent stepped forward.

No, you must not let him go on!

The broken copper furnace in Zhengde's hands suddenly erupted into a dazzling glow of light, and the glow of the light seemed to be a big sword with a handle, like a roulette brush towards Zhao Yuande.

"As you said, you are too weak!" Zhao Yuande backhanded his hands, the sky suddenly darkened, and a huge black vortex broke through the void.

The black vortex is like a gluttonous big mouth, constantly engulfing the surrounding voids. Those big swords transformed by the glow of the sun can't resist this terrifying sucking force, and they are swallowed instantly.

At this time, even Zhengde felt that his feet were standing unsteadily, and a powerful force of sucking almost sucked him in.