Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 660

Chapter 660: All Misunderstood

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Zhao Yuande bombarded a dragon with a punch.

The dragon's body trembled, but it was intact, and his claws pressed down hard against him.

"Really powerful!"

Zhao Yuande looked at the huge dragon claw and grabbed it. He seemed to be just a ants under the dragon claw.

The entire void was covered by this dragon claw, and he was trapped under this dragon claw, as if it were a bird in a cage.

Hey! I still underestimated the Nine Dragon Fire Clock, this baby's power and terror is not under the Eternal Tower!

Zhao Yuande felt that the battle in front of him was a great test for him. One might be suppressed in this Kowloon Fire Clock forever.

However, he does not want to come up with the Aion Tower now. The Aion Tower is the treasure of chaos. No matter how powerful the Nine Dragon Fire Clock is, it is impossible to make the Aion Tower any more, so he is already invincible.

However, if the eternal tower comes out, the opponent's strongman can naturally feel that the following troubles will continue, saying that he must be chased by the refiner.

Don't look at the barbarian dragon emperor of the Refining Sect, he is joking with himself on weekdays, if he really arrives at this juncture, he will definitely kill himself without hesitation.

Therefore, he will not use the eternal tower unless it is absolutely necessary.

But in front of him, the nine dragons were across the sky, and the powerful might suppressed the earth. Even he felt a little trembling. What should I do?


At the moment of his thinking, he was directly shot by the pressed dragon claw, and the powerful force shot him directly under the earth.

"Since you want to come and kill me, then I'm welcome!"

Zhao Yuande felt the powerful force that collided with himself, but he was not completely incapable of confrontation, but since he entered the earth, he had his own idea. The corpse was destroyed!

Under the earth, he was holding the horn of the celestial beetle, walking down the ground like a fish, and the speed was no slower than running on the ground.

Suddenly he appeared in front of the huge corpse of the black phoenix, and a sledgehammer carved like a black giant stone was suppressed on the corpse.

As soon as he entered the ground, the elderly scorpion above was shocked, but he knew what was below, and if it was destroyed by this kid, the consequences would be unimaginable.


The old scorpion stepped directly on the back of a dragon and chased towards the earth.

"Old guy, I want to see what you are doing!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the huge stone sledgehammer directly, and lifted it up at once.

"No... no! You put down the holy weapon, otherwise you will regret it!" The elderly scorpion's face showed a very shocked look. How could he think that Zhao Yuande's power would be so great that he could directly put this holy man Grab it.

"I won't regret anything I do. It should be you who regret it!" Zhao Yuande was willing to listen to him and swept over the elderly scorpion with a huge stone hammer.

"Ah, no!"

The old scorpion's face showed a terrified look.


The stone hammer smashed **** the body of the dragon, and immediately flew the dragon down.

There was a huge sound that destroyed the earth. Shenlong didn't know how many underground rock layers it had smashed. The whole ground instantly saged for tens of miles, forming a huge pit!

"What the **** happened?" An old man with white eyebrows opened his eyes slowly at the fire bell in Kowloon.

"Returning to the ancestor, Suzaku's direction has changed, and there is a strong presence in the war, as if..." A young man replied respectfully, but hesitated at the end.

"But nothing!" The old man's eyes swept, the powerful divine light made people shudder.

"It seems that the power of the Jiulong Fire Clock in Kowloon is used!" continued the expression on the youth's face with unbelievable expression. "And, it seems that the Jiulong Fire Clock in Jiulong has also been hit hard!"

"No wonder I felt the shock of the Jiulong Fire Clock in Kowloon. It turned out to be like this! Let's go and see!" The old man grabbed a palm, and a fuzzy little clock appeared in his palm. The old man grabbed the young man, and then the whole person disappeared into space at once. among.

The next moment, the figures of the old man and the young man appeared above the place where Zhao Yuande fought.

"Huh? It turned out to be this guy!" The old man's soul glanced down at the ground, and suddenly saw Zhao Yuande fighting the nine dragons with the stone hammer.

"The ancestor knew this person?" The young man looked at Zhao Yuande with great shock, let alone such a powerful force, he hadn't heard of it, and he was able to directly move his ancestor!

The so-called ancestors are a few treasures made by the ancestors of the refining sect. These ancestors are all powerful in the inferior realm of the innate gods. So the weapons they have refined for themselves are also extremely heavy!

He has never seen anyone able to use these ancestors, and the bones of these gods and animals that were moved to suppress them were also joined by many powerful people.

"I have noticed this person for a long time!" The old man nodded. "His combat power can be said to be unparalleled in the world, and he is basically invincible in the same realm!"

"Really there are such people? Do you know his name?" The young man was a little weird. It really made him feel unbelievable.

"His name is Zhao Yuande, a Chaos Eucharist! And it is a Chaos Eucharist that has survived the territorial disaster!" The old man's face showed a dignified color, and he whispered, "Even if I can't beat him, !"

"What! Ancestor, you're God Emperor's Realm..." The youth can almost put a few eggs in his mouth. He didn't expect the ancestor to be able to say this kind of words, which is too appalling!

"Ling Kun! You remember, don't take one's realm as the standard of combat effectiveness, then you will suffer from it sooner or later!" The old man said seriously, "Some people can't look at the realm, in these heavens and the world. There are four strongest physiques, each of which can overcome enemies across the realm. Chaos Eucharist ranks second among these four physiques!"

"What are the other three physiques?" the young man asked curiously.

"The chaotic thunder fire body ranks fourth, the chemical holy body ranks third, the chaotic holy body ranks second, and the most powerful and mysterious hundreds of thousands of years have not heard that the physique born is the source body!" , "The body of the original source is a physique born in the origin of heaven and earth. The conditions are too harsh. It is said that the king of the contemporary fairy emperor is this physique!"

"The King of Immortal Emperor!" The young man swallowed with a spit.

"Well, it's far away!" The old man looked at the youth around him, "Ling Kun, how do you think we should treat this person? Is it to kill the future or have a good relationship with him?"

"It's good to kill him with full confidence, but even you ancestors... so I think it should be a good relationship!" The man gave his answer after pondering.

"Yes, if the ancestor of the barbarian dragon is here today, I will definitely advocate killing him! But if only me, then make friends! You go to check this Zhao Yuande's relationship network, it is best to be able to contact him from the most suitable entry point Communicate." The old man ordered.

"Yes! My ancestor, I'm going first!" The man turned and flew to the light film enveloped by the Kowloon Fire Clock.

"It seems that I need to come forward, otherwise the old scorpion will die!" The old man rushed into the ground, and appeared in front of Zhao Yuande in an instant.

"Little friend, stop! This is a misunderstanding!" The old man shouted repeatedly at Zhao Yuande.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man, and suddenly felt that the old man turned out to be a powerful player in the Divine Realm.

He has not reached the point of being crazy to the Fifty Gods Emperor Realm. Since the other party said that it was a misunderstanding, then it should be a misunderstanding.