Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 664

Chapter 664: So Familiar

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"The next lot is a picture scroll!"

The middle-aged beautiful woman unfolds a picture, which depicts a magnificent mountain river, a red sun hangs in the sky, and a beautiful lady dances a sword on top of a giant mountain!

"This is just a normal picture scroll, there is no slight fluctuation of aura, but the material is a little special." Someone swept over the picture scroll and couldn't help but frown, how could an ordinary picture scroll be put out for auction?

"It seems that it is really nothing but nothing special. Why does the Wantong Chamber of Commerce come up with an auction? Is there any secret hidden in it?" After someone confirmed again, he came to this conclusion.

"Don't worry, the Wantong Chamber of Commerce will naturally say that this picture is definitely not simple!"

"Yes! This picture is not painted by ordinary people, but by an ancient **** emperor, and there seems to be a mysterious place recorded in the scroll, perhaps the inheritance of this ancient **** emperor! An ancient **** The value of the emperor's inheritance can be imagined!" The middle-aged beautiful woman pointed to the scroll and explained it to everyone. "

"Excuse me, how did your chamber of commerce determine the identity of the ancient **** emperor?" Someone asked this question.

"Look, here!" The middle-aged beautiful woman pointed her finger at the upper left corner of the scroll. There were two small lines on it. One of the names caught everyone's attention.

"Zhang Jiyang? The name seems familiar!" Someone said the name gently.

"Yes! It's really familiar!"

"I know that this person is a powerful existence in the ancient times, invincible in a great era. I heard that in the end, I didn't choose the Pantheon, but I rose into a fairy!" Someone suddenly remembered who the owner of the name was.

"The scroll left by an ancient invincible **** emperor, even if there is no treasure in it, inherited, the value is immeasurable!"

"Yes, I want to take a picture of this thing, and it is also a glory to hang in Dongfu!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little stunned when he heard the name.

He once saw the handwriting left by Zhang Jiyang on the riverside of the Nether Blood, and Zhang Jiyang's lord seems to be the ancestor of Kongshan Daozong, and the ancestor of Kongshan Daozong has the friendship of spreading the law to himself Are you an invincible holy emperor?

Speaking of Kongshan Daozong, he remembered the fairy corpse obtained in Space Daozong. He was once crowned Zhao Yixin by him, and walked with this fairy corpse for some time.

At this moment, the fairy corpse has been placed in the other side of the world and has not been used!

The body of the fairy corpse is probably more powerful than the seven-star chaotic holy body. If it can be... yes, if Su Qin'er ancestor can occupy this body, wouldn't it be the best of both worlds!

Zhao Yuande thought of this, not only a little excited, but Su Qin'er, who had a fairy body, did not know how powerful it would be.

"Brother Zhao, what are you doing? Are we going to take this picture?" Lin Jiner on the side looked at Zhao Yuande's complexion, sometimes dignified, sometimes excited, and not only pushed him.

"Photographed, and the family will also be photographed!" Zhao Yuande felt that the cheaper brother's things could not be left outside, and he had to get it back.

"This picture has a base price of five million yuan, and each time the price increase should not be less than 500,000!" As soon as the middle-aged beautiful woman's base price came out, 90% of the practitioners were excluded, and many people were unwilling to watch it. Although this picture can not afford the price, they will not buy a picture that is likely to be just a collection for 10 million.

"I'm paying 50 million!" Lin Jin'er pushed open the window and directly quoted such a price.

She didn't understand anything subtle, and pushed the price to a peak directly, and once again wiped out 90% of the bidders!

"I said! Jin'er, you directly shouted to this price..." Zhao Yuande was a little speechless, this girl is too fierce!

"Brother Zhao, are you saying you want to ruin your family? This is all my property! Quan Dang gave the gift to Brother Zhao!" Lin Jin'er blinked at Zhao Yuande, showing a mischievous smile.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande was helpless. Since the prices had already been screamed out, there was no way to withdraw them. I could only see if I could get them directly.

As soon as Lin Jin'er's price came out, many people had the urge to kill this little girl. They looked at Lin Jin'er and wanted to see who was so unruly.

After being silent for a long time, no one really bids anymore. This price is already too high, and you can already buy a few innate spirits!

If you really want to be the inheritance of an invincible Divine Emperor, there are at most a few innate spiritual treasures and inheritances. Of course, you have to make sure that it is really a treasure map, and then determine whether you can find it, even if there is no inheritance in it?

So everyone gave up and they couldnt bet on this probability.

"Hee hee! Brother Zhao, I am awesome!" Lin Jiner handed the scroll to Zhao Yuande with a happy smile on his face.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt very embarrassed, the other party just let himself buy some small things, and he was very distressed, and the other party directly spent 50 million chaotic coins to take this picture to himself, and the gap among them was simply unmeasurable.

"Brother Zhao, don't stand silly. Let's study it!" Lin Jiner couldn't wait to look at Zhao Yuande. Although she didn't want any inheritance, she was very curious about the owner of the painting.

An invincible Divine Emperor refused the Pantheon's invitation and resolutely ascended into a fairy. This is what kind of spirit.

You should know that the Pantheon and Immortal Realm are the same higher plane, and joining the Pantheon does not need to go through the terrible sky-tribulation, and can be extradited directly by the super strong. Immortal world is not the case. It takes time for the baptism of Heavenly Tribulation. After nine consecutive times, it can successfully ascend.

And in the fairy world, you need to start again, which makes people feel more than gains.

Therefore, in the past more than 100,000 years, no one has ever ascended to the fairy realm, but has been extradited by the Pantheon.

Zhao Yuande unfolded the scroll and carefully watched every inch of the scroll.

"Here! It seems special!" Lin Jin'er suddenly pointed at the sword-dancing woman.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande asked hurriedly.

"This woman is so familiar, I seem to have seen her somewhere!" Lin Jin'er looked at the Wujian woman's eyebrows in contemplation, and after a moment she was unsure, "It seems that there is a statue of her in the city of all realms!"

"Statues in the World of Ten Thousand Cities? Isn't that everyone can see, why haven't others found them? You wouldn't be wrong!"

"No! No one can see this statue, only I can see it!" Lin Jiner solemnly said, "There is a huge white tiger stone statue in the square of Wanjie City, and I can see the stone statue still hidden A smaller stone statue, I am more and more certain that this woman is exactly like a stone statue!"

"There is still a stone statue of a woman in the belly of the white tiger statue?" Zhao Yuande thought it was weird. He had never been to Wanjie City. He didn't know the stone statue, but he didn't seem to be joking at this time. He thought It seems that he should take a trip to Wanjie City.

"Yes, that time the master took me to Wanjie City. I saw the stone statue in the belly of the white tiger. I said that the master didn't believe it at all, and said that I believed in it! So I thought I was wrong, but now I am really sure! "Lin Jin'er looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes looked forward, "Brother Zhao, do you believe it?"

"I believe!" Zhao Yuande felt that the other party had no reason to lie.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Lin Jin'er suddenly felt as if he had found a confidant. Some people believed that they felt really good.