Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Wait Me Back

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"This is..." Zhengde's complexion changed, and he turned away without looking at his face.

"I Zhao Yuande is not your opponent, this thing belongs to you!"

"Humph! Counterfeit goods, but still want to escape, leave me!"

There was a smile on Zhao Yuande's face, and he took out a red bow and pulled the bow string away. It was a force of time toward Zhengde.

Zhengde suddenly felt that a crisis was coming, and the next moment he had lost control of himself, and even the soul could not move.

Zhao Yuande is you again! Why are you always!

Zhengde roared wildly in his heart, he felt that he was too wronged.

You can't do something bad. Once you do something bad, you will be caught by the other party immediately. I don't know if I can save myself a life this time!

Zhao Yuande smiled excitedly when he saw Zhengde's move!

Because of the excitement, his hand holding Shaotian Yin shook a little!

"Fall down to me!" Zhao Yuande shouted and took a chaotic photo of the sky. He shot fiercely on the back of Zhengde's head. This shot was like a pen from God, like Tiancheng!

Everyone only heard the sound of clap and Zhengde fell to the ground!

Countless people touched the back of their heads, and always felt that the brick was on their heads.

Zhao Yuande picked up Zhengde and put it on his face.

"Let's take a look! This guy is a fake." He took Zhengde around and showed his appearance to everyone.

"I'm familiar with this person!" Someone immediately came forward, "I remembered that his name was Zhengde. He had been in Wanjie City, but he thought he had been stolen by stealing a powerful thing! "

"Yes, it's him. I saw the portrait of him in Wanjie City at that time. If the great man didn't look at his outstanding qualifications, he would have killed him!"

Zhao Yuande couldn't help crying and laughing. He didn't expect Zhengde to have this kind of history.

"Since he's inferior, then I'm welcome!" Zhao Yuande found a head, and with his hands up and down, he immediately caught Zhengde and left it naked on the ground.

"This..." The people stunned.

"Haha! Everyone forgive me, forgive me!" Zhao Yuande happily put away the baby, especially the broken copper furnace. Zhengde didn't have time to take it back this time, and he packed it into his pocket.

"Thank you big guy, I am the real Zhao Yuande. Don't remember this guy's hatred just now!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the big sword of the original golden energy grasping the sky, "Senior, I can be a real one Ji's son-in-law, I will take away this source of golden energy first."

The big hand in the sky seemed to hesitate a little and was taken away by Zhao Yuande without catching it.

The shock of the Divine Emperor hidden in the dark is hard to describe. He himself, a powerful Emperor, was easily snatched away from his hands by a junior. He really wanted to get it back, but He can't, not to mention that there are a lot of strong people watching around, even the one from the Ji family of the East Emperor Great World will not allow it.

So this **** emperor strongman, simply said nothing and shut up.

"You... you're the real brother-in-law! You big liar!" Ji Yumeng pointed at Zhao Yuande, his mouth muttered with anger, and his teeth grinded creaky, and he seemed to want to swallow him. .

"Okay! Yumeng, this is your genuine brother-in-law!" Ji Yuzhen patted Ji Yumeng's little head.

"Ah! I'm angry, angry! This guy is so abominable!" Ji Yumeng lifted his brother's hand away, rushing towards Zhao Yuande with open teeth and claws.

"Give me back!" Ji Hongtian grabbed the granddaughter's neck and pulled her back.

Zhao Yuande did not go to see Ji Yumeng of Zhang Yawu claw at this time, but turned his eyes to Ji Yuling. After not seeing him for such a long time, the girl has become a lot more mature, and her eyes are covered with a mist of water, so Zhao Yuande Feeling distressed for a while.

"Yu Ling I'm back!" Zhao Yuande gently opened his arms towards Ji Yuling.

"Yuan De!" Ji Yuling could no longer restrain the feelings in his heart, and rushed directly into Zhao Yuande's arms. The tears in his eyes instantly wet Zhao Yuande's chest.

