Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 668

Chapter 668: Another Face

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Su Qin'er ripped open the void in front of him, waved at Zhao Yuande and walked straight in.

Zhao Yuande can clearly see the other side of the void at this time. It is a magnificent giant city handled in the starry sky. The three large characters of Wanjie City are particularly conspicuous.


Zhao Yuande was almost taken off his jaw. He swallowed hard and whispered: "I need a mother! If it is really against the sky, he can tear the void at will and reach any place he wants to go. What kind of state is it?"

You should know that the Wanjie City stands in the center of the beginning boundary, and is endlessly far away from the Eastern Emperor Great World. If you dont take the Starfield Teleportation, even a Divine Emperor will have to fly for three to five years to reach it, even if he used the eternal life in the previous life. This chaotic treasure of the tower will take more than a year!

And people arrive directly in an instant, and the gap among them is simply not able to catch up overnight.

In the inn, he combed several of his attack methods and techniques, and found that there were no omissions. Then he took out the gluttonous true spirit and made a delicious meal, and began to enjoy it.

He knew that what Lei Zun asked him to do this time was bound to be very dangerous. He felt that he had to relax first, wine and food, he hadnt been so happy for a long time!

"I don't know, how long will I go this time, and this time I come back, I must give Zhu Luan an explanation to them and give them a grand wedding!" Zhao Yuande said to himself, his face showing expectant color.

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, the date agreed with Lei Zun, Zhao Yuande stretched his body and walked out of the room slowly.

"In order to ensure safety, I must not be too arrogant this time, but I will soon be the one who drags the family!" Zhao Yuande remembered a few women, and a smile appeared on his face.

"I will appear in front of the world with another physique and another face!" The undead tree in Zhao Yuande's blood sea is growing wildly, and his chaotic sacred body is transformed into an innate wood spirit body in vitro The vitality in life is majestic.

Zhao Yuande didn't doubt that even if he didn't run undead, he could heal quickly after being injured.

The undead tree also has the immortal power, leaving only a root to be reborn, which is similar to the undead body.

His appearance also slowly changed, becoming a refined man, with a unique temperament that does not eat human fireworks, and is beyond the world, just like a fairy mortal descended.

"Good! Good! This kind of temperament and appearance, coupled with the powerful ability of Tongyou Mirror, even the Divine Emperor can't see through my disguise." Zhao Yuande was somewhat complacent.

At this time, Lei Zun had already arrived at the Barbaric Dragon City. Behind her were the Yongchang Divine Emperor and the Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor, as well as several powerful young men standing quietly, as if waiting for someone.

Zhao Yuande saw these youths, among which Xia Fantian was most familiar with him, and the parent-child of the innate **** and demon, the bald young emperor Brahma, and a bright-eyed girl he was not familiar with, but looking at her breath, it was definitely the same He is not weaker than Xia Fantian.

Xia Fantian looked at this woman's eyes, always evasive, as if there was a very mysterious relationship between the two.

The last one was a cold woman. Her eyes seemed to have a terrible power. No matter where she glanced, people felt a chill.

Even Xia Fantian's fear of seeing this woman's face, apparently once ate this woman's losses!

"Bing So God's Eyes!" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised in his heart. The girl even had one of the three strongest **** eyes in the legend. It seems that the water in the beginning is very deep. Xia Fantian was just pushed out on the surface. Representative only.

"You're here!" Lei Zun saw Zhao Yuande with a slight smile on her face. Obviously she recognized Zhao Yuande.

"How did the senior recognize me?" Zhao Yuande was a little surprised. He wondered why the other party recognized himself at a glance.

"Did you forget the token I gave you?" Lei Zun smiled.

In fact, Lei Zun is also very surprised in her heart. If she didn't sense the breath of the token, she could not see that this person was Zhao Yuande. In what way did the other party change her appearance and temperament, even her physique.

"That's what it is! It scared me!" Zhao Yuande was relieved. He turned his head to face Yongchang God Emperor and Manglong God Emperor. "Have seen two seniors!"

"You... are you?" The barbaric dragon emperor frowned, carefully looked at Zhao Yuande from top to bottom, left and right, and he didn't recognize it at all.

"Okay Dragon, do you forget who our last person is?" Although the Emperor Yongchang did not recognize Zhao Yuande, he could tell from Lei Zun's expression that he was Zhao Yuande.

"Huh! Your kid, there is a very good set, not bad!" The barbaric dragon emperor wondered.

"The **** emperor is awesome, this is just a trick! It is not as good as the **** emperor's eyes!" Zhao Yuande is very polite to these three **** emperors, and these three are quite good to him.

"Okay! You young people know each other together!" Lei Zun nodded slightly to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande then went to Xia Fantian several of them.

"You are Brother Zhao?" Xia Fantian stepped forward and looked at Zhao Yuande up and down. "Brother Zhao, what kind of treasure do you have on your body, can you change your temperament, appearance and even the physical fitness so thoroughly?"

"This is a secret! Brother Xia, please don't inquire about it!" Zhao Yuande told him the truth and changed the subject. "I don't know these three people yet, will Brother Xia help me introduce it?"

Although Zhao Yuande had seen Emperor Brahma, he had not communicated, and it was not considered cognition.

"Oh! Forget!" Xia Fantian introduced Zhao Yuandela to the three of them, and introduced them one by one. "You must know that this guy, Brahma, is a big and scary person, but there is no shelf."

"Have seen Emperor Brother!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand. He has been famous for this person for a long time. Today he finally met formally.

"Zhao Yuande, I know you. I heard Xia Fantian tell you about it, and my ears have grown cocooned!" Emperor Brahma looked a little impersonal, but he was really easy-going when he spoke.

"Hehe! Brother Emperor was so casual, I was worried!" Zhao Yuande smiled and turned to look at the two women, "These two?"

"Oh! This is Dongfang Wan, who is known as the fairy of ice soul!" Xia Fantian looked at this Dongwan Wan with some flattering, and seemed afraid that the other party would not come to Taiwan.

He was relieved that Dongfang Wan didn't say much, but nodded slightly towards Zhao Yuande, looking like a stranger.

Zhao Yuande just nodded, not much to say.