Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 666

Chapter 666: Keep Promise

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"Xiaoyou, what about Elixir?" Entering the hall, Lu Zhenyang looked at Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er expectantly.

"I don't have a panacea, but..." Zhao Yuande deliberately prolonged his tone.

"What! How can I break through without Elixir, hey! Are you kidding me?" Lu Zhenyang's expression of disappointment suddenly broke out.

Seeing that the other party's mood was low, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but smile, and continued: "But I have a way to promote you to Emperor Realm!"

"What! Do you have a better panacea?" Lu Zhenyang rekindled hope again.

"Senior Lv, haven't you heard my name lately?" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised, his name was like thunderous ears in the world of East Emperor.

"What's your name? I forgot to ask your name." Lu Zhenyang was dumbfounded. "Aren't you famous?"

"My name is Zhao Yuande, I don't know if my predecessors have heard of it?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"What! You are Zhao Yuande! How is this possible, how can you become so powerful in just a few years, your world's first food... I know!" Lu Zhenyang's eyes suddenly showed ecstasy.

"Hey, seniors know it!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Got it! Got it! Please ask your friends to help me!" Lu Zhenyang bowed to Zhao Yuande as a gift.

"Don't dare to forget what the seniors gave me, this time it was here to honor the promise." Zhao Yuande said seriously, "Let's start now!"

"it is good"

After three hours, Zhao Yuande and Lin Jiner pushed away.

At this time, the dark clouds in the sky came to the top, and at this time, the powerful heavenly disaster was lowered.

This magnificent catastrophe can be seen for thousands of miles.

Soon there was news that Lu Zhenyang of the Zhenyang Sect broke through to the Emperor Realm, and the Zhenyang Sect also successfully became a second-rate sect.

And Zhao Yuande, the leader of all this, has already arrived in the wild land with Lin Jin'er at this time. He has seen the eye of thunder and entered the scope of the wild temple.

The Barren Temple is a very powerful sect of the Eastern Emperor World. Most of them are barbaric tribes in the barren. These tribes will travel thousands of miles to the Barren Temple to make pilgrimages when they are 12 years old.

When they reach the barren temple, the temple will conduct various tests on them, and those who are qualified will be left in the temple, and those unqualified teenagers will trek back to their tribes again.

During this period, at least half of the teenagers will die on the road, but the wild temple believes that this is the best test.

Those unqualified teenagers will return to their tribes, then hunt for wives and have children, and then send their sons to the temple, and so on.

It is such a rigorous screening that only more and more masters of the wild temple are getting fresh blood every year.

Zhao Yuande they were flying on the road to the barren temple at this time and saw a group of teenagers trekking.

Some encounter danger and fight with wild beasts, while others are caught in a perilous situation.

Lin Jin'er tried to save these teenagers several times, but Zhao Yuandela lived.

"Brother Zhao, why don't you let me go to them? They are so pitiful!" Lin Jiner was a little unwilling.

"You dont know, these teenagers have their own beliefs since childhood, they were born for the temple, and died for the temple. If you save them, they will insult their beliefs. They will not only thank you but also hate you. "Zhao Yuande pointed to these brave young men, with emotion on his face. "This is the power of faith. He can make a person become fearless and paranoid!"

"Okay! Let's go!" Lin Jin'er didn't want to watch these teenagers fight bloody, pulling Zhao Yuande to other directions.

The two went to the depths of the wilderness and entered the wilderness sanctuary. In the endless ruins they saw a powerful wild beast.

"I am afraid that each of these giant beasts is comparable to Divine Emperor Realm. Why are they willing to live here alone?" Lin Jin'er looked at a barren ancient beast like a giant mountain with some tongue out.

"I don't know, maybe because this is their home!" Zhao Yuande had just explored the spirit of the past, and was suddenly shocked by a powerful force. His quasi-imperial god's spirit could not explore this area.

"I'm going to worship my master!" Zhao Yuande remembered the death place of Dan Ding Real Man. Now he was passing here. If he didn't go to worship, he was uneasy.

"Brother Zhao, buried here?" Lin Jin'er wondered.

"Yes, did you forget the Master Dan in the story I told you? I got his inheritance, and naturally I want to respect him as a master." Zhao Yuande looked at the distance, and there was a touch of sadness in his eyes.

"Well! Brother Zhao is sentimental and righteous, and Jin'er will also go to worship it." Lin Jin'er's eyes were red.

They quickly found the holy spring. When Zhao Yuande was leaving, he left a tombstone for the real person of Danding. Now he is basically occupied by the weeds around him.

They personally cleaned the weeds with their hands and placed them with exquisite fruits and fine wine.

They crossed the wilderness, continued to fly north, traveled through the endless wilderness, and finally saw a vast ocean not far away.

"The land of the extreme north has really turned into Wang Yang! Even here you can feel a hot and humid sea breeze blowing, the legend of the candle dragon seems to be true!" Zhao Yuande looked at the end of the sky and really saw two bright The red sun hangs high.

"Is that a candle dragon? Legend has it that it's daytime when you open your eyes, and it's nighttime when you close your eyes. It turns out to be true! Can I go over and see?" Lin Jin'er looked at the end of the sky a little yearningly.

"I'm afraid it will take a few days to fly alone, and I don't have so much time to accompany you!" Zhao Yuande has been with Lin Jin'er for more than two days, and soon the time they agreed to is coming.

"Brother Zhao! Thank you for staying with me. Now I decided to go to the top of the mountains alone to watch the sunrise alone!" Lin Jiner showed a grateful expression to Zhao Yuande and directly plunged into Zhao Yuande's arms. He gave a soft hug and then blushed away.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for staying with me these days. I'm gone! Remember to contact me before going to Wanjie City! I will take Brother Zhao to see the statue." Lin Jin'er's voice is getting smaller and smaller, but Zhao Yuande is among them Hear a bit of disappointment.

"Goodbye Jin'er!" Zhao Yuande waved goodbye to Lin Jin'er.

During these few days of contact, Zhao Yuande felt that this girl was really loving. He liked that he had such a little sister. Of course, there was no **** between them.

Looking back at the endless barrenness, he found a direction and flew at speed.

An hour later, after several teleports, he finally returned to the Tianguan of Manlong Town.

At this time, there was still four days left until the time agreed with Lei Zun. Zhao Yuande found an inn here to stay.