Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 647

Chapter 647: Light Up Seven Stars

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"He Yanxin?" Sima Nan stunned slightly, "Who is this person?"

"Haha! You don't even know who he is? Are you a member of the Wanjie Chamber of Commerce?" Zhao Yuande listened to him, and he was more determined. "Hurry and ask! The province will be offended in the future." Those who should not offend are not aware of it, not even knowing how they died."

"Humph! Nonsense, since there is a Dan Sheng to rule for you today, I can't help, and today's gift will be rewarded in the future!" Sima Nan turned around and flew out of the Sheng Dan Zong with doubts in his stomach, he never had Face is here.

Besides, he was very curious at this time. Who is he in the other person's mouth?

He was fast, but he entered the next big city within a few breaths. After several consecutive transmissions, he finally returned to the headquarters of Wantong Chamber of Commerce in Donghuang Great World.

As soon as he came back, he got into his training room.

In the practice room, there is a large array of voices. This large array can be linked to all Wantong Chambers of Commerce in the beginning. All important things are transmitted by this large array.

"Brother Song, ask you something." Sima Nan linked a large array of voices from a large world and sent a message over there.

"Oh! It's Brother Sima, what's the matter?" A low, thick voice soon came out from there. The voice was very majestic, and it made people feel that it was a powerful presence above all.

This person is called Song Shiming, and he holds a position in Central World, the location of the largest branch of Wantong Chamber of Commerce, and his position is highly valued even within Wantong Chamber of Commerce.

"I want to inquire with Brother Song." This person is the real reliance of Sima Nan, how could he get the club president's fatness without this man.

"Who?" Song Shiming felt that the other party's tone was a little obedient, and it seemed that something bad happened.

"He Yanxin."

"He... He Yanxin!" Song Shijie was a little stunned when he heard the name. He instinctively felt that something bad seemed to be happening. This Sima Nan must have been in trouble. Thinking of his voice here obviously Shivering, "You... have you heard the name from there?"

"Why?"... Sima Nan felt that the other party's tone and attitude were not right, and suddenly his heart burst out.

"What the **** happened? You tell me carefully, you can't miss a word!" Song Shiming's voice was very serious.

"This is the case..." Sima Nan said things back and forth, not daring to miss a point.

"Damn it! Your son is **** and died well! Otherwise, I don't know how much trouble you will cause!" Song Shiming suddenly yelled, "Do you know who you are causing?"

"I don't know!" Sima Nan was also upset. If he died his son, you wouldn't be comforted. You said he died well. What side are you on?

"Humph! Do you know who He Yanxin is? It's our young lady of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, and the president's money! You provoke her friend. If this young lady is unhappy, you will fall to the ground. You understand Really?" Song Shiming hated that iron could not become steel.

"Big...Miss!" Sima Nan swallowed hard. "Miss, she... didn't she go to a secret trial?"

"Huh! You know a lot, but you know that Missy is back at this time, and she is still inquiring about someone. This person is called Zhao Yuande!" The other person's tone became a lot softer at once, "This Zhao Yuande is just If you, the people of the Eastern Emperor Great World, could find him with dim sum, maybe...No! You said this Zhao Yuande would just be..."

"I am afraid it is!" Sima Nan's mouth full of bitterness at this time, he guessed the situation the first time.

"Miss is very kind to this Zhao Yuande, and praised this person many times in public. I see that there is obviously an admiration in your eyes. You can seize the opportunity to repair the relationship with this Zhao Yuande. Maybe I will The fist depends on you!" Song Shiming also showed a strange light on his face at this time, "Maybe this matter will become a turning are going to rise because of a son who is not a weapon!"

Sima Nan was awkward to listen to the other person's words, but he even had a sense of identity. What a son is, although he spoiled him because of his mother's relationship, but under the premise of love facing absolute interests, even if it is Ten sons can give up!

"Okay! I'll go back and prepare immediately, and strive to repair the relationship with this Zhao Yuande as soon as possible, and... hehe!"

Zhao Yuande saw Sima Nan running away in disappointment and couldn't smile as he smiled. He could imagine that the other party would try to please himself after knowing his relationship with He Yanxin.

This is also one of his purposes. If the support of Wantong Chamber of Commerce is available, the development of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce will be more rapid and rapid.

Moreover, with the support of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, many Xiaoxiao dare not be distracted by the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce. Since then, the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce will have less trouble, and you can practice with confidence.

Sure enough, the next day, Sima Nan personally apologized, and vaguely stated that he wanted to form a mutual aid alliance with the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

Zhao Yuande sent Liu Dong and Sima Nan to negotiate with him in full power, but he made a handshake and began to practice hard.

While fighting with Sima Nan in full force, Zhao Yuande felt his right hand seemed to light up a bright star. He didn't know why this was in the beginning, but he calmed down and came to understand At the time, he remembered that he had obtained a method of cultivation in the body of the Scarlet Giant transformed by the Chaos Eucharist.

This method is to practice the human body seven stars. The so-called human body seven stars refers to the human head, hands, feet, chest, abdomen, and throat. In these seven positions, the seven stars in the body are lit.

Every time a star is lit, the flesh will be twice as powerful. Seven stars will be fully lit, and the flesh can reach a kind of extreme!

At this time, Zhao Yuande felt that the stars in his right hand began to light slowly. This is great news. He needs to start to retreat to participate in research. How to really light up the stars, does it require huge energy support, or continuous combat stimulation? Or is there any secret method that urges the internal power to continue to circulate...

Two days later, the auction was held as scheduled. Because the auction will be promoted by the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, the strong people who came to the city of Sundance have no sense of logic. This place can be said to be full of people, and the streets are not normal. Walked away.

The auction will not only bring unprecedented opportunities to the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, but even other merchants with shops in Shengdanzong have made a fortune because of this auction.

Zhao Yuande didn't show his face at this auction, he still worked **** how to light up the seven stars in the backyard.

But after studying for a long time, he had no results and couldn't help but frown slightly.