Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 670

Chapter 670: Dangerous

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"Lei Jiuzhou, the heir to the Lei prison family, the sixfold realm of the realm, the body of the delusion..."

It turns out so!

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood why the God of Yongchang would respect this young man so much.

It turned out to be a broken body!

This broken body is a kind of acquired physique. This Lei Kyushu originally had a broken eye. The Thunder Prison family spent countless days and treasures. The magical medicine transformed the dead body into a broken body. .

The so-called broken delusion breaks the falsehood. The eyes of the broken delusion can see through all the illusions, and any illusion formation method has nothing to hide in front of the broken delusion!

After being transformed into a body of delusion, it is the ultimate sublimation of the eyes of delusion, you can see through all the moves of the other party, and the other party's movements of the other party are in control, and they can even copy the other party's exercises.

"Okay! This is the most cattle constitution!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help admiring.

However, this physique still has weaknesses, that is, the physical body is not strong enough to reach the ultimate! If you come across yourself and completely suppress the opponent with a powerful body, you can overcome it!

"Okay! Kyushu, on the road, I was close to several brothers and sisters, especially this brother." Lei Zun looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile.

"Cough! Senior Lei Zun, what are you suggesting to Brother Lei?" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly at Lei Zun.

"Leave! Let's go!" Lei Zun did not speak, but smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande.

Lei Zun waved his sleeves and wrapped them all around, then tore the void and stepped into it.

Light and shadow conversion, they appeared on an endless ocean, a magnificent giant mountain stood in the middle of the sea, two rounds of red sun hung high on the top of the giant mountain, exuding fire flames.

They even came to the top of the mountains in the extreme north. The two rounds of red sun were the eyes opened by Zhulong!

"Time is almost coming, we must grasp it, otherwise we will be torn apart by the terrible storm power before entering the dimension space!" Lei Zun stared at one direction in the void.

At this moment, the direction Lei Zun looked at suddenly made a "click" sound, as if the sound of the mirror surface shattered, the aura of the entire space suddenly became extremely violent, as if something was going to happen in the west. The same thing.


A long black crack appeared in the void. The crack grew larger and wider, revealing a huge black channel.

"It's this time!" Lei Zun's body disappeared in place, and the next moment appeared before the huge black crack, and stepped into the crack.

Zhao Yuande and others, including the Emperor Yongchang and the Dragon Emperor, were wrapped in Lei Zun's huge sleeves and brought in.

Lei Zun entered the black channel, and then took a long sigh of relief. She just wanted to release the crowd. Suddenly, she felt a powerful arc-shaped storm power hitting her. Unbelievable, even she couldn't respond.


The power of Lei Zun Divine Emperor's Peak was swept away by the power of this arc-shaped storm, and his mouth was spurting blood.

At this moment, she could only feel the pain of a torn flesh, and she could no longer hold the show, and the seven people hidden in her sleeve gown suddenly fell out.

"Lei Zun!"

After seeing Lei Zun's injury, Yongchang Divine Emperor and Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor suddenly looked at Lei Zun's injury.

"It's okay, protect them first!" Lei Zun stumbled to his feet and took out a few immortals.

The two emperors glanced at each other, and they stepped back to Zhao Yuande next to them.

Zhao Yuande did not feel the danger, standing in the protection of the two **** emperors, looking at the surrounding scene curiously.

This is a dimensional channel, just like the channel that Zhao Yuande walked through in hell, but it is a bit more dangerous than that channel, even Lei Zun, the ultimate **** emperor, can be seriously injured.

He opened his eyes with all his strength and looked towards the distance of the channel. He suddenly saw a blur of glimmering light deep in the channel, and countless terrible black filaments fluttered in the space. It was Zhao Yuande's last time in hell. The kind of black thread encountered.


Zhao Yuande swallowed hard and felt that the world was too crazy. How should he pass in front of him?

"Brother Zhao, what did you see?" Lei Jiuzhou saw Zhao Yuande's complexion and looked down the passage like before. "This... this is countless threads of space. Are we trapped here?"

"It's true! I feel more dangerous behind me!" Zhao Yuande looked at the passage behind him at this time, and there was chaos in the passage behind him, a huge crisis shrouded, as if another terrible beast was opening his mouth.

"Not good! Let's run away!" Lei Jiuzhou turned to look, and suddenly his face changed greatly, shouting at Lei Zun, "Master, behind him is a huge beast!"

"What?" Everyone was shocked, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be a little weird.

"Go!" Lei Zun's face changed, she believed in Lei Jiuzhou, because the other party was a broken body, so she could see everything clearly.

"You take the three of them, let's move forward!" Lei Zun's face was much better now. She stood up and looked to the rear, and she felt a powerful force approaching.

Several people hurried forward, all showing anxious faces.

"Stop! The space threads here are too dense!" The Emperor Yongchang waved his hand to stop everyone from moving forward. "I will guide the space avenue and let these space wires be on the walls of the cave. You must pass the time." Zhongmeng broke out a terrible force of space, which seemed to be a swollen ball, squeezed completely on the wall of the cave, and all the threads of space were squeezed on the wall of the cave. on!


Yongchang Divine Emperor is in the front, Lei Zun and Barbaric Dragon Divine Emperor are behind, and their team quickly followed the direction of the force of space, and He soon appeared in a dream channel. This five-color light flashed like a kaleidoscope. .

"It's finally safe! I can't feel the terrifying breath behind!" Emperor Barbarian took a breath.

"Don't let your guard down, let's take a break here for now! Lei Zun, you will recover right away. Without you, our safety may not be guaranteed!" The Emperor Yongchang was outspoken. Lei Zun's cultivation plan was to be much stronger by the two of them. What kind of danger is really encountered, it is really not possible without Lei Zun.

Just to say that if they were hit by the force of the storm just now, I am afraid they would be crushed.

Lei Zun nodded slowly, but in their realm, it required huge energy to repair the injury, especially the power of this terrible storm. Except for the unnatural body's recovery from the sky, it was impossible to rely on its own resilience. Recovery is so fast!

And even if the undead body recovers, it will consume a large amount of essence blood, and even after recovery, it will suffer a great loss of essence blood, which is even more unfavorable for the subsequent battle.

Lei Zun took a few pills again, closed his eyes and recovered.