Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 644

Chapter 644: In Trouble

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"Okay, the big men are crying and crying, and let outsiders read the joke! Remember, only we call others to cry in the future!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at the arrogant young man and smiled coldly at him, "Like him!"

"What do you want to do?" You love the young man obviously feel the other person's eyes have a thick malicious, a chill came out of my heart inexplicably, his body backed up again and again, until hiding behind which Xu Bo, this is only a little bit Security.

"I want... to make you cry!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and a powerful force fanned at the young man.

"Foolish!" Xu Bo's face suddenly showed anger, and the little guy in a realm of the realm dared to slash in front of himself. He slapped his hand back on Zhao Yuande's face.

The guards brought by many young people are mostly strong in the field. They looked at Zhao Yuande like a fool.

This Xu Bo is a strong emperor at the peak of the emperor, and even has a certain position in the young family.

Was this teenager crazy? Even challenge this dignity directly!

But the next moment, everyone was shocked.

I saw that Xu Bo was pushed back repeatedly by an invisible force.


Zhao Yuande slaps on the young man's face.

The young man only felt that the entire face was no longer his own, all the teeth in his mouth seemed to have fallen out, and tears ran down the corners of his eyes involuntarily.


The young man opened his mouth with a spout of blood with his teeth, and the white flower's teeth were mixed in the blood to make people feel cold on the back.

"Xu Bo! Kill him, kill me!" The young man cried a little hysterically, "You fools, give it to me, kill him!"

Many guards are not fools, they did not rush forward, but turned their eyes to Xu Bo.

Xu Bo squeezed his pressure solemnly, instructing everyone not to be impulsive.

"This son doesn't know your high name and surname. Just now my son was offended, please forgive his ignorance." Xu Bo spoke very earnestly, which made people feel a sincerity from his words!

"Ignorance! Well, he is really ignorant, even his father is very ignorant!" Zhao Yuande sneered, "Since I want to take over my property, I must first find out who I am, you are really ignorant ! I will give you a break, if you dont get out, I will catch you all and be sold as slaves!"

"You... do you know who my father is? He is Sima Nan from the Donghuang Great World of Wantong Chamber of Commerce!" As soon as the young man said his father's name, his neck suddenly hung up. Supreme glory.

"Wantong Chamber of Commerce?" Zhao Yuande stunned for a moment. He didn't expect that his small industry even moved the behemoth like the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. No wonder Liu Dong did not dare to resist, otherwise he would not be punished by his cultivation. People step on their feet.

"Why? Do you know that you are afraid?" The young man's face showed arrogance again. "Can you beat the Divine Emperor Stronger again? My father is a Divine Emperor's pinnacle strongman, if you are Dare to continue to be rude to me, I will tell my dad to let him punish you heavily!"


Zhao Yuande listened to the other party and smiled directly.

"What do you laugh, don't you want to cover your fears with laughter! I tell you, this doesn't work!" The young man's face showed a sneer, "If you kneel in front of me, let me put your teeth If you kill them all, I might still give you a way to live, otherwise, my father will kill you by hand!"

"Your daddy, haven't you weaned? It's ridiculous! You have said so much nonsense, where is your daddy?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other. "The time I gave you has come, and now you don't have to leave!" "

Zhao Yuande turned his back on a huge black vortex, and shrouded them all under the black vortex.

The guards in those realms felt as if the end was coming. They were screaming in horror and wanted to escape from the black vortex, but he only felt that his body was no longer under his control and was directly sucked into the black vortex.

The void prison that leads directly into the Eternal Tower from the depths of the vortex, as long as you enter without Zhao Yuande's consent, even the Divine Emperor must be honest.

The young man, like a broken kite, flew into the black vortex, and there was a pig-like howl from the black vortex.

There is a strong strangling power in the black vortex. The guards in those realms urge the realm around them, blocking the vortex's strangling power without losing his life, and the young man is directly a straw bag. The cultivation base does not know what way to pass. Ascended to the realm of the realm, it hanged without even expanding the realm.

"Don't hurt the young master... Hey!" Xu Bo is still struggling to resist. He still wants to warn Zhao Yuande, but before he finishes talking, the young man is killed by Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! It's not that I didn't keep my hand, it's really stupid!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to spread his hand. "Old man, you can just catch it! Don't do unnecessary struggles."

"Hey! You are in great trouble! The president hurts the three young masters the most. He will immediately sense the fall of the three young masters, and you will end the Chamber of Commerce!" The old man did not resist anymore and was directly sucked into the whirlpool.

"Humph! It's just a dude, it's dead, and a **** emperor can help me!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands and didn't care.

Even Liu Dong on the side heard this, and he couldn't help but slurp in his heart, is he a rant or is he really so sure!

"Okay, find someone to clean up here, you come with me!" Zhao Yuande strode out of the room.

After waiting for Liu Dong to keep up, he handed him a storage ring: "What will happen to the auction I've prepared for you."

"The news has been released, and it will start in three days!" Liu Dong took the storage ring and saw the contents inside, and he jumped suddenly. If all of these were brought to the auction, I am afraid that it can really cause the East Emperor. Sensation.

"Very well, you will preside over this matter fully. I will come back to retreat for a few days. If there is anything, I will go to the backyard to find me." Zhao Yuande turned and walked into the backyard. This is his private site. Liu Dong will send people every day. Come clean.

Zhao Yuande began to practice by closing his eyes and consolidating his advanced practice.

"Son! You're in trouble!" Liu Dong's voice sounded outside.

"Are you here? Their response was really fast enough." Zhao Yuande got up and walked out of the backyard.

Liu Dong's face appeared anxious at this moment.

"Son son, according to the information sent back by the hope sect, Sima Nan has already appeared in the nearest city. I am afraid that he will soon arrive at Shengdanzong!"

"I've been waiting for him long ago." Zhao Yuande smiled. "We'll go and wait in front to save him something."