Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 663

Chapter 663: Pit You

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The two were quickly taken by a buddy to a elegant room. The space here is not small, and the location is slightly off, but it is in line with Zhao Yuande's condition for quietness.

Zhao Yuande waved his hand and asked the man to step back. The two of them opened the window of the room.

Suddenly a clamor came from below. At this time, the auction was just beginning. A hot-looking middle-aged beautiful woman on the auction stand was trying hard to recommend a cyan bead in her hand.

"Everyone, this is a green bead, but it is the essence of a tree essence of hundreds of thousands of years, which has a strong vitality! It is a great help for the seniors who practice the Avenue of Life, even if you are a physical body. 'S predecessor, integrating it into the blood sea can also make his life energy surging, repairing the speed of injury much faster! Qing Bizhu starts from 10,000 chaotic coins, and the price increase is not less than 1,000 chaotic coins at a time. Now bidding!"

Chaos coin is a kind of currency circulated in the heavens and earth, and the value of each chaotic coin is ten thousand top-grade spirit jade!

Suddenly many people in the audience's eyes lighted up, and this kind of treasure started at 10,000 yuan.

As the middle-aged beautiful woman said, although the effect of this treasure cannot be said to be against the sky, it is not only the price, but the minimum value is more than 100 million!

"I have ten thousand!"

"Fifteen thousand"

"Twenty thousand!"


The price soared all the way, and was finally sold by a majestic man at a high price of 160,000.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but say a little, this is to lower the auction price so that everyone has the psychology of wanting to pick up cheap, and then the auction will inevitably result in a high price.

However, this method can only be used occasionally, and can only be used on such ambiguous value items, too poor people will not buy it, too good to use this method at all.

He secretly noted in his heart that he must tell Liu Dong his experience today and let him learn from it.

"The next one is a volume of ancient books!" The middle-aged beautiful woman opened a brocade box in her hand and took out a thin ancient book to show it to everyone. "This volume of ancient books is a relic of a predecessor. The name found in it was called Pushing the Sky Map. The things described above are mysterious and mysterious, even Senior Sima Nan, the president of our chamber of commerce, cannot understand!"

"Pushing the sky map! It should be a book like fortune-telling divination." Zhao Yuande saw that the cover of the ancient scroll was broken, revealing a picture of mysterious mystery, as if depicting the starry sky and the sea!

"Brother Zhao, this treasure is not simple. It contains the power of a huge world. It seems that there is a small world in it, but this small world seems to be unstable, giving a very dangerous feeling." Lin Jiner He whispered to Zhao Yuande, "Shall we take it down?"

"No! This thing has been fancy by several old guys. Just now I felt a few powerful **** emperors breath rippling on the scrolls. If we intervene, I'm afraid they will provoke these guys." Zhao Yuande gently Shook his head.

In fact, Zhao Yuande is not afraid of these old guys, but there is an improper feeling lingering in his heart. He thinks this scroll seems strange.

"The price of pushing the sky map is one million, and the price increase must not be less than 100,000!"

"Two million, this old man is asking for it!" A window of an elegant room opened, and the head of a red-faced old man protruded from it.

Many people saw the old man take a breath.

"This is Emperor Jialong, the ancestor of the raging wind world!" Someone suddenly recognized the identity of the old Redmi.

"A **** emperor said, I think many people should deserve his face, this auction is just a form!"

"Yes, who will compete with a strong emperor!"


Listening to the discussion of the following people, a smile appeared on the red face of the red-faced old man. This is the highest dignity brought by the **** emperor.

He is practicing a divine skill at a critical juncture and desperately needs a broken dimension space. If he can truly cultivate this divine skill, he feels that he can even rank in the top 20 on the sky list. If he can really use this The push of the sky map was successful, and it took a little chaos to count.

"Jialong! It's not that I don't give you a face, this thing is also useful to me, let's compete fairly!" Unexpectedly, Jialong Divine Emperor hadn't been proud for a while, and the window of the room next to it opened, and a red man The big man smiled at Jialong Divine Emperor Xiexie, "I push three million!"

"This is the Blood Moon God Emperor of Blood Moon Great World! Oh my God! How could he come here?" Someone could not help exclaiming when he saw this red-haired man.

"The blood moon **** emperor known as the mad emperor? When he comes, there will be a good show, but he is the dead rival of the **** Jialong **** emperor. Hurry to escape?"

"Have you forgotten what this place is? The two of them are not so dare to act rashly!"

"Oh! This is Wantong Chamber of Commerce, the first major force in the realm!"


"Little guys, be quiet during the discussion. Don't think that this is the territory of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. I would not dare to kill you!" Blood Moon God Emperor glanced at the two young men who were whispering about themselves. Threatened, "I kill you, the Wantong Chamber of Commerce will not turn my face on this matter!"

"Fine blood moon! This is my Wantong Chamber of Commerce, please don't talk arbitrarily, otherwise I will really do something, you may not come to Taiwan at that time!" Suddenly a cold voice came from the void, the voice It was full of majesty.

"Oh! Seven Elders, you're here! I just made a joke with the two little guys, just a joke!" Blood Moon God Emperor's face slightly stiffened, said with a smile.

"Okay, let's go!" The majestic voice known as the Seven Elders seemed to be quite helpless to this Blood Moon Divine Emperor. As long as he didn't really do anything extraordinary, he didn't want to provoke him.

"Blood Moon, do you really want to fight me?" Lord Jialong's voice was cold and quiet, and he seemed angry.

"If you have money, continue to bid, and get out without money!" The Blood Moon God Emperor didn't give the opposite face.

"Good! Four million! I have four million!" God Emperor Jialong gritted his teeth.

"Five million!" Emperor Blood Moon bid lightly, and it seemed that five million would be nothing for him.

"Seven million!" Emperor Jialong raised the price again.

"Eight million! Jialong can't just give it up! I will definitely get this push map!" Blood Moon God Emperor seems to be stimulating each other on purpose.

"Thirty million! Blood Moon, as long as you exceed this price, the Divine Emperor will leave." Emperor Jialong gritted his teeth and made a decision!

"You are really crazy, is this thing worth so much?" The Blood Moon God Emperor hesitated for a while, but in the end it seemed to sigh gently, "You won, the thing is yours!"

The Blood Moon God Emperor immediately closed the window of the Ya room, and seemed very angry.

But when Blood Moon Divine Emperor returned to the Yajian, he couldn't help but laughed while covering his stomach.

"Haha! I told you to fight against this old thing, and today I will kill you!" Blood Moon God Emperor's face showed a sly scheme.

"Since Senior Blood Moon withdrew, this is Tianlong's push map!" After waiting for a while, no one bid, the middle-aged beautiful woman was finalized.

After the transaction was completed, the middle-aged beautiful woman almost couldn't hold her mouth closed. Under the competition of the two emperors, the value of this thing turned over a dozen times in a row, and her commission also increased by a dozen. Times!

The sale of this thing is a small climax of this auction, and the next dozen items have been sold at a good price.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but once again have a deep understanding of how profitable the auction is. Every item sold here is several times the original price, and even some lots have been sold for ten times the price of the outside world because of too much competition. .

This is simply profiteering, which gives Tianyi Chamber of Commerce development a new direction. The establishment of Tianyi Chamber of Commerce auction venues in all the worlds is his goal.

Of course, it is still early to say that, and Liu Dong is responsible for the specific operation. He just puts forward some reasonable suggestions for Liu Dong, and does not limit him.