"Hey! I really envy!" Someone sighed, "This guy is really a blessing, the little princess of the Ji family, and the future king is captured by him like this."

"It's really cheap!" Someone sighed, "Unfortunately, I can't beat each other, otherwise I must..."

"wake up!"


In the eyes of envy, jealousy and hatred of countless people, Zhao Yuande and Ji Yuling hugged each other and soon disappeared in their sight.

The strong members of the Ji family in the back walked out slowly. What they waited for was not the respectful eyes of countless people, but a cold and uncomfortable moment.

Not only were they puzzled, they only saw everyone's eyes still focused on the distance.

"Elder, what happened?" A young man from the Ji family who had just walked out of the door came to the ranks of his family and pushed an old man.

"Ah! Young Master, you are out!" The old man recovered, "Master, you don't know, something is wrong!"

"What's the big deal? Did someone get the source of gold?" The young man couldn't help but show a slight smile in his mouth, and said, Ji Yundong, you fool, you must have exposed the source of gold, I will teach you how to do it!

"No! Master Ji Yundong was beaten to death! He was also robbed of the source of gold energy!" The old man continued, "That person is fortunate that the son-in-law of the city's Ji family took Miss Ji Yuling!"

"What! Did no one hold him? Ji Yundong's family is not weak!" The young man was shocked.

"No one dared to do it..." The old man said it carefully before and after, and the young man who listened was stunned!

He secretly rejoiced in his heart that he didn't come out first, otherwise he might not be able to help himself, in that case he was the one who died!

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Ji Yuling came to a partial hall of the Ji family. The two discussed a lot of things along the way.

Zhao Yuande carefully told her this long experience and told her the good news of her success.

Ji Yuling exulted, she also knew faintly what Zhao Yuande meant.

"Yuande, I just came out of the Garden of Ten Thousands of Cultivation. I am still a bit unstable. Can I..." Ji Yuling's face was covered with Hongxia, and his nervous body was shaking slightly.

"It's okay, I promised Senior Lei Zun. I'll go to a mysterious land in a few days, and wait for me to come back! I will give you an explanation when I come back!" Zhao Yuande gently stroked her long hair lovingly, "Yeah , Did you get the original golden energy in the Pantheon?"

"Got some, do you need it? Here!" Ji Yuling took out a small bottle and handed it to Zhao Yuande.

"No! I want to tell you, I must not give it to others, but this is a necessary thing to ascend the fairy world in the future!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly pushed back the small bottle and handed Zhengde's broken copper furnace to Ji Yuling Tao, "This is a treasure. You have to sacrifice it well, maybe it will be your enlightenment in the future."

"I already have the white tiger sword you gave, so don't need this!" Ji Yuling refused.

"Baihujian is just an ordinary innate spirit treasure, this one is probably a chaotic treasure! I said you know the difference." Zhao Yuande solemnly asked, "It's not at the last moment of life-saving. This treasure is exposed to the strong."

"Well!" Ji Yuling took the copper furnace and carefully sensed its breath, and his face suddenly showed a shocking light!

"Okay, put it away, and study it later! Tell me something about your being in the Pantheon, and how you got that black turtle." Zhao Yuande looked at the girl with curiosity on her face .

"Okay!" Ji Yuling told Zhao Yuande carefully that he entered the Pantheon. Even Zhao Yuande, a person with great knowledge, could not help but slap.

The two chatted here for a long time, until Ji Yu really appeared and interrupted their conversation.

"Brother Zhao, my grandpa has something to do with you!" Ji Yu looked at the two with some regret.

"It's okay, we're almost done!" Zhao Yuande patted the beautiful lady's hand and whispered to her, "Cultivate well during this time, wait for me to come back!"

"Well!" Ji Yuling looked at Zhao Yuande with some reluctance, and said softly, "I will definitely wait for you!"


Zhao Yuande was called by Ji Hongtian for a long time, and finally he left with satisfaction!