Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Generous

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Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth and followed.

He didn't expect that he would encounter such a fun thing. If a scorpion man was pushed to the position of leader and became his own servant, wouldn't all those scorpions become his own property.

The two rushed out for thousands of miles before they saw a giant mountain. This giant mountain was almost hollowed out, as if it were a huge beehive, and countless scorpions came in and out of the cave. Seems to be carrying something, one scorpion person supervises the work of the devil scorpion.

"Here... the leader... the mine..." Scorpion Mori pointed to the giant mountain, and then to the top of the giant mountain.

Zhao Yuande saw a huge stone platform at the top of the giant mountain, and a tall and burly scorpion was looking down.

"Scorpion of the Emperor's Peak!" Zhao Yuande's mouth showed a slight smile, which made it interesting.

The tall and burly scorpion also glanced at Zhao Yuande at this time, and immediately issued a huge roar, pointing to Zhao Yuande to issue an attack order.

Swarms of scorpions gave up their jobs and surged toward Zhao Yuande like a tide.

"Aoao!" Mori yelled frantically, as if to send a peculiar signal that the group of scorpions stopped running temporarily, and looked at Mori with some doubt.

"Go... kill... the leader..." Mori pointed to the tall scorpion on the mountain.


Zhao Yuande shouted and squatted, his feet violently exerting force, and he was hurting the top of the mountain like a shell.


The tall Scorpion roared, brandishing a bone knife in his hand, and rushed up to fight with Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande did not do his best, but used his own fighting consciousness to fight against each other.

He soon discovered that he was not the opponent of the other party. The opponent's tactics were strange, the knife was deadly, and there was no extra action. It looked like a killing machine in the battlefield.

He was split by a bone knife many times. If it weren't for his physical strength to be abnormal, he might have been split in half by a bone knife.

He began to imitate this scorpion's combat strategy, making his fight more direct, removing many extra fancy moves, and soon he found that his fighting level was constantly improving.

If others get the best treasure, they will furiously fight this tall scorpion.

But this scorpion is only a scorpion no matter how strong it is. It is not a non-damageable machine. It has been fighting for four or five hours. The tall scorpion no longer has any strength, lying on the ground like mud. , A pair of eyes looked at Zhao Yuande in despair, as if to say, you killed me! Give me a good time!

Zhao Yuande looked at the scorpion with some reluctance, and finally cut off his head and dropped the giant mountain.

"Aoao!" Mori rushed up the giant mountain excitedly, waving his fist, as if to declare his sovereignty!

The following scorpions looked at Zhao Yuande and then at Scorpion Mori, all of them suddenly lowered their heads.

Scorpion Mori took over the giant mountain, and Zhao Yuande naturally got a magnet produced in the giant mountain.

Zhao Yuande felt that there were a lot of earth laws contained in these magnets. He even helped him to understand the earth laws. He dived under the earth to find the magnetite veins.

The entire vein is thousands of miles long and is buried deep under the earth. It seems that a huge skeleton is pressed under the vein.

This skeleton is tens of thousands of miles long, pressed underneath by this magnetite vein, as if it were an ancient fierce beast once suppressed, and the magnetite may have been originally a powerful secret treasure, suppressed as a burst of eyes here.

Of course, this is just Zhao Yuande's own conjecture. I don't know what the facts are.

He followed the skeleton and surveyed from head to tail, and found that this was a giant dragon. The dragon's mouth was slightly open at the faucet. There was a black vortex in his mouth. This black vortex constantly swallowed black gas, but it seemed like Suppressed by some terrible force under the earth.

"Dragon bones, the bones left behind by the fall of the ancient magic dragon, the dragon's mortal mortal mortal life never ceases..."

These black vortexes are probably resentment of the magic dragon. They are suppressed by some force during the day and only appear at night. These resentments contain the battle screen of the dragon during the lifetime. These scorpions absorb it and use it for their own purposes. Coupled with their special physique, it has created a powerful fighting talent.

It turned out to be the bones of the ancient magic dragon. At the time, the dragon should at least be a world-class congenital demon. I didn't expect its resentment to be so powerful that it could create a powerful army of scorpions.

This is probably the reason why Refinery Sect discovered this special place and transformed it into a grand trial site.

Maybe the dragon bones were suppressed by the Refining Sect, and they specifically wanted to make this world a killing world.

But Zhao Yuande is not interested in knowing this, he just wants to try it here.

He rushed out of the ground, returned to the top of the giant mountain, and asked Mori where there was a stronger Scorpion.

Mori pointed to the south, grunting in his mouth for a long time, his eyes showing horror.

"South! There are countless powerful scorpions there, and almost the weakest is Emperor Realm!" Zhao Yuande's face showed excitement. The Scorpion charged a few hundred heads is enough, and now the real battle is about to begin.

He said goodbye to Morrie and turned into a Changhong flying towards the south.

Not knowing how many miles he flew, he suddenly felt that the breath below suddenly changed. It was no longer the resentment of the violent black dragon's resentment, but a smell of fire, a terrifying power that burned the soul of man.


Zhao Yuande swooped down and rushed directly into the earth. After diving hundreds of miles underground, he finally saw a scene that shocked him.

A fiery corpse was crushed under the ground, and flames blazed on the corpse, and terrible forces erupted indiscriminately, burning the surrounding rock layers into a sea of magma.

"The bones of the black phoenix, the bones left behind after the fall of the ancient black phoenix, the bones contain endless flames..."

"Great handwriting!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of something in the heart of the black phoenix corpse. The dragon and phoenix corpses are all there. Will there be the bones of ancient gods such as Xuanwu, white tiger, and even Qilin in this big world? Bury? If this is really the case, is it really worth it for the refiner Zong to spend a lot of time to create a trial site here?

The bones of these mythical beasts are invaluable treasures, and they are more precious than chaotic spirit treasures. Since they already have this kind of anti-celestial thing, why do they have to come up with what kind of trial field, any one who understands these are Know that there is absolutely a problem.

Zhao Yuande felt at this time that there seemed to be a huge conspiracy inside. The world seemed like a big net to catch all the young people who came to the trial, and it would be useless to let them struggle.

In order to confirm his thoughts, he began to fly in the other direction.