Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 661

Chapter 661: Brothers Meet

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He stopped fighting, and at this time Chengcai felt a numbness in his arms.

He dropped the stone hammer in his hand, and then said to the old man: "Senior, since it is a misunderstanding, that's fine. It's too dangerous here. I think I'll leave now!"

"OK! Let's stay here casually. Or should I send the little friend a ride!" The old man waved it casually.

Zhao Yuande only felt that a huge force of space took him through space in an instant, and the next moment appeared within the envelope of the Kowloon Fire Clock.

"You are..." Suddenly a familiar voice came from behind.

Zhao Yuan De Meng turned around and saw the person he wanted to see most, Zhong Man!

"Zhong Man! I finally saw you again!" Zhao Yuande rushed up excitedly, hammering Zhong Man's chest.

"Brother!" Zhong Man's eyes were full of tears. He was really excited. Brother said there was a person he wanted to see the most. He thought he was joking, but he didn't expect it to be true!

The old man smiled behind him, looked at Ling Kun, who could not see far away, and gave him a thumbs-up.

"Go! Brother, I invite you to drink!" Zhong Man took Zhao Yuande's shoulder and took him happily into the teleportation array.

The old man took a long breath as he watched the figures disappear in the teleportation array.

Zhao Yuande and Zhong Man reunited, and naturally there was a chat.

The two told their own experiences, and both sighed and lamented that the passage of time was too fast.

Zhong Manxian has once again entered the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, and has great potential. It is extremely valued among the Zongmen. It is also a core figure in the Zongmen. Help him to promote his brother to experience.

But what he did not expect was that this brother appeared in front of him in this way.

The two chatted for a day and a night, and finally they were separated. Zhao Yuande needed to go to Lei Zun's appointment, and Zhong Man had already practiced at a more critical moment. To hold a grand wedding, Zhong Man naturally had to join in the fun.

"Brother, your brother is amazing! Be sure to move around in the future!" Zhong Lingkun looked at Zhao Yuande's back in the teleportation array, and a smile appeared on his face.

He didn't expect that his brother and sister were brothers with this guy. The task that the ancestor handed over to him was completed so quickly, and the ancestor gave a emperor with joy.

Your cultivation base is about to be cautious of the Emperor Realm, and with this emperor Dan you can be sure that nothing will be lost.

"Senior Brother, Yuan De is even more powerful than you think. At that time..." Zhong Man was excited to tell the Senior Brother what happened that year.

At first, Zhong Lingkun didn't care much, but the more he heard the more envied, the better the food could help, even more powerful than the Elixir. The most important thing was that there were no side effects!

"Brother, next time I see Zhao Yuande, can you take me with me? I want to ask him something." Zhong Lingkun looked at Zhong Man and begged, "I'll help you next time, my brother in rotation!"

"OK! Brother, rest assured, Yuande he will definitely give me this face!" Zhong Man patted his chest assured.

"Thank you, Junior Brother!" Zhong Lingkun's face smiled.

"Brother, Brother Xiaoman, why are you two here?" Zhong Lingyu appeared in front of the two with a ponytail shaking at this time.

"Sister! I tell you..."

As soon as Zhao Yuande came out of the star field to send a large array, he suddenly felt that there was a huge crisis in the sky.

He just remembered that after he broke through the realm, there was no thunderstorm in the world of the Scorpion. Once he returned to the other big world, the thunderstorm would soon come.

But he looked around and found that this is a huge city controlled by Wantong Chamber of Commerce, called Wantong City.

If you are here to robbery, I am afraid the whole city will become a fly ash!

He forcibly suppressed his realm, and returned to the triplet of the field, the feeling gradually disappeared.

"Originally, you can still do this. Wouldn't it be possible for Thunder Tribulation to come when you only need to release Xiuyu!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and even his Thunder Tribulation, even the Divine Emperor, might not be able to take it. If the situation of crisis is directly triggered by thunder, no matter how many people come, they will die.

This was another huge card in his hand, and Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a bit proud.

Speaking of which, this time he went to the world of Devil Scorpion.

First, he sent hundreds of heads of the scorpion into the other side of the world, and then lit the star in his right hand. Speaking of it, he is now a one-star chaotic holy body!

Meet Zhong Mangong, and he also discovered a little secret of the Refining Sect.

He once asked Zhong Man, if he knew anything about the ground of the Devil Scorpion World, and Zhong Man's doubts all over his face, it seemed that he didn't know about it, that is to say, the secret was in the hands of a handful of people.

But for the time being, he jumped out of this circle, so he didn't care what secret he was hiding.

"No!" Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered something. He saved a girl named Lin Jiner in the world of Scorpion, and he is still in the space of the Eternal Tower.

He freely released Lin Jin'er.

"Brother Zhao! Where is this? Have we escaped?" Lin Jin'er looked around nervously until he found himself in a prosperous city, and he was relieved.

"Yes, we escaped!" Zhao Yuande smiled at her, "Here is the Great World of the East Emperor, you can come back to your big world with your own ideas."

"Donghuang Great World?" Lin Jin'er's eyes showed surprise, "I have long heard that Donghuang Great World is the starting point of the beginning. There are many remains of ancient gods and people. I always wanted to come to the end. If it didn't work, why not play here for a few days!"

"Oh! All right!" Zhao Yuande was speechless. The girl had some nerves. She just broke out of the life and death crisis and thought about how to play.

"Brother Zhao, are you okay?" the girl asked Zhao Yuande.

"It's fine, I'm fine."

"In this case, Brother Zhao, please visit me with me!" Lin Jin'er looked at Zhao Yuande, a pair of big eyes filled with the color of prayer, which made people unbearable to refuse.

There are still seven or eight days away from the time agreed with Lei Zun. Zhao Yuande still has some time. He originally decided to go shopping in Wantong City. Now that the other party has made such a request, he has no choice but to agree.

"Yes! But I'm leaving in three days, so I can only accompany you for three days!" Zhao Yuande held out three fingers.

"Thank you Brother Zhao, let's go!" The girl is very generous, different from the girls of the East Emperor Great World, and there are not so many men and women saying that they are unacceptable. They directly took Zhao Yuande's arm and walked into you recently. A shop.