Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Collision Produces A Magnificent Spark

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Zhao Yuande used his hand to hold his forehead, and secretly scolded the black bear in his heart as a troublemaker. He simply didn't care about it, to see what storm he could rise above.

Zhao Yuande is actually not afraid of this Song family. Almost all the strong people of Yin and Yang in the nearby city have been recruited to Huoyun Mountain. The Song family has at most one strong house of Yin and Yang in one house, although He could not beat each other, but he was not afraid.

"Ah..." The indecent movement of the black bear directly stimulated the nerves of this flowery young man, making him scream out of the Piaoxiangyuan, and fled to the distance in the sound of people's hip-hop.

"You guys, let's go quickly!" The little man returned the bag of lower-order spirit jade to Zhao Yuande, lowering his voice and whispering in his ear, "The Song Master Song Zhen just now, he It must be calling someone now, and if you dont leave, you will have no chance!"

"Bah, Grandpa Xiong is afraid that he is a soft bird without birds!" Black Bear stopped the young man's shoulder, "Go, take us upstairs, Grandpa Xiong wants to eat spicy and spicy!"

Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly. The black bear was really angry, and he hurried to follow.

The little man shivered and brought them into a room, holding the bag of Lingyu and hurried down to say hello.

Soon, a table of delicious meals was brought in.

To Zhao Yuande's surprise, until they finished their meal and burped, they came to the room that had been prepared, and no Song family came to trouble them.

"It's really a soft egg!" Black Bear grinned, showing his white teeth. "That kind of stuff is roasted, and it's not too rare for Grandpa Xiong! It's disgusting!"

"I don't think it's right. The Song family shouldn't speak so well. What kind of medicine do they sell in the gourd?" Zhao Yuan'er frowned, thinking that things were not quite right.

"Afraid of a bird, come one to kill one, two to kill a pair!" The black bear reclined on the bed, straightening out the black hair on his chest, and carelessly flicked his mouth.

"What the **** happened?" Zhao Yuande opened the window and looked towards the street.

But it was found that there were very few people walking on the street, and some people rushed to the north, as if something happened there.

"Heifeng, get up! It's hilarious!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up and kicked the black bear on the bed. He jumped out of the window directly.

"Damn it! You kid kicked me again! Grandpa Xiong must find it next time!" Black Bear grunted up, put his head down to the window, and found that Zhao Yuande's figure was hundreds of feet away. .

"Wait for me!" The black bear rushed open the whole wall directly in a hurry, crashing down on the interface.

A big pit over one meter deep suddenly appeared on the street.

The black bear is just like a bear, and his buttocks chased toward Zhao Yuande.

Soon Zhao Yuande saw a crowd not far away looking at the lively crowd. .

The black bear chased up, and when he saw the crowd, he suddenly got excited. The big paw pulled a few people who looked at the bustle aside, and he drilled in.

"You **** dead!" How could the person who was pulled to the side willingly just wanted to rush up to get back to the scene, only to see the huge body of the black bear standing tall, and the terrible grin all over his face, these people immediately counseled Too.

"Humph! A group of bullies and bullies!" Black Bear shook his head proudly to see the excitement.

Zhao Yuande came to his side and squeezed in together.

When he saw the scene, he suddenly showed a strange smile.

Before long, he was scolded by the black bear, and the one who ran back to the Song family in shame was now sitting on the ground crying and weeping, and across from him, a bald monk was tirelessly enlightening him.

"This little donor, you must look squarely at your gender, and do not discriminate against yourself! Is a man a man, you pretend to be a woman or a man! If you are not a man, you are not a man, you pretend to be a man or a woman! In short, are you a man or a woman?"

"Woo! Ah! You bald thief, you dare to insult me, I do..."

"Little donor, this is your fault! Since you are capable, it means that you are a man, then why do you want to dress up as a woman, you need to know..." The stranger monk's tongue is like a spring, this principle is said, The straight-eyed person rolled his eyes.

"It turned out to be a flower monk!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth. He hurriedly said goodbye to this guy last time. I didn't expect to meet here again today.

"Do you know this bald man?" The black bear's ears were so good that he heard Zhao Yuande's self-talk.

"It's my brother!" Zhao Yuande remembered the past with Yijie and smiled involuntarily.

At first, they didn't know what happened, and the two became brothers. Although it was just a joke at that time, since the other party regarded himself as a brother, there was no reason to lose the other party.

"Haha! Bald brothers!" The black bear's eyes lit up, and he shouted loudly, pulling away the crowd and striding in.

Yi Jie was amused. He hated the guys who were not boys or girls. He stopped them as soon as they saw them.

Looking at the man's crazy expression on the opposite side, it's a refreshing mood to quit.

At this moment, someone suddenly called himself, turned around and turned out to be a black bear!

This black bear is so magnificent that its hidden cultivation behavior is in the same realm as himself.

This black blind is not easy to deal with! This is the first impression of a black bear seeing a black bear.

This monk is black! Not a good person! This is Black Bear's first impression of seeing Yi Jie.

"Bear Blind! Who are you calling?" It was enough to play with the guy who was not male or female as soon as he quit. Seeing the black bear walking towards him seemed to be very enthusiastic.

"Brother, my name is you! Hey boy, what are you doing behind me, isn't this your brother?" Black Bear dragged Zhao Yuande hiding behind him.

"Yi Jie Brother! Long time no see!" Zhao Yuande also wanted to see what magnificent sparks these two guys would collide with, but the result was destroyed by the black bear, but he had no choice but to arch his hand to Yi Jie with a laugh.

"It's your boy! Brother Yuande, I really missed you for a long time!" A ring came up as a passionate hug, and lowered his voice and asked in his ear, "Hey brother, is your secret recipe better?"

"Good use! Good use! I don't know what rare elixir or fierce beast Yi Jiexiong has recently gotten?" Zhao Yuande's face suddenly showed joy when he heard what he said.

"It turns out that the bald man is also the same person! Hey, why don't we eat him upside down today?" Black Bear heard the dialogue between the two, his eyes suddenly lighted up, and he said with a smile, "Hey, bald brother, I don't know Do you like to eat raw or cooked? Or half-cooked with blood?"

"Brother Yuan De? Who is this bear blind man, or let's stew it!" Master Yijie didn't like the name bald. He squinted the black bear with a provocative look.