Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Take Advantage Of

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"Yes, just go and have a look!" Jiang Lanjian was sweating all over. He was so scared that a **** emperor was so scared that he was really embarrassed. He suddenly saw Zhao Yuande coming out of the house and suddenly pointed Zhao Yuande said, "It's him, he killed people, and we didn't move the body."

Xia Fantian turned his gaze to Zhao Yuande, just glanced at you slightly, and then frowned.

This person gave him a bit of familiarity, as if he had seen it somewhere, and the body of this person was extremely powerful, and his blood was as surging as the sea. Even he couldn't help feeling a wave of consternation.

"Brother Xia, it's been a long time since I missed it!" Zhao Yuande saw Xia Fantian and suddenly came over with a smile and gave him a hand.

"You..." Xia Fantian looked at Zhao Yuande again carefully, and the more he knew, the more familiar he was. "Who the **** are you? This is not your true face!"

"Brother Xia, Zhentianguan is almost five months away! It was a pity that the younger brother didn't see Brother Xia's peerless style because of his eagerness to practice!" Zhao Yuande did not reveal his lineup or say his own name, just like this Just casually clicked.

"It turns out to be you!" Xia Fantian looked at Zhao Yuande, and his eyes showed bright and bright light, but the next moment his pupil shrank sharply, almost screaming with his calmness, "You... how did you break through? I Got it, the coast of the East China Sea a few days ago..."

Jiang Lanjian began to think that Zhao Yuande was making a fuss, but he didn't expect the two to really know each other, and it seemed that the relationship was not ordinary.

Especially Xia Fantian was just shocked and awe in his eyes just now!

Was this person just saying it all true? No wonder he has this confidence!

"Good, just a fluke!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, knowing that the other party recognized him.

"Haha! No wonder Brother Long respects you so much, and the next...and more brothers will take care of it!" Xia Fantian's face showed a happy look, and he patted Zhao Yuande's shoulder very affectionately and issued an invitation to him, "Go Let's find a place to chat!"

"But I killed Brother Xia's entourage! Wouldn't the Jiang family embarrass me?" Zhao Yuande turned his head at Jiang Lanjian.

"They dare!" Xia Fantian glanced at Jiang Lanjian and said coldly, "Senior Jiang, this person is my friend. There is nothing about you here, go on!"

"Oh! Ah..." Jiang Lanjian gaped for a long time, turned and left in shock and wonder.

"Brother Xia, I can't walk away now. A friend still needs my treatment! How about we go sit in the house?" Zhao Yuande pointed to Jiang Tianling's room.

"That's good! Just listen to you." Xia Fantian didn't care where he went, and turned his head to the people around him. "These of you are guarding outside, don't let anyone approach you!"

"But son, your safety..." The middle-aged man in Tsing Yi hesitated.

"Okay, don't be jealous. There are not many people who can hurt us in the entire world of the East Emperor!" Xia Fantian waved his hand.

"Yes!" Tsing Yi middle-aged people obviously do not believe it, but they can only obey the arrangement.

The two walked into the room, Xia Fantian smelled a strange fragrance, and almost did not directly drain out of the water.

"Brother Zhao, you are cooking here, what is so fragrant?" Xia Fantian asked with curiosity.

Without the presence of others, Xia Fantian also became a little more alive.

The black lines of the three Jiang family's faces, are you cooking?

"Oh! See for yourself!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the gluttonous Lingding.

"Cough! It turned out to be healing! I misunderstood." Xia Fantian smiled awkwardly.

"This is Xia Fantian, the young master of the Xia family. These two are my friends Jiang Tianling and Jiang Tianlin. This is their mother." Zhao Yuande introduced them to each other.

"Three people, Xia Fantian is courteous!" Xia Fantian was originally not interested in the Jiang family, but Zhao Yuande was very concerned about it. He even said that he wanted to stammer. He loved the house and the black people, and he was also extremely enthusiastic towards the three people.

"Xia...Xia Gongzi!" The three were almost speechless in shock, and they were stunned.

"Okay, what are you doing, I talk with Brother Xia!" Zhao Yuande smiled and nodded to them.

The three of them understood and continued what they had in their hands.

"I don't know why Brother Zhao came to the Xia Family Holy City this time?" Xia Fantian asked.

"This time I want to come here to sharpen my cultivation. I just broke through the realm and it is still unstable, so I had to register as a fighter and wanted to find a few opponents in the fighting arena." According to the facts, Zhao Yuande felt that there was nothing to hide. .

"Brother Zhao is really a wizard, and he is able to survive the terrible disaster in the field, and he has unlimited achievements in the future, but there is no master in this Jiangjia holy city. If Brother Zhao does not want to abandon me and take Brother Zhao to a place, where is the real one? Experts gathered!" Xia Fantian showed exceptional enthusiasm, he wanted to win over Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande naturally knows his plan, but he appreciates the other party's approach very much.

"Since Brother Xia has such a place, I naturally want it too. But there is still a month, can I have time?" Zhao Yuande was worried.

"Too late, find the Wantong Chamber of Commerce to borrow the starry sky to send a large array, we can reach it in half a day, where is the paradise of battle, the world of the devil scorpion controlled by the third-ranked refiner Zong! Fight in it at any time." Xia Fantian said excitedly, "I started from the Yin and Yang united state, basically spent in the world of the Devil Scorpion, where you have the Devil Scorpion of any realm, and these Devil Scorpions seem to have An eternal heritage, their fighting skills are ridiculously strong, but I was abused there for more than three months before I gradually adapted!"

"There is such a place?" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, powerful enemies, powerful fighting power, he just needed this kind of place.

"Haha! Brother Zhao, you have no way to start in the realm, naturally don't know these things, but there is a brother I am, you will know later!" Xia Fantian took a picture of Yuan De's shoulder, and he was especially affectionate.

"So, thank Brother Xia!" Zhao Yuande smiled with satisfaction.

The two had a great conversation, and they felt like they met each other and hated the night, so time hurried away.

After three hours, Jiang Tianling's cultivation was completely restored, and he looked at Zhao Yuande with excitement and bowed to him.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for saving your life!"

"Okay, don't forget your promise to me at that time!" Zhao Yuande lifted her up. "Let's go! Let's go out together and use the power of Brother Xia to deter the Jiang family, so that you can let you in the future." Can be truly reused in the Jiang family."

"Thank you, Brother Xia!" Jiang Tianling nodded slightly at Xia Fantian.

"Since Brother Zhao's friend, that's my Xia Fantian's friend. If the Jiang family wants to embarrass you, just say my name!" Xia Fantian will naturally be happy.

The middle-aged beautiful woman and Jiang Tianlin watched this scene, but they all clenched their fists. They knew that Jiang Tianling had really risen in the Jiang family this time.