Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 673

Chapter 673: Chase

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"Go!" Lei Jiuzhou's eyes suddenly lighted up. He did make him feel suffocated just now. He was not afraid of anyone in the same realm, but he was also unable to resist the **** emperor.

"Kill!" Xia Fantian was so desperate that when he heard Zhao Yuande say this, he immediately rushed behind Zhao Yuande.

The two women are naturally not far behind, especially Wenren Qianlan, who definitely has a strong tendency to violence and clenches a pair of pink fists.

"Leave one opponent for me in a while!" Although there are not many Eastern polite words, but the icy words are like the northwest wind of nine cold days, people can not help but shudder.

They were not far from each other, but Zhao Yuande caught up with the last one in a flash. His big hand caught him and directly grabbed the other person's shoulder.


But what surprised Zhao Yuande was that the shoulder in his hand suddenly turned into a ball of flame, and the opponent turned into a big fireball all at once, and he shot towards Zhao Yuande.

"This is mine!" Dongfang Wan came first and opened a cold air in his mouth.

"Okay! Let you!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to be affected by the two, and quickly flashed people.

But at this moment of pause, the three of Lei Jiuzhou found their opponents and started a fierce battle.

This time, Zhao Yuande was idle!

"Okay! You guys play! I'm watching here!" Zhao Yuande watched the game boringly on the side. The four battles of the discoverer really felt like they would meet Liangcai.

Lei Kyushu's opponent is a big man with blue-faced fangs. It looks a bit like the image of a Yasha in hell, but it is so messed up that he can even draw a tie with Lei Kyushu.

Xia Fantian's opponent is a fat man with a face mask. This guy has a fat body like a big beggar, but he is very violent in battle. Xia Fantian has been forced to retreat again and again.

"Damn something! Dare to bully my husband, I'll beat you to death!" Wen Renqianlan couldn't help but growl when he saw this situation, as if Hedong roared, "Xia Fantian this guy has given you! "

It was a woman in red who fought Wen Ren Qianlan, but she was so ugly. She saw that Wen Ren Qianlan was willing to change her opponent, and she couldn't help but feel lucky.

Although the girl looked petite and cute, she fought violently and was extremely powerful. Every punch came as if it had collapsed. She was already in a disadvantage.

Da Rouqi meets a violent girl, and the two men's battle breaks out instantly!

In fact, the most relaxed side is Dongfang Wan. Her ice **** eyes naturally restrain the opponent's flame. No matter what the opponent's moves are, she is sealed to death, and the opponent feels that the body is getting colder, and they even start to fight. Shivering.

At this point, Lei Zun and the three had resolved the three great emperors and strong men from the fire, and came to watch the battle.

When the three arrived, they knew that there was no way out for convenience, and they began to madly mobilize the body's strength. They showed some powerful tricks without any taboo.

The same four people in Lei Kyushu also had a surge in morale. With a strong back end for protection, they felt that they had no worries and could immediately use all means.

One side's morale is like a rainbow, the other side is deadly resisted, and no one knows what will happen in the end.

"Lei Zun, do you think who will win in the end?" Yongchang Shenshen looked at the battle in the field and felt a little elusive.

"Naturally, our side won a great victory!" The barbaric dragon emperor grinned. "Even if I can't win, I slap in the past and win!"

"The unbeatable battle with Kyushu is unstoppable. It should be the devil of the Raksha tribe. This race is very powerful and has a mysterious racial talent. If there is no day and night between him and Kyushu, there will be no result. "Lei Zun looked a little dignified.

"Shall we kill our opponents?" The magic dragon God Emperor rubbed his hands and was too unaware of bullying a few juniors.

"No, wait and wait!" Lei Zun frowned and shook his head!

Zhao Yuande also saw this situation, he did not want to continue to wait.

"Several, who needs my help? I can't stay in this passage all the time, maybe when danger comes, I will come to the door." Zhao Yuande strode to the battlefield and he would forcefully intervene.

The four of them did not speak. Although they knew that Zhao Yuande was telling the truth, they were holding their strength and did not want to ask for help first.

"Okay! I'll help the four of them together!" Zhao Yuande's body sprawled with long vines, like black snakes, rushing wildly towards the battlefield.

The entire passage was instantly shrouded by a powerful realm of life. With the blessing of the realm of life, these vines began to grow like crazy as if eating Dabuwan.

The four people away from the fire suddenly felt a huge pressure, and a sense of crisis came to their hearts, and the black vines came to them in a blink of an eye, puncturing them all around them.

The fat man, like a ball, was too late to dodge because of his goal. He only felt a pain in his **** and a vine was inserted directly into his flesh.

The vines entered the meat, and immediately opened up barbs of barbs, which tightly caught the skin of the fat man.


The fat man struggled violently, tearing off most of the flesh and blood on his butt.

Wen Renqianlan's eyes were cold, taking advantage of the other party's severe pain, when the external field was scattered, a punch hit the other party's shoulder.


There was a sound of broken bones on his shoulders.

"I fight with you!"

In the big pain, the fat man roared wildly, wanting to burst his own field, even if the other party could not kill the other party, the other party must be injured.

But at this time, those vines were pervious to bones, and swollen dozens of thorns in a row.

The fat man was originally in a rage, and the dodge consciousness was much weaker. Most of the vines directly penetrated all parts of his body, pierced it through a dozen huge blood holes, and when retracted, a large piece of flesh and blood was taken go.


The fat man let out a sigh of relief just now.


Wen Renqianlan kicked the fat man's head, kicking a huge head high.


A vine flew up and pierced the fat man's head directly, putting it on the vine.

The fat man wailed and screamed out of the sea, but was smashed by Wenlan Qianlan.

When the fat man died, Wenlan Qianlan immediately turned his attention to Xia Fantian. Xia Fantian was now fighting with his ugly woman. Because of the interference of countless black vines, his ugly woman gradually fell.

"Husband, I'll help you kill this ugly monster!" Wen Renqianlan joined the battlefield instantly. After two dozens of harassment and Zhao Yuande's harassment, the winner and loser were quickly separated. Lan hit his back with a punch, and Xia Fantian cut his body in half with a sword. Then, before the soul escaped, Wenren Qianlan crushed his head with one foot.