Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 650

Chapter 650: Cook

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"Okay, don't talk about frustration, victory or defeat is a common matter for soldiers. If you lose someone, you can't lose your ambition. I have heard of the Ten Thousand Tribulation, but I only use some means to stimulate the maximum potential of the body, which has future practice. A big disadvantage, this kind of exercise is generally for the deceased. Since this person is a practitioner, this person is not an important person. I will kill this person, and your body has not yet been To the point of being unable to recover, do you still have to worry about me?" Zhao Yuande gently lowered the opponent's arm.

"Will you help me?" Jiang Tianling knows Zhao Yuande's ability, if the other party is willing to shoot, his injury will be no problem.

"Hehe! You and my friend have a game, and I have something to trouble the girl! Well, now don't think about it or say anything more, after three hours I will give you an intact body." Zhao Yuande smiled at him slightly.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for the reconstruction. If there is any need for me, Jiang Tianling will die forever!" Jiang Tianling is really a little arrogant, and he is really much stronger than Jiang Tianlin.

"Okay, Brother Jiang, help me prepare a quiet room, you come to help me!" Zhao Yuande said to the middle-aged beautiful woman, "I hope the lady will not let anyone disturb us for a while."

"Good! You can rest assured!" The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at her daughter's eyes and expressions and knew that this person must be able to help her recover. Naturally, she was also extremely happy. As long as the daughter can recover, this is nothing.

Not far from here, in another mansion, two young people were drinking happily.

"Dear Brother Ming, you deserve to be the most capable master of Xia Fantian son. I didn't expect you to be so powerful, so that you would abandon the **** in one blow!" A young man with a scarlet mark on his heart smiled.

"Brother Jiang smiled, my ten thousand calamity is a method of self-mutilation. Although powerful is not a long-term strategy after all, I came here mainly to borrow something from Brother Jiang." Brother Ming is a cold-faced young man. His face circulates black and white colors all the time, which makes people feel a bit creepy.

"What? As long as I can get it out. I will not be stingy." Jiang Tiandong looked at the person opposite, and couldn't help but sneer for a while. If I didn't, don't blame me!

"It's a treasure. As long as Brother Jiang borrows me to use it for three months, I can restore the broken meridians in my body, and I will return the original thing by then." The cold young man looked at Jiang Tiandong and waited for his reply.

"Are you talking about innate wood spirit beads?" Jiang Tiandong swore, "This is not mine, I can't help you!"

Jiang Tiandong couldn't help but smile coldly, and I still borrowed you for three months, even for three hours. This treasure is the Jiang family treasure. I dare not move.

"Brother Jiang is not interesting, since that is the case, I will go!" The cold young man is not nonsense, he will leave after dropping the glass.

"Son, it's not good. Jiang Tianlin didn't know where to bring back a young man. He is helping his sister recover. Now a strong fragrance is floating from the yard over there. I suspect they have found a way to recover."

A young man with a small face rushed in and reported to Jiang Tiandong nervously.

"Brother Ming, you can consider at this time, as long as you help me kill that person, I will help you!" Jiang Tiandong pressed his teeth, Jiang Tianling is his only opponent, his cultivation base is comparable to it, but if he talks about it Being a man, he wouldn't be able to do it. If it weren't for his dad and grandpa's support, he wouldn't have this status at all.

If Jiang Tianling was killed, he would be the heir to the family out of 10, and the position of the first young master could not be run away.

In order to be the first young master, he can do anything.

"Oh! Are you talking?" The cold young man turned his head, a smile on his face.

"I can help you get the Innate Wood Spirit Bead, but you can only use it in my Jiang's house. You can never take it out. What do you think?" Jiang Tiandong looked at the other party, fearing that he would jump out of his mouth for half a word.

This can only be done by the other party. First of all, the other party's special status is the person of the Xia family's young master Xia Fantian in the Central World. Although he is only a servant, the Xia family is so powerful. Up.

As the saying goes, the dog depends on the owner. The owner of this dog is too powerful, and it makes people tremble, so even if the dog bites, no one will dare to kill it.

"Oh! That's right. It's okay to say no!" The smile on the face of the cold and cold young man appeared. "That's it, I'll go!"

When the shadow of the cold and cold youth disappeared in the distance, Jiang Tiandong's face showed a trace of fierceness. He turned and walked out of the room towards a majestic and tall palace.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Jiang Tianlin were constantly throwing various ingredients into the gluttonous true spirit tripod. At this time, a scent came out from the big tripod, so that the people in the room could not help but have some spirits, almost a heart must fly Going high.

"Brother Zhao, your food is truly the best in the world. I have never heard of anyone who can make this kind of delicious food. I really want to have a bite!" Jiang Tianlin was already intoxicated by the aroma, and some floated.

"Okay, this is not food. I will take your sister in and take a medicine bath later. Do you want to drink your sister's bath water?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Uh! Well! Naturally can't." Jiang Tianlin wanted to feel like he was knocked out of the air with a stick.

"Come on! The fire is coming, hug your sister." Zhao Yuande urged.

"Okay..." Jiang Tianlin came to the bed and hugged her sister. "Just throw it directly into the water, won't he feel hot?"

"Okay, Tianlin Daoshan Huohai sister is not afraid, let alone a hot soup! Hurry to put me in." Jiang Tianling said in his mouth, but his face could not hide the shame of red, in two The big man took a bath in front of him. Although he was wearing clothes, he still felt awkward.

"Okay!" Jiang Tianlin gently put her sister into Dading.

The soup in Dading was boiling at this time, and the bubble was bubbling. After Jiang Tianling entered, the skin was suddenly turned into a red, and the steamed face was pink, and the clothes on the chest Soaked in soup, tightly attached to the chest, making the curve of the chest more exquisite and thorough, people can't help but see it will produce a feeling of body heat.

However, Zhao Yuande did not appreciate this beauty at this time, but began to urge Jiang Tianlin to let him take the medicine to Dading in order, but he looked out of the door at this time.

"Someone doesn't want your sister to be good, here's the trouble!" Zhao Yuande slowly stood up. "I'm going to kill him. You must do as I said, otherwise your sister will be all right!"

"Brother Zhao is relieved! But you have to be careful. The person coming must be the same guy. The senior figures of our Jiang family are hiding from him! But surely no one will come out to stop it." Jiang Tianlin said.

"Avoid him? It's really funny." Zhao Yuande sneered, "There are as many as nine **** emperors alone in Jiang's family. They are afraid of a minion. They are really laughing! You can rest assured! I will solve it for your sister. With this minion, you will no longer have any worries."