Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 654

Chapter 654: Scorpion World

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As soon as he walked out of the door of the room, Zhao Yuande saw that many of Jiang's strong men were hovering in the yard nervously. One of the long-browed strong men was in the center, and a strong breath emanated from his body, which was more powerful than Jiang Lanjian. Minute.

The old man Jiang Chenfei was standing in front of him respectfully at this moment, as if explaining something.

"Son, the Jiang family has been standing here for a long time." The middle-aged man in Tsing Yi said to Xia Fantian.

"Senior Jiang family, Xia Fantian is courteous!" Xia Fantian put on another face as soon as he came to the crowd.

"Don't dare! Don't dare! The old man Jiang Lanfeng has seen Xia Gongzi, and I don't know why Xia Gongzi came next?" The strong eyebrow nodded slightly and asked.

"Visit a friend." Xia Fantian turned and pointed to Zhao Yuande and Jiang Tianling. "These two are my best friends. I hope the Jiang family will think twice in the future!"

"Ah!" There was an exclaimation from the Jiang family, Jiang Tiandong, who had a mark on his eyebrows, sat on the ground in shock, his face suddenly white.

He knew that he was over. Xia Fantian said that Jiang Tianling must become the young master, and some of the ancestors in the family would immediately change the direction of support. Jiang Tianling would certainly be able to cover the sky with the Jiang family in the future, and then he really had no way of life.

A middle-aged man beside Jiang Tiandong also shook his body. He was Jiang Tiandong's father. He jumped up and down and didn't know how much effort he wasted. Finally, he got the support of Jiang Lanjian's ancestor, but now everything is in vain!

"Miss Jiang, I have tried my best. Don't forget our promise!" Zhao Yuande sent a voice to Jiang Tianling.

"Brother Zhao is assured, as long as I am in power, this matter is not difficult. Brother Zhao is waiting for my good news!" Jiang Tianling is indeed grateful to Zhao Yuande!

In the most desperate and helpless time, he appeared, healed his wounds constantly, and also reversed Qiankun to make her dream come true in an instant. She couldn't think of any way to return this kind of affection, she could only try to complete herself Promise of.

"Brother Zhao, let's go!" Xia Fantian nodded to Zhao Yuande.


"This little brother is Zhao Yuande?" Jiang Lanfeng said suddenly.

"Senior admits wrong, I am not Zhao Yuande. Who can I ask Jiang Jiang, she will tell you." Zhao Yuande didn't want to expose his identity here, blinked at Jiang Tianling, turned and followed Xia Fantian Yangchang And go.

What kind of person is Jiang Lanfeng? When he looks at Zhao Yuande's expression, he suddenly knows that the other party doesn't want to reveal his identity, and pushing himself to Jiang Tianling wants to complete Jiang Tianling.

However, Jiang Lanfeng would naturally not care about the position of a little young master. Since Zhao Yuande wanted to give Jiang Tianling, then he would give it to her.

If the girl Jiang Tianling could be used to tie Zhao Yuande, the Jiang family would definitely fly into the sky in the future.

Xia Fantian and his entourage came to the Holy City Teleportation Array and sent it directly to the Eastern World Division of Wantong Chamber of Commerce.

Sima Nan received the intelligence for the first time and came over to greet them personally.

The two forbearances declined Smanan's kind invitation and sent a large array through the starry sky to come to the broken star ring.

Although the Xia family gathered here endlessly far away, their prestige shook the entire beginning. All they went to was a green light. Sure enough, within half a day, they came to a dim world.

This big world is an isolated big world, and it is not surrounded by the sun, so the temperature of the big world is very low, and ordinary people cannot survive here.

They came out of a tall fortress. This is the stronghold of the Refining Sect in the world of the Scorpion. Everyone is tired in the world, and they can all come back to rest here.

Outside the castle, there is a huge light red mask guarding, and the giant black scorpion outside the mask is flooding like a tide, attacking frantically towards the light red mask.

From time to time, the light red mask blazed out a red flame, and the burning tide-like scorpion wailed.

"Brother Zhao, what do you think of this place? Is there a feeling of blood boiling." Xia Fantian looked at Zhao Yuande's expression.

However, he did not see the surging fighting in the imagination, but a kind of calm.

"Aren't we going to fight against these black scorpions?" Zhao Yuande looked at these huge black scorpions. What kind of fighting consciousness did they have, and they completely relied on instinct to fight.

"No! Not these! These are low-level goods. The teleportation array will send us to various areas. In each area, there are scorpions of different levels. These scorpion talents are the most terrifying combat machines." Xia Fantian smiled. Looking at the mask suddenly said, "Do you know what the hood is?"

"This mask?" Zhao Yuande looked over the mask. It was a big bell floating in the sky. Above the big bell, Kowloon was spitting out the fire, and a terrifying power radiated the Quartet. Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of a treasure, screaming. Said, "This is the Kowloon Fire Bell!"

"Brother Zhao has seen someone and admires it!" Xia Fantian gave thumbs up to Zhao Yuande, "However, do you know how much profit this Devil Scorpion World can bring to the Refining Sect in one day?"

"I don't know." Zhao Yuande shook his head honestly.

"Every day, thousands of young people come here to try, and everyone has to pay ten million top-grade spirit jade! In order to practice here for a month. At least half of these young people will fall in this place, fall Everything about these young people will become the things of the Refining Sect, this is where they make the most money." Xia Fantian sighed, "These young people are not the strongest of a large family, otherwise the family will not spend so The great price made them come to experience, and all the treasures on them became the things of the Refining Sect."

"Don't these ancestors come to ask for it?" Zhao Yuande said strangely.

"They will only blame those Scorpions that they have robbed these treasures." Xia Fantian sneered, "But the Scorpions are actually a force controlled by the Refining Sect."

"Brother Xia, don't talk nonsense, there is ears next to the wall!" Suddenly, a beautiful female voice came, and Shi Shiran, a beautiful woman in a black feather coat, came out of the teleportation array, with a beautiful red lips like flames for the first person.

"Oh! It turned out to be Yunxiao Fairy, Chibi Fairy, and Fengyue Fairy! Are the three fairies coming to try too?" Xia Fantian's face changed slightly when she saw the three girls, but she instantly recovered as before.

Zhao Yuande naturally saw Xia Fantians face change, and couldnt help but start a large number of these three women. This one couldnt help but startled. These three women are all the cultivation of the worlds triple dominance. Everyones fighting power is very powerful, even better than Yuande is almost the same.

No wonder Xia Fantian is discolored. One-on-one Xia Fantian is absolutely sure to win, but one-on-two is a bit difficult. If one-on-three has no hope of victory.