Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 658

Chapter 658: Lin Jiner

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As a result, after three days, he turned the whole world around, and found that the bones of the four great beasts were indeed placed underground, and they were also the Eastern Black Dragon, Southern Black Phoenix, Northern Xuan Ming, and Western Nether Tiger!

Although these four are not the orthodox deities of the ancient four great beasts, they are their strongest dark branches, and their strength and evil are not even weaker than the orthodox lineage of the four great beasts.

This is also regarded as the four great beasts, and the black guard area is in the middle of them. As soon as Zhao Yuande approached this area, he found several powerful **** emperors lurking here.

And under his eyes, he saw a giant mountain with black smoke in the central area, and there were countless Scorpion strong guards in front of this giant mountain.

In other places, he often saw a lot of testers fighting in the blood, but there are no testers here, and these guarding scorpions one by one seem to be dead people without spirits, and the guards are motionless in front of the giant mountain.

It seems to be a world of dead people, and it makes people feel cold all the time.

Zhao Yuande could not be approached, but could only quietly retreat.

He felt that the truth of the matter must be hidden in this giant mountain, so close to the truth, but he couldn't see it, which made him feel a hundred claws.

"Forget it! I'm here to try. These things have nothing to do with me. I'll finish the test as soon as possible and leave as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande comforted himself.

Soon he returned to the site of the black wind corpse, and started a battle with the scorpion here.

He improved his fighting skills in constant battles, making his battles easier.

In just three days, he beheaded hundreds of Scorpions in the Emperor Realm and battled with a dozen Scorpions in Divine Emperor Realm. Although only three Scorpions in Divine Emperor Realm were killed, he was in In these three battles, I felt a kind of pressure. These scorpions are much more powerful than ordinary Divine Emperors.

If he didn't rely on the undead, he really didn't know who would kill the deer.

When he finally beheaded the third Divine Emperor Realm Scorpion, the star in his right hand finally lit up!

After lighting up the star, his cultivation practice has also added a small realm, reaching the realm of quadruple freedom in this field. This realm is free from the fate of fate and can freely soar in the sky without being suppressed by the entire world. , Originally intended to break out of the big world into the boundless starry sky, there will be a force of the big world suppressing, and now this power has completely disappeared.

But to his surprise, the Sky Tribulation, which should have landed, was too late. He couldnt help but look at the sky and thought of the Jiulong Fire Clock in Jiulong. Could it be that this baby enveloped the breath of this big world, letting heaven Cant get a promotion?

In this case, be careful, if you leave this big world, I am afraid it will directly lead to terror.

"Where is that?" Zhao Yuande was realizing what he had fought in these days, and suddenly saw a black cloud rising in the sky not far away, and a roar of the Devil Scorpion came from there, as if someone manipulated the hurricane. Countless scorpions rolled into the sky.

After fighting for so many days, it may be because the big world is so big, he did not find a strong young man.

Looking at this momentum, this person has already realized the way of the wind. It is rare to be able to understand the way of the wind in this state, which has aroused a trace of his interest.

But when he looked closer, he was taken aback. A fifteen-six-year-old girl was mortally fighting a large group of scorpions. Around her, countless black scorpions drowned towards the girl like the sea.

The girl's hand waved a hurricane, and all the scorpions around them flew into the sky, but there are too many scorpions, and this can't solve any problems at all.

The girl's fighting power is also very strong, although it is only the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, but it can be undefeated against a large group of world scorpions.

The enemies I met earlier were not so crazy. Did this young girl take their old nest?

At this time, the girl was overwhelmed because there were more and more scorpions around.

"Save me!" The girl saw Zhao Yuande not far away, suddenly seemed to see hope, and rushed towards him in this direction.

How could Zhao Yuande watch a girl die tragically in front of her and immediately rescue her.

Under his powerful fighting power, these scorpions retreated, and soon disbanded.

Zhao Yuande can clearly see the unwillingness of these scorpion eyes. Isn't the girl really doing something angry and resentful?

"Girl, why did they chase you down like this? You don't burn their houses from time to time?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Little sister Lin Jin'er would like to thank this big brother. I really dont know anything. I just passed by a scorpions den and saw a few scorpions carrying a human corpse. I dont want these corpses to be theirs. Food, so..." The little girl looked at Zhao Yuande very curiously. She saw that Zhao Yuande Xiu was a few smaller realms lower than herself, but the fighting power of the others was so strong that they exploded. The scorpion repelled.

"So you were chased all over the world and finally surrounded here?" Zhao Yuande looked at the girl. Although the girl was not very beautiful, but her eyes were very smart, as if they could talk, they were very cute in a blink of an eye.

"Big Brother makes fun of others!" the little girl blushed and asked curiously, "I have never seen Big Brother, I don't know how to call him?"

"My name is Zhao Yuande." He reported his name. "Where did you see the scorpion lair just now, can you show me over."

Zhao Yuande feels that there is a hint of strangeness in this matter. The reaction of these scorpions is really a bit intense, they should not be like this.

After so many battles, he found that these scorpions also have certain wisdom, and they will also be prosperous and avoid evil, and they will be far away when they meet powerful opponents. When encountering similar opponents, they will not deplete the number of subordinate scorpions.

The group of scorpions attacking Lin Jin'er was completely filled with the life of the devil scorpion, and finally forced her to a dead end, which was obviously not normal.

Is there any secret hidden in this scorpion lair? Or is there any secret that these scorpions carried the corpse?

"Don't you dare to explore the scorpion's lair with me?" Zhao Yuande looked at Lin Jin'er. He couldn't leave her here. As long as he left, I'm afraid those scorpion will soon find Lin Jin'er again.

"Dare!" The little girl waved her fist stubbornly. "I have tried it alone in this world for more than ten days. A scorpion's den is nothing."

"Okay! Then lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande's curiosity made him anxious.

The scorpion's lair is not far away from here. They soon saw a small hill, which was hollowed out and became a scorpion's lair. Numerous scorpions came in and out of the lair, and they looked very busy. .

"I'm going to break in. You must be careful behind me!" Zhao Yuande had already surpassed Lin Jin'er and rushed ahead.

"Aw!" There was a roar from the scorpion in the middle of the nest, which seemed to have discovered the arrival of Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er.

Suddenly a large group of scorpions rushed out of the nest and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.