Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 674

Chapter 674: The Danger Is Just Beginning

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Zhao Yuande couldn't help being a little speechless to Wenren Qianlan. The little girl looked beautiful and cute, but the violent fighting was not ridiculous. No wonder Xia Fantian would be so afraid of her.

The two of them were chopped off, and the remaining two were unavoidable. The opponents of Dongfang Wan were originally restrained by Dongwan Wan, and soon an inattentive person was frozen by Dongwan Wan to become an iceman.

"Sister Oriental, let me help you!"

Wen Renqianlan rushed up and smashed the iceman. This guy was frozen by the ice soul even if he knew the sea. He hung up long before Wenren Qianlan rushed over.

In the final battlefield, the war between Lei Jiuzhou and the Raksha clan, even if Zhao Yuande interfered a lot, did not expose the Raksha clan's devil.

Dongfang Wan, Wenren Qianlan, Xia Fantian, three people pushed forward together.

"Don't intervene, I will solve him myself!" Lei Jiuzhou thundered all over his body, and a huge sky eye appeared above his head. The sky eye shot out the divine light and shone the Luosha demon in front all the time.

The Raksha demon exploded his clothes, revealing a silver-white scale armor. The scales on his chest seemed to be imprinted with a mysterious pattern. This pattern seemed to be a thousand-eye demon. The head of the thousand-eye **** demon shot out, blocking the illumination of the huge sky eye.

"You want to be born and die, there is no one day is impossible, this piece of the same road is full of danger, we can't accompany you to take risks, and kill this guy together!" Zhao Yuande urged thousands of black vines to flock towards the Rakshas demon .

He gradually fell in love with this way of fighting. Each of the tens of thousands of vines was controlled by his soul, which is a new experience, which will make his spirit change more unknowingly during the battle. powerful.

The other three also looked at each other and all started.

Regardless of how powerful the Raksha Mozu is, he encounters five strong men of the same level as his siege, and finally can only end in utter sadness.

"I'm sorry! I'm helpless, if I can choose, I'd rather fight with you to one side to defeat!" Lei Jiuzhou silently looked at the Luosha clan demon falling to the ground, whispered.

"It's enough to have an opponent like you in this life!" The demon of the Raksha tribe bleeds at the corners of his mouth, but he smiled. "The battle between you and me ended in a draw, and I hope that one day I will be born again and still meet you!"


As soon as the demon of the Raksha tribe finished, he suddenly detonated his knowledge of the sea. He did not want to die in the hands of others.

Knowing the sea exploded, the spirit of the Raksha demon had broken into countless pieces, and was pulled by an inexplicable force to an unknown place.

"We will meet again!" Lei Jiuzhou clenched his fists.

"Okay, let's go right away!" Lei Zunlai Lin patted Lei Jiuzhou's shoulder lightly, approving in a low voice, "Kyushu, you did well!"

"Thank you, Master!" Lei Jiuzhou nodded gently.

"Okay, come in contact with your companions! They are not weaker than you, especially Zhao Yuande!" Lei Zun's voice echoed in his knowledge.

Lei Jiuzhou was slightly surprised. This is the second time he heard Lei Zun solemnly mention Zhao Yuande. Is this guy really outstanding?

Judging from the battle just now, he doesn't seem to feel too strong. Is he still hiding his strength?

Although he has doubts in his heart, but instinctively believes Lei Zun's words, it is impossible for the master to deceive himself.

He looked at Zhao Yuande and showed a faint smile, and walked over to thank them unanimously.

Suddenly, the relationship between the five people went one step further. Zhao Yuande was decisive in this battle because he responded promptly and decisively, and everyone agreed that he had great leadership skills. They unifiedly elected Zhao Yuande as the temporary leader of the five-member group.

"Okay, you little guys, keep up with it. This channel is becoming more and more unstable, and it may even collapse at any time." Yongchang Divine Emperor urged them, and they have moved forward hundreds of miles again and entered a Among the transparent passages, this passage seems to be made of crystal, and you can see the boundless galaxy outside. When everyone feels strange, they also feel an inexplicable sense of crisis.

"Look, what is that in front of you?" Zhao Yuande saw the end of the channel, as if there were many more forks, and it could be seen outside the transparent channel. Several long channels were linked together from different directions, as if they were messy. Sewer pipe.

"That's the passage in several other directions, which shows that we have arrived somewhere!" Lei Zun pointed to the place where several passages converged. "Going forward, there should be a black void gate, which is our purpose this time. Ground."

"So, it's about to arrive?" The Dragon Emperor could not help but breathe out, "The danger here is beyond my imagination!"

"No! The danger is just beginning!" Lei Zun frowned tightly. "I feel a huge crisis is approaching us. I'm afraid this time is more dangerous than the last time."

"Someone came through the passage!" Yongchang's soul pointed in a direction, and a strange light appeared in his eyes, "The old guys in the Desolate Realm!"

"I'm not afraid of the Desolate Realm. We have all seen their people. The most terrifying thing is actually unknown!" Lei Zun looked up at several other channels and whispered, "I don't know if there will be any other big domains?"

"I will know right away!" Emperor Yongchang pointed in a direction.

"That's..." Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a team of dozens of people coming through the passageway, and suddenly appeared in front of them.

At this point they had come to the intersection of several passages, these people seemed to be aimed at them, the shuttle passage roared in front of them.

"Oh! It turned out to be Yongchang and Barbaric Dragon, this one is?" Six of the dozen people in the team are strong emperors and eight young people in the realm of the field, but these 14 people are obviously divided into two teams. It is the people of the two large domains who are temporarily united together.

However, they do not have complete trust in their companions, so they are still quite distinct.

Opening is a middle-aged man in a white shirt from the left team. This temperament is like a noble emperor.

"Fengwuyou, it's you!" Emperor Yongchang frowned slightly when he saw this person. Obviously he was very jealous of this person, but when he introduced Lei Zun, his brows spread again. He came to think of Lei Zun who led the team this time, and he didn't need to worry, "This is Lei Zun of Lei Hei Family!"

"What! Lei Zun!" Feng Wuyou's face suddenly changed. This person's prestige was so impressive that he didn't expect that he would personally lead the team today.

He looked at Lei Zun, and suddenly felt a terrible pressure came from the other party. He felt that he had lost the battle, and he was not the opponent of the other party with his own cultivation. I am afraid that the strength of the three joint forces may not be able to take Get off the other side.