Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Goodbye Lu Zhenyang

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"Some days I want to see in the World of Ten Thousand Realms. I don't know if you have time to go with Jiner?" Zhao Yuande suddenly sent an invitation to Lin Jiner.

"Yes! I have time!" Lin Jin'er's eyes brightened.

"But I recently promised a senior to accompany her to a place. Jin'er might as well go back to Zongmen and wait for my news!" Zhao Yuande was really helpless at this time, and the time agreed with Lei Zun was coming soon. , He had to go.

"Fine! Brother Zhao, this is my Jade Emperor of the Xu Dao Sect. When you come back, you must remember to contact me!" Lin Jin'er handed a delicate jade to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande didn't refuse, and took it carefully after taking it.

After they got the picture, they suddenly lost interest in participating in the auction and walked out of the auction house and hung out on the street.

"After three days, half a day, Brother Zhao, where shall we go next?" Lin Jiner played enough in the city, pulling Zhao Yuande towards the teleportation array.

"I'll take you to see the Thunder's Eyes in the wilderness! It is said that there was the eyes of a powerful congenital spirit who fell behind, and I still got a little inheritance there!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment.

"Good!" Lin Jin'er's eyes were shining brightly, as if he were very excited.

The two entered the teleportation array and soon reached Skyfire City.

This is his hometown, but he didn't like it because the Zhao family was very unfriendly to their family of three, and many sad memories stayed here.

As they walked out of the teleportation hall, they flew westward, and soon they saw the endless barrenness, and... and the grand canyon where he got the gluttonous true spirit.

Zhao Yuande remembered the original ancestor of the true Yangzong, Lu Zhenyang, and asked a Rongtian Daodan to exchange gluttonous real spirit tripod. He agreed.

Now his fighting power has surpassed that of the other party, but he promised that he will not forget that he will definitely go to Zhenyangzong to see if he has time to help Lu Zhenyang upgrade his cultivation base to Emperor Realm.

"Brother Zhao, what did you think of?" Lin Jin'er asked Zhao Yuande looking at the Grand Canyon and asked curiously.

"Do you want to hear a story?" Zhao Yuande took Lin Jin'er down beside the Grand Canyon and looked at the scenery in the canyon. This is the first treasure where he made his fortune.

"Think, naturally think, I like listening to stories the most!" Lin Jin'er's face was red and thumped.

"At the beginning, I was just one..." Zhao Yuande began to tell his experience slowly. Of course, some of the special things such as eating the inheritance, he did not disclose that he only got a certain inheritance.

"It turns out that Brother Zhao is even more ups and downs than me. In the end, did you promise that Senior Lv Zhenyang's thing was done?" Lin Jin'er asked curiously.

"No, I'm planning to find some time to complete." Zhao Yuande pointed to the wild, "We still go to the Thunder Eye to see and talk!"

"No! Brother Zhao, you are the most committed. I think you should go to Zhenyangzong first." Lin Jiner waved his hand and smiled, "Since you have the ability, you should complete your commitment. The commitment does not need to wait. "

"Oh! Jin'er is so empathetic." Zhao Yuande smiled and touched her head. "Then let's go! First go to Zhen Yangzong to complete the promise, and then take you around."

"I agree!" Lin Jin'er didn't hate Zhao Yuande touching her head at all, instead she smiled.

The two changed direction and flew towards Zhenyang Zong.

Zhen Yangzong is not far away from here, plus the two are incredibly fast, but Zhangcha Kungfu reached a huge fiery red mountain.

One Zhao Yuande's current identity, the roots directly flew into the mountain without notification.

"Someone trespassing on my true Yangzong!"

Soon someone discovered the intrusion of the two, and two Changhong flew into the sky to intercept the two Zhao Yuande.

These are two middle-aged people. They are all dressed in a fiery red robe, and their training is also in the field. They are also masters in the small ancestors like Zhenyang Sect.

"We are here to visit Senior Lv Zhenyang, please invite the two to lead the way!" Although they are similar to Zhao Yuande, their combat effectiveness differs by 180,000 miles. He did not bow down and bow, but was plain and opposite, and he naturally would not deliberately stutter.

"You are really brave, do you know what our ancestors cultivated? How can you follow the advice..." One of them saw that the two were young and turned a little light, but his words have not yet After talking, he was caught by another person.

"Shut up! Have you seen their cultivation order? Especially the little girl, who is only 14 or 15 years old is already the sixth realm of the realm. This is a lot of qualifications, and there will definitely be huge power behind it. , You dare to talk nonsense here!" Another person's voice was remembered in his knowledge of the sea.

This guy only noticed the cultivation of the two, and his body suddenly shivered, so he didn't dare to talk anymore.

"Two, please follow me, don't pay attention to this guy, he always has a big mouth!" The other saw that Zhao Yuande was not angry and hurriedly pulled his companion aside.

"Lead the way!" Zhao Yuande is too lazy to see these people in general. No matter where the dogs look, the low people will always happen.

"Yes! Please come with me." The man led the way in front, and quickly landed in front of a palace in Houshan. The palace did not know how long it had not been opened, and the gate was closed.

"Ancestor, someone visits!" The man shouted outside the palace, but he didn't dare to call the door.

"Go! I don't see anyone!" An angry voice came from the palace after a long time. The owner of this voice seemed to be full of irritability.

"Son, my ancestor, he hasn't practiced well recently, so..." The man's face looked ugly, and he whispered to Zhao Yuande.

"Lv Zhenyang, do you remember when you and I met in the canyon? There was that broken Ding!" Zhao Yuande's voice passed through the palace quietly.


The gate of the palace was kicked open at once, and a bearded old man rushed out of it.

This turned out to be Lu Zhenyang! Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look at the other party up and down. The other party's old look was not as good as that.

"Little friend, it's really you!" Lu Zhenyang saw Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up.

"Yes, it's me! I came here to honor the promise!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party with a slight emotion.

"Come with me!" Lu Zhenyang pulled Zhao Yuande into the palace, but the middle-aged man heard Lu Zhenyang's cold and ruthless voice, "Houshan will not allow anyone to come near, I want to attack the ancestor, otherwise No amnesty!"

The middle-aged man breathed a sigh of relief, thanks to the two young men who came with him. Otherwise, if the ancestor knew what had happened just now, he and his younger brother might not be able to survive.